How to share a salesforce dashboard


Similarly, you may ask, how do I share a Salesforce dashboard? To share a folder with up to 500 users, groups, roles, or territories, use the folder sharing REST API. On the Reports or Dashboards page, find the report or dashboard you want to share and select the Share row level action.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards tab.
  2. Select All Folders listed on the left-hand side. …
  3. Click the carrot on the far right of the row with your Dashboard Folder name.
  4. Select Share from the dropdown.
  5. In the new popup window, Share with Public Groups or Users, View Access.
  6. Click Share, and then Done.
Jun 14, 2021


How to share a Google Analytics dashboard?

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How to create sharing rules in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box and select Sharing Settings.
  • Choose Position from the Manage sharing settings for: dropdown.
  • In the Position Sharing Rules section, click New, and then complete the rule details. …
  • Click Save, and then click OK on the confirmation message.

How to list all dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

based on the edition purchased:

  • Performance and Unlimited Edition: up to 10 per organization.
  • Enterprise Edition: up to 5 per organization.
  • Developer Edition: up to 3 per organization

How to customize a Salesforce dashboard table?

The Perfect Sales Dashboard Should Have These 12 Sales Metrics

  • Determine what you need to see on your sales dashboard. To get a contract signed, some sales require multiple long phone calls. …
  • Build your sales dashboard. …
  • Include these sales metrics in your dashboard. …
  • Your metrics dashboard helps manage your sales. …

How do I give someone access to my Salesforce dashboard?

On the Reports tab, hover over a report folder in the left pane, click. , and then select Share.Select Internal Users.Find the user you want, click Share, and choose an access level.Click Done, review your changes, and click Close.

Can we share dashboard?

Let other users see your data or apply your Dashboards to their data. Dashboards are private to you until you share them. If you develop a Dashboard that you think is useful to other users in your account, or to other Analytics users in general, you have several options for sharing it.

How do I share my dashboard to a community user?

B. Sharing Reports and Dashboards in Partner CommunitiesClick Setup in top right corner.Navigate to App Setup> Customize > Reports & Dashboards > Folder Sharing. … Click Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders.Click the Reports tab.Select All Folders.More items…•

How do I share a component dashboard in Salesforce?

Request help with aging cases, ask a question about the pipeline, or congratulate the team for making quota!View a dashboard.Find the component you want to share, and expand it by clicking .From the expanded component, click . The Chatter menu opens. … Compose your post. … Click Share.

Who can view dashboards in Salesforce?

With the “View My Team’s Dashboards” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as themself or as anyone beneath them in the role hierarchy. With the “View All Data” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as anyone.

How do I save a dashboard in public folder in Salesforce?

To save to a public or custom folder, select the folder in the Save dialog box. To open a report or dashboard, you need: Access to the folder in which the report or dashboard is saved. The necessary user permission.

Can community users see dashboards?

To make it clear: Users with Partner Community or partner portal licenses can view dashboards and reports for objects and records that have a private sharing model AND to which the user has access, regardless of the current community. Partner Community users can’t refresh dashboards.

How do I add a dashboard to a community in Salesforce?

Enable and Map DashboardsOpen Experience Workspaces.Click Dashboards | Settings.For each of the pages, select the dashboard you want to show to community managers. To change the name of the dashboard page, click inside the dashboard label. … Click Save.

How do I share a report with partner in Salesforce?

If you want your external users to create or edit reports in a privately shared folder, grant them Viewer access on the folder. next to the folder you want to share, then select Share. Note Partner and customer users can’t create, edit, or view reports in the Unfiled Public Reports folder.

Can you share a private dashboard in Salesforce?

You can share a report or dashboard folder with up to 25 users, groups, roles, or territories from the UI. To share a folder with up to 500 users, groups, roles, or territories, use the folder sharing REST API. next to the New Folder button, and select Share.

How do I take a screenshot of a Salesforce dashboard?

In Salesforce Classic: Choose where you want your snapshot to appear.To show it in a dashboard, click Post Snapshot to Dashboard Feed.To show it to a user or group, click Post Snapshot to User or Group Feed.

What is dashboard feed in Salesforce?

If you are not aware, in Salesforce we can post a snapshot of a dashboard component to Chatter feed, whether to a User or Chatter Group or to Dashboard feed. A snapshot is a static image of a dashboard component at a specific point of time when the dashboard last refresh.

What is folder sharing in Salesforce?

Folder Sharing in Salesforce allows you to restrict access to reports and dashboards by users, roles, roles and their subordinates, territories, territories and their subordinates, and public and private groups.

How to follow a report in Salesforce?

You can follow any report or dashboard by clicking on the Follow icon in the feed.

What happens if you go back to the old folder sharing model?

If you go back to the old folder sharing model, existing report and dashboard folders go back to the state they were in before.

How to show snapshot in dashboard?

Choose where you want your snapshot to appear. To show it in a dashboard, click Post Snapshot to Dashboard Feed. To show it to a user or group, click Post Snapshot to User or Group Feed. Write a comment in the text box and click OK.

How to enable feed tracking in dashboard?

Repeat the same steps to enable Feed Tracking for dashboards. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box and click Feed Tracking and then select Dashboard. Select Enable Feed Tracking, and select any fields you want to track.

What happens if you create a folder before analytics?

If a folder existed before analytics folder sharing was enabled, its properties and sharing settings are rolled back to their previous state. If a folder was created while enhanced analytics folder sharing was in effect, it is hidden from the folder list and all its sharing settings are removed.

Does Trailhead Playground have folder sharing?

Folder sharing is enabled by default in new Developer Edition (DE) orgs, including any Trailhead Playground DE orgs you create here in Trailhead. If your DE organization was created before Summer ‘13, you’ll need to enable this feature, following the instructions here.

What is a Salesforce Dashboard?

A Salesforce dashboard is an abstraction over reports. To clarify, it needs at least a report to pull its data from. Salesforce dashboard can be also based on multiple reports too. In addition, Salesforce provides granular control over who has access to viewing specific dashboards and reports. Then, sharing is accomplished through folders. So, people who have access to the folders in which a dashboard exists can view it. Folder access permissions can be configured from the Salesforce administration panel.

What is a dashboard in customer service?

This dashboard is a very helpful tool for senior managers in charge of providing customer service. It differs from the previous dashboard because that dashboard was more aligned towards a team’s performance, while this works based on the entire organization’s service KPIs. It provides insights into key metrics like the trend of closed cases, cases closed by channel type, case distribution by type and priority, etc.

What is dashboard viewer?

The Dashboard Viewer – People will see the dashboard using their own credentials and be subject to their normal access restrictions. In addition, these kinds of dashboards are typically called dynamic dashboards and come with some specific limitations:

What is source report in Salesforce?

Firstly, Source Reports: there are reports that feed the data into the visual components. Each component is fed by a single source report. The fields available for filtering your dashboards are the same fields available in your reports that feed those components. You create those reports in the Salesforce Report Builder.

What is lead and opportunity management dashboard?

Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards – Includes a pack of dashboards for leads and for opportunities.

How easy is it to build a custom dashboard?

Above all, building a custom dashboard is as easy as dragging and dropping components based on underlying reports. And, each component is a metric or a chart. Default Salesforce dashboard also falls broadly into two categories

What is a marketing executive dashboard?

The marketing executive dashboard is meant for senior management to keep track of the marketing activities. To clarify, it helps them to discover what difference is made by marketing campaigns in generating and converting leads. This dashboard is a great tool to coach and mentor the marketing analysts and hold them accountable for the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Underlying reports include lead, sales, Inventory levels, billing status, etc. This report is also a part of the built-in dashboards provided by Salesforce.


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