How to setup my domain in salesforce


  • 1) In Salesforce, Click Setup
  • 2) From the Quick Search on the top left – enter domain
  • 3) Click My Domain
  • 4) Give your My Domain a name
    With My Domain, you create a subdomain within the domain. For example,…
  • 5) Click Register Domain
  • 6) You will receive an email from Salesforce once the process has completed
  • Salesforce says to please allow at least…
  • 11) Click Allow
  • 15) Click Ok


How to enable my domain in Salesforce?

To enable Salesforce my domain navigate to Administer | Domain Management | My Domain. Click on My Domain. Enter your custom name in the URl and check the availability whether it is available or not. Now click on register domain button.

How do I set up a subdomain in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter My Domain in the Quick Find box, then select My Domain. Log out of your org, and log in to Salesforce using your new My Domain subdomain name. Test the new subdomain by clicking tabs and links. In the browser address bar, notice that the URLs to all your pages display your new subdomain.

What is a Salesforce domain name?

Typically, it’s your company name or whatever drives your brand. is the Salesforce domain name—domain, for short. My Domain login URLs all belong to this same domain.

What are the rules for Salesforce MyDomain registration?

Using custom domain, salesforce user can login through facebook and google account. Rules to follow before enabling Salesforce mydomain. We can’t use www, salesforce, heroku keywords in the Salesforce custom domain registration. We can’t start the domain name with root, status and a hyphen.


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