How to set up salesforce authenticator app


  • Download and install the Salesforce Authenticator app for the type of mobile device you use. For iPhone, get the app from the App Store. …
  • From your personal settings, in the Quick Find box, enter Advanced User Details, then select Advanced User Details. No results? …
  • Find App Registration: Salesforce Authenticator, and click Connect.
  • For security purposes, you’re sometimes prompted to either log in to your account again or enter a passcode sent via email or text message.
  • Open the Salesforce Authenticator app on your mobile device. If you’re opening the app for the first time, you see a tour of the app’s features. …
  • In the app, tap Add an Account. The app generates a unique two-word phrase.
  • In your Salesforce browser window, enter the phrase in the Two-Word Phrase field.
  • Click Connect.
  • In the Salesforce Authenticator app on your mobile device, you see details about the account you’re connecting. To complete the account connection, tap Connect in the app.


How to enable two factor authentication in Salesforce?

Learning Objectives

  • Set up multi-factor authentication for your users.
  • Use the Salesforce Authenticator app for MFA logins.
  • Get login information about users who log in to your org.

How to enable MFA on Salesforce?

  • New: Does risk-based/continuous authentication meet the MFA requirement? …
  • Updated: Salesforce is temporarily excluding sandbox environments from the MFA requirement. …
  • Updated: Salesforce is excluding Developer Edition and Partner Developer Edition orgs from the MFA requirement. …
  • Updated: Is MFA required for RPA or automated testing accounts? …

More items…

How do I connect an app in Salesforce?

Learn About Connected Apps

  • Access Data with API Integration. …
  • Integrate Service Providers with Salesforce. …
  • Provide Authorization for External API Gateways. …
  • Manage Access to Third-Party Apps. …
  • Connected App Developer. …
  • Connected App Admin

How to setup Authenticator app?

  1. To set up the Microsoft Authenticator app
  2. Sign in to your work or school account and then go to your My Account portal.
  3. Select Security info in the left menu or by using the link in the Security info pane. If you have already registered,…
  4. On the Add a method page, select Authenticator app from the list, and then select Add.
  5. On the Start by getting the app page, select…

How do I set up my authenticator app?

Set up AuthenticatorOn your Android device, go to your Google Account.At the top, tap the Security tab. If at first you don’t get the Security tab, swipe through all tabs until you find it.Under “Signing in to Google,” tap 2-Step Verification. … Under “Authenticator app,” tap Set up. … Follow the on-screen steps.

How do I get a verification code for Salesforce Authenticator app?

In the authenticator app, enter your username and the displayed key. In Salesforce, enter the code generated by the authenticator app in the Verification Code field. The authenticator app generates a new verification code periodically. Enter the current code.

How do I set up authenticator app in Salesforce?

1:192:49Salesforce Tutorial Video | Multi-Factor Authentication – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick the add account button on your app and enter the unique two-word phrase from your app into theMoreClick the add account button on your app and enter the unique two-word phrase from your app into the login.

How do I create a QR code for Salesforce Authenticator?

In Salesforce, go to your personal settings, Advanced User Details or Personal Information. You’ll be prompted to log in for security. Use Google Authenticator to take a picture of the generated QR code. Verify the setup by entering your first generated password in the Verification Code field.

How do I transfer my Salesforce Authenticator to a new phone?

Back Up Your Connected Accounts in the Salesforce Authenticator Mobile AppWhen prompted, enter your mobile number and tap Send.Salesforce Authenticator sends you a text message with a link. … Authorize your mobile device to open the Salesforce Authenticator mobile app. … Set your four-digit or longer passcode.

How do I set up two-factor authentication in Salesforce?

3. Configure 2FA for SalesforceTo enable 2FA for Users of Salesforce application. Go to Policies >> App Authentication Policy.Click on Edit against the configured application.Enable the Enable 2-Factor Authentication (MFA) option.Click on Save.

How does Salesforce Authenticator app work?

Fast, Frictionless Two-Factor Authentication With Salesforce Authenticator, it’s even easier for employees to access business-critical apps through simple push notifications. With a single tap on their mobile device, employees can approve logins and other actions, even verifying automatically from trusted locations.

Is Salesforce Authenticator free?

Salesforce Authenticator is a free app for Android published in the Office Suites & Tools list of apps, part of Business.

What is Salesforce Authenticator?

Salesforce Authenticator is an intelligent, mobile two-factor authentication app that delivers enterprise-class security, while providing simplicity and convenience to your end users . With Salesforce Authenticator, it’s even easier for employees to access business-critical apps through simple push notifications.

Can you log into Salesforce without a password?

With Lightning Login, you can log in to your Salesforce account without having to type in a password. Just click your username and tap to approve the login with Salesforce Authenticator and the added security of your thumbprint.

What is Salesforce MFA?

Salesforce offers simple, innovative MFA solutions that provide a balance between strong security and user convenience. Salesforce products support several types of strong verification methods to satisfy your business and user requirements.

What is Salesforce security key?

Security keys are a great solution if mobile devices aren’t an option for your users. Salesforce supports USB, Lightning, and NFC keys that support the WebAuthn or U2F standards, including Yubico’s YubiKeyTM and Google’s TitanTM Security Key.

Why is multifactor authentication important?

Multi-factor authentication (or MFA) adds an extra layer of protection against threats like phishing attacks, increasing security for your business and your customers.

What is MFA verification?

MFA requires a user to validate their identity with two or more forms of evidence — or factors — when they log in. One factor is something the user knows, such as their username and password combination. Other factors are verification methods that the user has in their possession.


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