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Salesforce – Multi-Factor Authentication – How to configure MFA for Salesforce Users

  1. First, simply download the Salesforce Authenticator App on your device from the Google Play or App Store.
  2. Open the app, select ‘Add an Account’. This will generate a phrase that you will use to connect your Salesforce instance.
  3. After MFA has been enabled in your org, the next time you log in you will see this screen.

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How to enable MFA in Salesforce
  1. Go to Setup -> Permission Sets -> click New -> enter the Permission Set name -> click Save.
  2. Find System Permissions in the System section -> click Edit -> enable the “Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins” checkbox -> click Save.


What is the MFA requirement for Salesforce?

That’s why, beginning February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require customers to use MFA in order to access Salesforce products. Use the MFA Requirement Checker to see if your implementation will satisfy this requirement. Learn everything there is to know about the MFA requirement, with answers to the most common questions.

How do you implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Salesforce?

Plan your MFA project, including rollout, change management, and support strategies, so you have a clear path to a successful launch. With your project plan in place and your stakeholders aligned, the next step is doing the work to deliver multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your Salesforce users.

Which users should I set up MFA for?

We strongly recommend setting up MFA for all users who log in to your Salesforce products. We make it easy with simple, innovative MFA solutions that provide a balance between strong security and user convenience.

How do I start an MFA project?

Evaluate your business and user requirements and your implementation options, and make the case to your key stakeholders. Plan your MFA project, including rollout, change management, and support strategies, so you have a clear path to a successful launch.


How do I create an MFA permission set in Salesforce?

From Setup: Go to leftnav Administer> Manage Users> Permission Sets> Click New. In the permission set overview page> Select System Permissions and Edit and check the box for perm named> Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins and Save. Save and Done.

How do I set up Salesforce Authenticator?

From your personal settings, in the Quick Find box, enter Advanced User Details , then select Advanced User Details. No results? In the Quick Find box, enter Personal Information , then select Personal Information. Find App Registration: Salesforce Authenticator, and click Connect.

How do I set up my MFA authenticator?

Set up MFA with Authenticator App:Download and install Microsoft Authenticator App for your mobile device. … Select Next.Choose Mobile App from the drop down.Make sure “Receive Notifications for Verification” is selected.Select Set up.Wait for a configuration pop-up box that looks like this:More items…

How do I enable MFA for SSO in Salesforce?

To set up the Salesforce MFA service, take these steps. In Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Session , then select Session Settings. In Session Security Levels, make sure your SSO configuration is in the Standard column. And make sure Multi-Factor Authentication is in the High Assurance column.

How does MFA work in Salesforce?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a secure authentication method that requires users to prove their identity by supplying two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) when they log in. One factor is something the user knows, such as their username and password.

Is MFA mandatory in Salesforce?

Is Salesforce requiring customers to enable MFA? Effective February 1, 2022, Salesforce customers are contractually required to use MFA to access Salesforce products. All internal users who log in to Salesforce products (including partner solutions) through the user interface must use MFA for every login.

How do I get an MFA code?

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How do I get an MFA QR Code?

Sign in with a QR codeOn your computer, go to the Additional security verification page. … Select the checkbox next to Authenticator app, and then select Configure.Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the plus icon and select Add account, and then select Work or school account, followed by Scan a QR Code.

How do I set up authenticator?

Set up AuthenticatorOn your Android device, go to your Google Account.At the top, tap the Security tab. If at first you don’t get the Security tab, swipe through all tabs until you find it.Under “Signing in to Google,” tap 2-Step Verification. … Under “Authenticator app,” tap Set up. … Follow the on-screen steps.

Do we have to enable MFA at both the SSO and Salesforce levels?

Do we have to enable MFA at both the SSO and Salesforce levels? No. If MFA is enabled for your SSO identity provider, you don’t need to enable Salesforce’s MFA for users who log in via SSO.

Can SSO and MFA work together?

When combined, SSO can help limit employee frustration and increase password strength, while MFA allows for verification of user identity prior to them logging into any application or network you want to maintain tight control over. Let’s dive into each and see what makes the SSO + MFA combo so strong.

What is the difference between SSO and MFA?

SSO is all about users gaining access to all of their resources with a single authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), on the other hand, offers a stronger verification of the user identity, often used for a single application. An additional factor is required beyond what has been supplied for the login.

Articles How to enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on Salesforce

Salesforce allows for Multi-Factor Authentication to be enabled and will be enforcing MFA for all user logins starting Winter ’22. This article provides instructions on enabling MFA in your Org.

Before You Begin

Please connect with Premier Services regarding these steps and a Timeline for enabling.

Option 2: Enable MFA with Session Security Levels

For additional information, see the Salesforce Help and Training article: Enable MFA with Session Security Levels.


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