How to set default value in picklist in salesforce


Setting a default Picklist value when creating a new Picklist Field.

  • Create a new field with the type of picklist.
  • On step 2, there is a checkbox that can be selected that will set the first value you enter as the default value.
  • Complete the rest of the steps to create the field.

To do this, click on a picklist field and click edit on the values assigned to the picklist. Click edit on value and you will see the default option. Now we can edit any existing picklists or create new ones and set the default value. Hope this helps on your salesforce journey!May 19, 2021


How to create global picklist in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, click Object Manager and select Opportunity.
  • Select Fields & Relationships, and click New.
  • Select Picklist (Multi-Select) as the Data Type, then click Next.
  • Enter Close Reason as the Field Label.
  • Click Enter values, with each value separated by a new line and paste these values. …
  • Enter 6 for # Visible Lines.

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What are the types of custom settings in Salesforce?


  1. Convert Custom Setting Objects to Custom Metadata Types First retrieve your app metadata, including the custom objects you’re using for configuration. …
  2. Replace __c with __mdt By now you’re comfortable with the idea that custom metadata types use the __mdt suffix instead of the classic __c suffix. …
  3. Replace Apex Code with SOQL Queries

What is a multi select picklist in Salesforce?

  • The maximum number of characters you can have in a picklist depends on the type of picklist.
  • The combined size of the selected picklist values must be less than 240 characters when selecting picklist values for a list view filter.
  • For standard picklists, each value can have up to 255 characters without line breaks and returns.

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How to set a picklist default value?

Set default value (preselected value) for drop down list with formula. To set default value for the drop down list, you need to create a general drop down list first, and then use a formula. 1. Create a drop down list. Select a cell or a range that you want to place the drop down list, here is K1, and click Data > Data Validation. See screenshot:


What is default value in picklist Salesforce?

Default value:- when record is getting created and user doesn’t select any value for picklist then default value will be populated automatically. This doesn’t effect when records are updated. Also user can remove default selected value to make field value balnk.

How do I change the default value in Salesforce flow?

Salesforce will automatically pass the Contact Id to the recordId variable.Click Setup.In the Object Manager, type Opportunity.Select Buttons, Links, and Action, then click New Action.Input the following information: Select Flow as Action Type. Select Default value for Dynamic Record Choice as Flow. … Click Save.

How do I restrict standard picklist values in Salesforce?

Restricted PicklistsGo to the picklist detail page and select Edit.Select Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set.Click Save.

How do I change a picklist to use a global value set?

Make Your Custom Picklist Field Values GlobalGo to the fields area of the object you want to create a picklist field for.In the Custom Fields related list, click Edit.Click Promote to Global Value Set.Enter a label for the global value set.Accept the Field Name or edit it.More items…

How do I set predefined field values in Salesforce?

Set Predefined Field Values for Quick Action FieldsClick the name of an action in the Buttons, Links, and Actions list or the Global Actions list.On the action detail page, click New in the Predefined Field Values list.Select the field you want to predefine a value for.Specify the value for the field. … Click Save.

How do I set default value in lightning component?

here value=”true” is used to set the default value. Output: When Find Vehicles button is clicked, selected value will be alerted on the screen.

How do I enable restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set?

The referenced picklist field has ‘Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set’ set to Enabled. Solution: You need to make sure that you set the right value and it contains in value set or you need to uncheck mentioned above checkbox.

How do you restrict picklist values based on record type in Salesforce?

PiyushClick Field Dependencies.Choose a controlling field and dependent field.Click Continue.Use the field dependency matrix to specify the dependent picklist values that are available when a user selects each controlling field value.Optionally, click Preview to test your selections. … Click Save.

How do I restrict a picklist?

You cannot uncheck the restriction if the picklist is using a Global value set. A global picklist is a restricted picklist by nature. Only a Salesforce admin can add to or modify its values. You would need to create a new field in order to remove the custom field’s connection to a Global value set.

How do I create a global picklist value set in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Picklist in the Quick Find box, then select Picklist Value Sets.Next to Global Value Sets, click New.Enter a label for the global value set. … To tell users what these values are for, enter a specific description of the global value set. … Enter the values, one per line.More items…

How do I edit a global picklist in Salesforce?

Add or Edit Picklist ValuesNavigate to the fields area for your object.In the Custom Fields & Relationships related list, click the name of the picklist field to update.In the Values section, click Edit next to a value.Change the value’s name, and optionally make the value the default for the master picklist.More items…

How do I change the picklist in Salesforce?

Start the picklist value replace process.For a global picklist value set: Go to the Global Value Set Detail page by clicking the picklist name. In the Values section, click Replace.For all other picklists: Click Replace next to the picklist name.

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