How to see all list views in salesforce


From the App Launcher, find and select the Sales app and select the Accounts tab. From the list view controls ( ), select New. Name the list Channel Customers. Select All users can see this list view. Click Save. So far, the list view is showing us all the accounts, regardless of their type or location. Also, the Filters panel is now available.

The fields you see depend on your page layout and field-level security settings.
  1. In Salesforce Classic, select a list view from the dropdown menu. In Lightning Experience, you can also pin a list with. …
  2. Edit, delete, or create a list view using the List View Controls menu. …
  3. Create records directly from a list view (3).


How do I manage list views in Salesforce?

Just like Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce list views have a habit of getting out of control if not looked after properly. When creating a list view you can select who to share the view with. Educate your users to choose “Only I can see this list view” or “Share this list view with a group of users”.

How many records can a Salesforce list view display?

Salesforce list views only display 2000 records – if your list view returns over 2000 results, performance will be affected (e.g. slow) Just like Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce list views have a habit of getting out of control if not looked after properly. When creating a list view you can select who to share the view with.

How does the list view for leads look in Salesforce classic?

Here’s an example of how the same list view for Leads looks in both interfaces. At first glance, things don’t seem too different. The All Open Leads list view in Salesforce Classic (with the green leads icon in the upper-left corner) and in Lightning Experience (with the orange leads icon).

What is split view in Salesforce list views?

Previously only available with console navigation style, from the Salesforce Summer ‘20 release, all users can choose “ Split View ” when using Salesforce list views, enabling you to see a list and a record side by side. This is ideal for anyone who works with lists of data such as call lists.


Where can I see list views in Salesforce?

You can search for records in a list view using the list view search box. Click the search box or use the keyboard shortcut g+f, and then enter your query. The list view search looks at all searchable fields even if the corresponding columns aren’t shown in the list view.

How can I see list views?

0:404:06How to Visualize Data w/ List Views | Salesforce – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWe’ll start by clicking the list view controls button and selecting new we’ll name it. And selectMoreWe’ll start by clicking the list view controls button and selecting new we’ll name it. And select who can view the new list in this case only Pat needs to see this view and that’s selected by default.

Can you see who created a list view Salesforce?

In Salesforce Lightning, there is no way to view who changed a ListView in Salesforce Lightning, the only way to see this information is to change to Classic to see who made a change a filter but this is not helpful for users who are locked down in Salesforce Lightning.

How do I extract list view in Salesforce?

Salesforce: List View SharingGet the “fullName” From Workbench: – select Info | Metadata Types & Components. – select Listview from the dropdown. … Prepare XML file. Copy following XML and save it to a file called “package.xml”

How do I manage list views in Salesforce?

Actions you can take for list views are available in the List View Controls menu .Under List View Controls, select New. … Give your list a name and unique API name.Choose who can see this list view: just you, or all users, including Partner and Customer Portal users.Click Save.More items…

Where is manage public list views in Salesforce?

To edit or delete any view you created, click Edit next to the View drop-down list. Administrators and users with the “Manage Public List Views” permission can also edit or delete public views and some of the standard views.

How can I see who created a list view?

How can I query ListView records that were created by users?QUERIES: SELECT CreatedBy.Name,CreatedDate,DeveloperName,Id,LastViewedDate,Name FROM ListView. … REST EXPLORER: /services/data/v45. … BULK API: I exported the entire ListView table via the bulk API but got the same results as the ListView queries above. … EDIT:

How can I see who edited a list view?

On click of Edit in the List view, there is a last Modified field which shows who last modified the list view and when was it modified.

How do you display list view in lightning component?

To create a list view, specify which object to render with the objectApiName attribute and which list view to use with the listName attribute. The list view doesn’t require additional Apex controllers or Lightning Data Service to display record data. This example displays a list view of Accounts with five rows.

Can you export list views?

The easy way to export a list view is to click on the printer icon in the top-right corner of the list view: this produces a pop-up window with a printable view. You then select the rows/columns, copy and then paste into Excel.

Can you export a list view in salesforce?

With Salesforce Data Exporter you can export any list of data in Salesforce to CSV file. This extension creates a button ‘Export to CSV’ in salesforce list view for all objects, standard or custom. The list data can be exported to CSV file by simply clicking this button.

Is it possible to export a list view from salesforce?

Search data you need or simply open your saved list view. From the search results page select Export to Excel* from the top right. From here you can choose what kind of data will be exported (selected records, all records in the current view, or all records matching the search criteria) Export when done.

What is Salesforce list view?

Salesforce list views are a powerful reporting tool for you and your users. Create a set of standard list views to avoid repeat requests, or empower your users by teaching them to create bespoke list views, so they can grab and segment data at a moment’s notice.

Why do you pin a list view in Salesforce?

Now you’ve created some amazing Salesforce list views, don’t forget to pin your favorite or most frequently used! Pinning a list view is a great way to improve navigation and reduce the number of clicks needed to get to the information you need.

How to retrieve favorites in Salesforce?

2. Retrieve your Favorites from anywhere in Salesforce by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the star icon.

What is the default view in Salesforce?

The default display option for Salesforce list views is “ Table View ”. Similar to a spreadsheet, the “Table View” display will allow you to easily view your data in rows, wrap text, and resize or sort by any column. #N#1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to a column and select “Wrap text” (particularly useful for fields such as Description or Next Steps)

How to update multiple fields in Excel?

1. Click into an editable field, enter or edit data, then hit enter or press Save. 2. Update multiple records at once by selecting the records, choose your field, make any changes, then apply the changes to multiple items.

Can you create a chart in Salesforce?

You can create a chart to accompany your Salesforce list view, choosing from vertical bar, horizontal bar, and donut. Charts are a great way of visualizing and understanding your data and can be toggled on and off by clicking the chart icon. Charts are not supported when you open the “Recently Viewed” list view. 1.

What is pinned list?

A pinned list is the default list view for that object. A icon indicates a pinned list. To pin a different list, select a different list view and pin it instead. List View Controls menu (3) Click to access list view actions, including creating, renaming, cloning, and sharing them.

Can you edit a record in Salesforce?

You can still edit all of a record’s details from list views. Find the Edit option in a record’s action menu. And same as in Salesforce Classic, you can update many of a record’s fields right in a list view. Hover over fields to see which ones are editable ( ) and which ones can’t be modified ( ).


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