How to remove default record type in salesforce


Delete Default RecordType for Chatter User Profiles | Salesforce Developer Guide

  1. De-activate the record type.
  2. If Record Type is being set as default record type for any of the Profiles, it throws an error to remove its…
  3. To remove references from Profile, go to Profile > Search for ‘Record Type Setting ‘ > Edit and Update default record…


How do I change the default record type in Salesforce?

Once in the profile, go to the Find Settings box, enter the name of the object the record type you want to change is on, then select that object from the list of permissions. Once in the object, then open it for editing, and select the record type you now want as the default.

What are record types in Salesforce?

Record Types are one Salesforce feature that can be incorrectly implemented. So, Assessing what purpose your Record Types have, and removing those that don’t deliver any benefit, is an Admin job that shouldn’t be forgotten about. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Why can’t I delete this record type sales order?

This record type Sales Order cannot be deactivated because it is used by the following Objects. Show activity on this post. Certain Profiles like the Chatter Free User can be assigned Record Types which cannot be removed by clicking an edit link in the Record Type Section of the Profile. This prevents Record Types from being deleted.

Can you delete anything in Salesforce?

Deleting anything in Salesforce can bring on a panic attack in even the most experienced admins, but if you take care, document your process, and have a backup, you’ll have clean Record Types and happy Users in no time!


Step 2: Planning & Decisions

Next, you’ll need to map out the ideal, clean plan for using Record Types going forward. Check out my earlier Blog Post on planning out Record Types. The end result here is that you will have a map of the differences of each Record Type. While doing this, you’ll also need to decide which Record Types to delete.

Step 3: Make Some Changes

Important Tip: Make sure field history is enabled for any fields you’re going to modify in the process of cleaning up, and also use Data Loader to do an ‘Export All’ before you begin.

Step 4: Delete the Record Types!

Yes, it’s really that easy! The most important part of this process is backing up your data before you begin. Export All and Field History are fast, easy, and free. If you happen to have a full copy sandbox, go ahead and refresh it before you begin. There’s plenty of paid services on the App Exchange as well.

Steps to update the record type assigned for the listed profiles

Note: These steps are best done in Salesforce Classic due to URL changes when working in Lightning Experience

Steps to locate Object ID

In Salesforce Classic: Setup | Objects | (Name of the object) | On the URL bar, locate the 15-Digit ID


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