How to recall approval request in salesforce


Recall An Approval Process/Step Using Apex or Lightning Flow in Salesforce

  1. Recall Approval Process/Record Using Developer Console (Anonymous Window): Let’s first create an approval process , for example on opportunity. …
  2. Recall Approval Process/Record Using APEX Lets Create an Detail Page Button and call the Apex class from the button to Recall Approval Request. …
  3. Recall Approval Process/Record Using Lightning Flow
Withdraw an Approval Request
  1. Go to the detail page for the record associated with the approval request.
  2. In the Approval History related list, recall the approval request.


Who can recall approval process Salesforce?

Currently, if you allow an approval request to be recalled, only the person who submitted the approval request or an admin can do the recall.

How do I recall approval process in Salesforce Apex?

Recall Approval Process/Record Using APEX Lets Create an Detail Page Button and call the Apex class from the button to Recall Approval Request. On Opportunity Object ,create one Detail Page Button with Java script to call Apex.

Who can recall the record from the approval process?

If selected, submitters can recall their approval requests. If unselected, only admins can recall requests.

What is recall action in approval process?

Recall Actions. A recall action occurs when a submitted approval request is recalled. By default, the record is unlocked. Record Locking. Record locking prevents users from editing a record, regardless of field-level security or sharing settings.

What is ProcessInstanceWorkItem?

ProcessInstanceStep represents a step instance in an approval process (ProcessInstance) on which users has already acted and ProcessInstanceWorkItem represents a step instance in an approval process(ProcessInstance) on which is pending and users has to perform some action next on it.

How do you call approval process from flow?

Tip Before you begin, store the ID for the record that you want to submit for approval in a variable. In Flow Builder, add an Action element to your flow. In the Action field, enter Submit , and select Submit for Approval.

How do I withdraw an application from Salesforce?

After you have opened the lightning application. Click File | Delete to delete the lightning application in your salesforce org.

How do I check approval process in Salesforce?

Test Your Approval ProcessUsing the App Launcher, navigate to the Travel App and click the Travel Approvals tab..Select a record from the list. … Click the down arrow next to the New Opportunity button and select Submit for Approval..Enter a comment and click Submit.More items…

How do I recall a timecard in Salesforce?

Click the row for the timesheet you want to recall. Click Timesheets > Recall. Click OK to confirm the recall.

What is two step approval process in Salesforce?

On the second approval step “Automatically assign using the user field selected earlier. (Manager)” is selected. The problem is that the approval goes to the person’s manager who approved in the first step. Not the Manager of the person who submitted the record to be approved.

How do you trigger approval process in Salesforce?

Salesforce Approval ProcessSetup -> Create -> Workflow and Approval -> Approval Process.Select object for approval process to be written.Click on Create New Approval Process.Select Standard Setup Wizard from drop down.Enter the Process name, Unique Name and description for your process.Specify Entry criteria.

What are the two final approval actions in a approval process?

Final Approval actions are the actions that occur when a record is approved from all the approval steps. It also locks or unlocks the record, as specified. It can include any approval actions such as email alerts, field updates, tasks, or outbound messages.

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