How to query salesforce data


There are two ways to query data. The first way is the normal Salesforce API with sf.query, this method has a limit of 2000 records. The second way is the bulk API with sf.bulk.OBJECT.query . Note that with the bulk API you will need to define the object name in the method.

Salesforce – Viewing Data in the Developer Console
  1. All of the object’s fields display. Select the fields you would like displayed in the result list. …
  2. Click the Query button to create and add the SOQL query to the editor.
  3. Click the Execute button to run the query and see the results.
May 24, 2019


How do I query my data in Salesforce?

Query Operation. Drag and drop Salesforce Query Connector to get the details of the salesforce object and configure the listener to trigger the request. Configure the connection details for Salesforce and use the Basic Username and Password connection (Username, Password, Securitytoken), you can also use other connections as well to do the …

How to run a soql query in Salesforce?

Write SOQL Queries

  • SOQL Files #. VS Code supports writing SOQL in both Apex files and standalone .soql files. …
  • Code Completions #. VS Code supports code completions for SOQL embedded in Apex files and .soql files. …
  • Use SOQL Builder to Build and Run Queries #. Use SOQL Builder to build and run your SOQL queries. …
  • Execute SOQL Text #. …
  • Execute SOQL Inline #. …

How to query the number of used license in Salesforce?

  1. Active Users: to count all active users, the formula: RowCount
  2. License Remain: this is by calculating Total License – Active Users, the formula: User.Profile.UserLicense.TotalLicenses:SUM – RowCount You can add Conditional Highlighting to get user attention when remaining licenses reach …
  3. The Moment of Truth

How to query Salesforce Recycle Bin Usin API?

This allows you to use our complete SOQL query language to query on any of the data in the deleted/archived records. There is also an new API method, undelete, which will allow you to retrieve things from the recycle bin via the API. You could use these via the AJAX toolkit to write an scontrol.


How do I query content in Salesforce?

Execute the below queries in the Developer Console. SELECT Id, LinkedEntityId, ContentDocumentId FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId=<> 2 records will be returned. SELECT Id, Title FROM ContentDocument WHERE Id=<> 2 rows will be returned.

How do I run a SQL query in Salesforce?

Execute SOQL queries or SOSL searches in the Query Editor panel of the Developer Console. Enter a SOQL query or SOSL search in the Query Editor panel. If you want to query tooling entities instead of data entities, select Use Tooling API. Click Execute.

How do I write a query in Salesforce query editor?

2:073:47How to Use the Salesforce Developer Console to Run Queries and …YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo we need to write a query need to go to the query editor. Write a query here like select countMoreSo we need to write a query need to go to the query editor. Write a query here like select count from BMC service incident. Option or you can write your object. Name here click on execute. So it will

What query language does Salesforce use?

SOQLSalesforce provides the Salesforce Object Query Language, or SOQL in short, that you can use to read saved records. SOQL is similar to the standard SQL language but is customized for the Lightning Platform.

Can I use SQL with Salesforce?

You can use SQL to join Salesforce data with product data. In this post, we’ll walk through a sample report replicating common Salesforce CRM reporting in SQL, so you can more easily audit, adjust, and extend that analysis.

What is the difference between SQL and SOQL?

In SQL, the data is stored in database tables whereas the data in Salesforce is stored in the form of objects. SOQL is used primarily for querying the Salesforce database and retrieving the records. It does not allow data modifying statements like UPDATE, INSERT, etc.

Can I query Salesforce database?

To query Salesforce database, you have 3 options: DML or Data Manipulation Language. Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL).

How do I run a query in Salesforce inspector?

1:484:25How to Query Data Using Salesforce Inspector – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd tell you if you’re typing in a field that doesn’t exist so for example if i just say select id.MoreAnd tell you if you’re typing in a field that doesn’t exist so for example if i just say select id. Name from product. So first of all notice as i started typing in the object.

How do I access my Salesforce database?

Stage 1: Get startedSelect External Data > New Data Source > From Online Services > From Salesforce.Do one of the following: To import, select Import the source data into a new table in the current database. To link, select Link the data source by creating a linked table.Select OK.

What is apex and SOQL?

Advertisements. This is Salesforce Object Query Language designed to work with SFDC Database. It can search a record on a given criterion only in single sObject. Like SOSL, it cannot search across multiple objects but it does support nested queries.

Where is SOQL in Salesforce?

WHERE clause is used to filter the retrieved data. When ever if we want to filter data from a set of object records we use WHERE clause in SOQL. This WHERE clause filters the data based on the given Condition or Criteria.

Is Salesforce a DBMS?

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