How to query picklist values in salesforce


You can query a picklist just like a string, if you only want one value. for two values “… WHERE Field_Name__c includes (‘val1′,’val2’) LIMIT 10” or for multi-select: “… WHERE Field_Name__c = ‘val1;val2’ LIMIT 10”


How to create a Salesforce flow dependent picklist?

Create Picklists. Start by creating a global picklist value set called Region. From Setup, click Home. Enter Picklist Value Sets in the Quick Find box and select Picklist Value Sets. Click New and fill in the details. Click Save. Next, create a custom picklist field called Region on the lead and account objects.

How to set a picklist default value?

Set default value (preselected value) for drop down list with formula. To set default value for the drop down list, you need to create a general drop down list first, and then use a formula. 1. Create a drop down list. Select a cell or a range that you want to place the drop down list, here is K1, and click Data > Data Validation. See screenshot:

What are the levels in Salesforce?

  • Senior Level
  • 4-5 years (implementing complex security models in Salesforce) + 2-3 years (Salesforce experience)
  • No Prerequisites
  • 400

What is Salesforce CRM pricing?


  • Essentials plan for all-in-one sales and support is $25 per user/per month, billed annually
  • Professional plan offering complete CRM for any size team is $75 per user/per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise plan offering deeply customizable sales CRM for your business is $150 per user/per month, billed annually

More items…


Can I query picklist values in Salesforce?

Yes you can use SOQL to get Picklist values, but that doesn’t mean that you should. It’s nice to put both answers on the table though. 🙂 +1! These are two different use cases, though.

How do I find the picklist value in Salesforce?

Manage Picklist ValuesIn Setup, click the Object Manager tab, and then select the object associated with your picklist field.Click Fields & Relationships.Click the picklist’s Field Label to see the field’s detail page. You see your values in the Values related list.

How do I select all picklist values in Salesforce?

You can do more customization later.In Setup, click the Object Manager tab, and then select the object to contain the picklist field.Click Fields & Relationships.Click New. … Enter a Label for the picklist field. … Select Enter values, with each value separated by a new line.Enter your values.More items…

How do I get the API name of a picklist value in Salesforce?

To get the picklist label via SOQL. Use the PicklistEntry Class to retrieve picklist value’s label and API name dynamically. getLabel() – will return a picklist value’s label. getValue() – will return a picklist value’s API Name, as it used to do before.

How do you check picklist value in validation rule?

Use Picklist Fields in Formulas ISPICKVAL() and CASE() are useful for creating validation rules that check whether a certain picklist value is selected. For example, say you want users to enter a reason when they change a case’s Status picklist value to Escalated.

How do you get a picklist value in flow?

Using Record-Triggered Flow to Save the Picklist Choice Value1- Create a text field to save the selected choice’s value. … 2- Create a record-triggered flow, select your object, and configure the flow to run on create and update. … 3- Add a decision to check if the Model_Code__c has changed or if it is a new record.More items…•

How do I report multiple picklist values in Salesforce?

The only way to report on a specific Picklist option is to create a Formula Field for each option….Workaround: Use Microsoft ExcelSelect the cell, the range of cells, or the entire column that contains the text values that you want to divide across other cells. … On the Data menu, click Text to Columns.More items…

How do I get the picklist value set in Apex?

To fetch the picklist values in Apex dynamically, we need to make an extra call to getGlobalDescribe() to get the Schema. SObjectType of that particular object. Then, we can use it to fetch the DescribeSobjectResult. Once we get the DescribeSobjectResult, we need to call fields.

How do I use multi-select picklist in Formula Salesforce?

Create a formula that shows the value of a multi-select picklist from a parent to a child objectGo to the object where you want to create the field. … Click New.Select Formula for the Data Type.Name the field and select Text for the Formula Return Type.Click Next.Enter your formula syntax.

How do I use toLabel in SOQL?

Use toLabel(fields) to translate SOQL query results into the user’s language. Use toLabel() on regular, multi-select, division, or currency code picklist fields (any field that has picklist values returned by the relevant describe call), data category group and data category unique name fields or RecordType names.

What is schema PicklistEntry?

They display as drop-down lists in the Salesforce user interface. One of the items can be configured as the default item. A Schema.PicklistEntry object is returned from the field describe result using the getPicklistValues method. For example: Schema.

Can we change API name for picklist value in Salesforce?

Some out-of-the-box Salesforce picklist fields do not allow administrators to change the API Name; however, you can change the field label using “Rename Tabs and Labels” from the Setup Menu.

What is an index field in Salesforce?

What makes a good index candidate is pretty advanced. Salesforce automatically analyzes performance and periodically assigns fields to be indexed.

Can you use multi select picklists as dependent?

Multi-select picklist fields can be dependent, but not controlling fields. You can set default values for controlling fields but not for dependent picklists. If your org uses record types, choose a record type to test how it affects your controlling and dependent picklist values.

Can you change the picklist field type?

With all the options for picklist fields, rest assured you can change the field type when necessary. For example, if you have a custom picklist field and decide you want to make it a multi-select picklist, you can do that.


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