How to query opportunity product in salesforce


You can use OpportunityLineItem to traverse from Opportunity to PricebookEntry and Product.. something like this query : SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name, (SELECT Quantity, UnitPrice, TotalPrice, PricebookEntry.Name, PricebookEntry.Product2.Family FROM OpportunityLineItems) FROM Opportunity WHERE Id = :YourOppId


How to query opportunities in Salesforce Stack Exchange?

Therefore, you can’t query opportunities, with quotes and quote line items. However, as an easy work around you can query quotes, with the opportunity information, and the quote line items. That works like this: Thanks for contributing an answer to Salesforce Stack Exchange!

What version of Salesforce do I need to integrate with opportunitylineitem?

You need to be at Version 30 or higher to do this as the lookup relationship from OpportunityLineItem to Product2 didn’t exist until then. Thanks for contributing an answer to Salesforce Stack Exchange!

How do I configure opportunities and opportunity products?

Set Up Opportunities and Opportunity Products Set a Default Product Quantity of 1 on Opportunities Automatically Enter the List Price as the Sales Price on Opportunities Enable Opportunity Update Reminders Set Up Big Deal Alerts for Opportunities Enable and Configure Similar Opportunities Manage Settings to Show Changed Deals

How do I set a default product quantity for opportunities?

Set a Default Product Quantity of 1 on Opportunities Automatically Enter the List Price as the Sales Price on Opportunities Enable Opportunity Update Reminders Set Up Big Deal Alerts for Opportunities


How do you access an opportunity product in Salesforce?

Opportunity Product/Opportunity Line Item in Salesforce represent Product2 products associated with an Opportunity. The user must have the “Edit” permission on Opportunity records to create or update opportunity line items on an opportunity.

How do I query a product family in Salesforce?

How to create Product Families and select for product in…Go to Product Fields.Select Product Family field.Click New.Enter the values.Click Save.

How do you find opportunity Lineitem from Opportunity?

To get both Opportunity and Opportunity Line Item (or Opportunity Product) information, you’ll either need to query from Opportunity Line Items and bring in their parent Opportunity information, or use a subquery on the Opportunity that pulls in Opportunity Line Items.

How do I query content in Salesforce?

Execute the below queries in the Developer Console. SELECT Id, LinkedEntityId, ContentDocumentId FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId=<> 2 records will be returned. SELECT Id, Title FROM ContentDocument WHERE Id=<> 2 rows will be returned.

What is PriceBookEntry in Salesforce?

A price book entry is a product with its price as listed in a price book. Each price book entry specifies a currency for the price. Standard price book entries are the default (standard) prices for the products and services in the standard price book.

What is relationship between opportunity and product in Salesforce?

Products (API Name : Product2) is the Standard salesforce Object. These include all the Products in Salesforce. Now when you add these Products into an Opportunity , they are then called OpportunityLineItems. These OpportunityLineItems are the Opportunity Products.

How do I view opportunity line item records in Salesforce?

Then create Opportunity Product report by going to the Reports tab | Create New Custom Report | Choose Opportunities in the Report drop down menu | Choose Opportunities with Products | Choose your Report Format | Go to Select Columns | In the Custom Opportunity Product Information section, choose “LineItemID” and ” …

What is the API name of opportunity product in Salesforce?

OpportunityLineItemOpportunity Product (API name OpportunityLineItem) is a Junction Object between Opportunity and Product2 . An opportunity has to be linked to the Product for generating order or to do Quote management going ahead . The products linked to opportunity are known as opportunity line Item or opportunity product .

What is opportunity product in Salesforce?

Opportunity products are the physical items and services you sell on an opportunity in Salesforce. However, if you don’t use opportunity products, what’s the alternative? For many companies, the answer is to enter the total value of the opportunity in a single field – the Amount field, in other words.

How do I query a file object in Salesforce?

Steps to enable the permission for users:Set Up > Permission Set > New.Enter in the preferred details.Click Save.Click App Permissions.Click Edit,Navigate to “Query All Files”.Check the “Query All Files” checkbox.Click Save.More items…

What is Contentdocument in Salesforce?

Content Document Represents a document that has been uploaded to a library in Salesforce CRM Content or Salesforce Files. This object is available in API versions 17.0 and later for Salesforce CRM Content. This object is available in API version 21.0 and later for Salesforce Files.

How do I fetch a file in Salesforce?

Click the Salesforce – Get file from a record action. Select a Connection….Retrieve one or more files by record ID:Select Collection (1 or more files).Select the Object name for the record.Select a variable for Record ID.

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