How to query custom labels in salesforce


The only way to get custom labels from Salesforce right now is by reading metadata. The quickest way to do this would probably be to use the synchronous listMetadata and readMetadata calls. This uses the SOAP api, so there’s a bit of XML involved here. 1., listMetadata, replace org-id with your org id, and replace session-id with your session id.


What is the use of custom label in Salesforce?

Custom labels are custom text values that can be accessed from Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Lightning pages, or Lightning components. The values can be translated into any language Salesforce supports.

How can we count number of custom labels in Salesforce?

COUNT ( Id) returns the same count as COUNT (), so the previous and next queries are equivalent: SELECT COUNT () FROM Account WHERE Name LIKE ‘a%’. COUNT () and COUNT (Id) in SOQL are equivalent to COUNT (*) in SQL. Note. For COUNT ( fieldName), the AggregateResult object in the records field returns the number of rows.

How to create custom objects and tabs in Salesforce?

Try It Yourself

  • In your Salesforce org, click and select Setup to open Setup.
  • Click the Object Manager tab. …
  • On the Object Manager page, click Create | Custom Object .
  • For Label, enter whatever you want to call your custom object. …
  • For Plural Label, enter the plural form of your custom object name.

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How to use custom labels in apex class in Salesforce?

To define custom labels, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Custom Labels, and then select Custom Labels. In your Apex class, reference the label with the syntax System.Label.MyLabelName . Return label values as plain text strings. You can’t return a label expression using the $Label global value provider.


How do I query custom label value in Salesforce?

How to Check Custom Labels Values Using SOQLFirst, check Custom Label already exists or not based on your value to avoid duplicate Custom Labels in Org.If you want to refer Label in apex class.System. Label. Label_Name.In VisualForce pages and Lightning Components use the global variable.$Label.

Can we query on custom label?

WE can query the CustomLabel Object and compare the name value. Similar to what we did with the list views. Now that we have the Id, we can append the id in the URL to access the custom label or make direct changes on the record from the developer console.

How do I view custom labels in Salesforce?

To access custom labels, from Setup, enter Custom Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Labels. How you add a custom label to your application depends on the user interface. For more information on the following syntax, see the corresponding developer guides. In Apex use the System.

How do I extract custom labels in Salesforce?

To export Custom Labels into a CSV fileGo to: … Highlight everything in the Custom Label list view page, from the columns Action, Name, Categories, Short Description, Value, and Language all the way down to the last custom label you see on the page. … Copy the selection.More items…

How do I query custom metadata in Salesforce?

Use field from custom metadata type as parameter in SOQL Querywhile injecting parameter values into variables to be injected in the WHERE clause, use “:” colon before any WHERE clause in custom metadata type query as appropriate.Apex has visibility to custom metadata type.

How do I query custom settings in Salesforce?

You can create a custom setting in the Salesforce user interface: from Setup, enter Custom Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Settings. After creating a custom setting and you’ve added fields, provide data to your custom setting by clicking Manage from the detail page.

How do I find out where a custom label is used?

There should be a button on Custom Label detail page ‘Where is this Used?’ similar to the one on visual page standard detail page. Although there is work around to find the places Label is used, but that is not recommended.

How do I read custom labels in Apex?

Custom labels have a limit of 1,000 characters and can be accessed from an Apex class. To define custom labels, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Custom Labels , and then select Custom Labels. In your Apex class, reference the label with the syntax System.

Where do I find labels in Salesforce?

Custom labels from managed packages don’t count toward this limit. To access custom labels, from Setup, enter Custom Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Labels.

Can we update custom label in Apex?

From the apex, we can Create, Read and Update Records of Custom Metadata but the Delete operation is not possible. DML operation on custom metadata from apex code is prohibited instead we use the deployment of custom metadata records.

Can we deploy custom label in Salesforce?

Yes you can deploy Custom label with translation text.

What is custom metadata in Salesforce?

Custom metadata is customizable, deployable, packageable, and upgradeable application metadata. First, you create a custom metadata type, which defines the form of the application metadata. Then you build reusable functionality that determines the behavior based on metadata of that type.

What is custom label in Salesforce?

Custom labels refer to the custom text values, which are often sought from the apex classes, visual force pages, and even lightning components. For supporting the multilingual feature in an application, custom labels which offer a change or translation in the text values of a user into any other language which are supported by the salesforce are used. It is also helpful in providing the best in class user experience, which offers the application in the native language of the user. Thus, we can say that the custom labels are simple values in the text which are used by the users for translation in any of the salesforces supported languages. They give information in the native language of the user. In the case of Salesforce Visualforce page, it is used in three ways:

What is custom label?

Custom labels are the text values which can be accessed from the Apex classes, Lightning Components, and even the Visualforce pages.

How to edit a label in Quick Find?

Editing can be done in the following steps: You need to enter the Custom Label in the Quick Find box and then select the Custom Labels in the Setup. Next, you have to click on the New Custom Label, for creation of the label. If you want to edit, you have to click Edit, which is next to the custom label.

How many custom labels can be created in a company?

Nearly 5000 custom labels can be created in the organization which can be up to 1000 characters long. The custom labels from the managed packages do not count towards this limit. Custom labels can be added to the application depending on the user interface.

How to mark a custom label as protected?

The Custom label can be marked as protected by checking the Protected document. In the case of Categories, you have to enter the text for categorizing the label. This is particularly used in the filter criteria when custom label list views are created. Each category is separated by a comma.

Can you change language of custom labels?

Remember that the language of the existing custom label cannot be changed . For the creation of a custom label: In the Name text box, you need to enter the name of label uses. This value is further used in the Apex and the Visualforce pages for referencing the custom label.


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