How to publish a community in salesforce


  • Go to the top right, and click on Publish! …
  • In Builder, go to Settings, click on This will open the Profile Edit page
  • Whenever you make a community using the Community Creation wizard, Salesforce automatically creates a guest user profile for the community.

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How to enable community in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go tosetup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click onsettings. and check enable communitiescheck box and enter your domain name andsave it. Note:You cannot change your domain name once you save it. This domain name will be used in all of your communities. See the below screen for reference.

What is mobile publisher in Salesforce?

By empowering admins, marketing managers, and developers to build beautiful, connected mobile apps, you can ensure that your customers and partners have a consistent experience on every channel. Mobile Publisher will be generally available in North America and Europe with the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release in February 2019..

How to add members to your Salesforce community?

To add members to your Salesforce communities go to Setup -> Build -> customize -> Community -> manage community -> and edit your community and click on Members and add profiles or permission sets you want give access to community. See the below screen for reference.

What is the difference between Salesforce community and lightning community?

Community is a space for an org to connect with people (i.e. internal users, partner users and external users). Lightning Community uses Single Page Application (SPA) as the underlying principle as it runs on the Lightning Component framework. Salesforce org data is shared externally using communities and vice versa.


How do I publish a community page in Salesforce?

set the Public access to Public can access the community Click on Preview to look at How the Site looks –> Click on Publish. Now the site is successfully published and is visible and can be accessed by Guest users.

How do you make a community public in Salesforce?

Enable public access in a Lightning Community, open Community Builder.In Classic: Setup go to Customize – All Communities click Builder by your community name.In Lightning: Setup go to Feature Settings – Communities – All Communities – click Builder next to your community’s name.More items…•

How do I enable a community in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click on settings. and check enable communities check box and enter your domain name and save it.

What is a community in Salesforce?

1. What is the Salesforce community? Salesforce Communities are brand spaces designed specifically for Salesforce customers to connect with the community outside their org (i.e., employees, partners, and customers) and collaborate with them using relevant data and content.

How do I set a default community in Salesforce?

Assign a Default Community to a User ProfileIn Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then click Profiles in your results.Click the name of the profile you want to change.In the Default Community section, click Edit.Select a community from the Community list.Click Save.

How do I create a guest community in Salesforce?

Configure the Guest User ProfileIn Salesforce Setup, enter sites in the Quick Find box and select All Sites.Next to the site that you want to access, click Builder.In Experience Builder, click the Settings icon and select General.Under Guest User Profile, click the guest user profile link.More items…

How do I enable communities in Salesforce 2021?

8 easy steps for Salesforce Community ImplementationEnable Community Cloud Salesforce. Table of Contents. … Create a community. … Add new members. … Add the engaging content. … Brand your community. … Customize your login page. … Configure the email. … Put in the finishing touches.

How do I add a community URL in Salesforce?

Add a Custom URLFrom Setup, enter Custom URLs in the Quick Find box, then select Custom URLs.Click New Custom URL.Enter a domain name. Important Avoid entering personal information in your domain name. Instead, enter only public information.Enter a site name.Enter a unique path.Click Save.

How do you create a community page?

Open Pages Menu, and at the end of the list click “+ New Page”.And now you have a choice, whether to choose a standard or an object page. … From the list of objects, choose one which data you want to show in your community. … Click “Create” and you get three new pages at one moment. … Publish your changes.More items…

How many types of communities are there in Salesforce?

An organization can build a community to meet any number of needs, but there are three main community types in Salesforce: Customer communities. Employee communities. Partner communities.

What are the types of community in Salesforce?

There are two types of communities in Salesforce which are as following: Internal Community – The Internal community is used for the members who are directly part of the organization i.e. Employees. External Community- External Community is created for the users who are not directly part of the organization.

Who can see what in communities Salesforce?

Standard Salesforce user sees records that they own, and records that they have access to (based on sharing rules) across all sites and their internal org. Chatter Free user can’t access records.

Community Templates

Customer Service ( Napili ): A powerful, responsive self-service template that lets users post questions to the community, search for and view articles, and contact support agents by creating cases. Supports Knowledge, Cases, and Questions & Answers.

Community Builder

After creating the lightning community, click on the ‘Manage’ link present against the community name to open the community builder. You can customize lightning communities in Community Builder in the following ways:

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What is the content you add to each page?

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