How to pin a dashboard in salesforce


How do I pin a dashboard in Salesforce? In the list of report and dashboard folders, hover over any folder, then click . Select Pin to top. Your folder moves to the top of the folders list.

Keep Favorite Report Folders in View
  1. In the list of report and dashboard folders, hover over any folder, then click .
  2. Select Pin to top. Your folder moves to the top of the folders list.


How to create new dashboard in Salesforce?

To create New Salesforce dashboards in salesforce go to Reports Tab. Select New Dashboard button as shown below. Now we are taken to new Screen we have to drag and drop components from left side bar to the right Columns. Below are the list of Components.

What should I put on my sales dashboard?

One sales manager may use a “Won Deals Leaderboard” on their dashboard, but for another sales manager, “Team Metrics Based on Total Pipeline” may be more relevant. To learn what information should be in your dashboard, consider these questions:

What are dashboards and how do I use them?

Dashboards are a way to visually represent the reports you have created. You can add charts to your reports but dashboards give you more options and also the ability to add up to 20 charts and tables on one page for a quick view of multiple reports. Below if an example of a dashboard.

What are folders for folders and dashboards in Salesforce refer?

Salesforce dashboard components are used to represent data. We can use up to 20 components in single dashboard. Folders are used to store Reports and dashboards data. To learn how to create folders for folders and dashboards in salesforce refer.


How do I add a dashboard tab in Salesforce?

Access Dashboards Instantly as Navigation ItemsTo turn your dashboard into a navigation item, create a Lightning web tab, add your dashboard URL, and then add the tab to your users’ navigation.From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Tabs , then select Tabs. … Add your dashboard URL to the web tab.More items…

How do I add a dashboard to my homepage in Salesforce?

0:231:27How to Add a Salesforce Dashboard To Your Home Page – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd drag it pop it up there. And then on the right hand side you’re going to choose which dashboardMoreAnd drag it pop it up there. And then on the right hand side you’re going to choose which dashboard you want to place on this page on your startup.

How do I bookmark a dashboard in Salesforce?

On the Reports or Dashboards page, find the report or dashboard you want to add as a favorite and select the Favorite row level action. Navigate to the report or dashboard folder, click. next to the New Folder button, and then select Favorite.

How do I make the dashboard visible in Salesforce?

If you have the “View My Team’s Dashboards” or “View All Data” permission, select Let authorized users change running user to enable those with permission to change the running user on the dashboard edit page. Users with “View My Team’s Dashboards” can view the dashboard as any user below them in the role hierarchy.

How do I add a dashboard to my Home page?

Add Dashboards to the Lightning Experience Home PageFrom Setup, enter “App Builder” in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Choose where to embed the dashboard. … Click Next.Give your app page or home tab layout a label, then click Next.Choose a page template, then click Finish.More items…

How do I add a dashboard to my lightning page?

Navigate to your home page or a record page for the object you want to edit. Go to the top cog icon and just click ‘Edit Page’. The App Builder is magic! Drag the component ‘Einstein Analytics Dashboard’ and select which active dashboard you want to display…it couldn’t be easier!

How do I pin a dashboard in Salesforce lightning?

Required EditionsIn the list of report and dashboard folders, hover over any folder, then click .Select Pin to top. Your folder moves to the top of the folders list.

How do I add favorites to my dashboard?

To add a dashboard to Favorites, go to your dashboard. In the upper lefthand side of the dashboard next to its title, you will see a star icon. If you click the icon, your dashboard will be automatically assigned to the “Favorites” menu.

How do I create a bookmark in Salesforce?

To expand the actions menu, click. at the top-right corner of the post you want to bookmark.Click Bookmark. In Salesforce Classic, the bookmark icon ( ) appears next to the post. In Lightning Experience, the corner of the post is marked with a star ( ).

How do you display dashboard in lightning component?

The collapsed version links back to the full dashboard.From Setup, enter App Builder in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Choose where to embed the dashboard. … Give your app page or home tab layout a label. … Choose a layout. … Drag and drop the Dashboard standard component into place.More items…

How do I customize my dashboard in Salesforce?

To customize a dashboard, view it and click Edit. From the Dashboard Edit page, you can: See the running user for the dashboard in the Displaying data as field. Click Dashboard Properties to change the title, folder, running user, and more.

How do I view dashboard as another user in Salesforce lightning?

Open the Properties menu by clicking . Under View Dashboard As, select who people view the dashboard as:Me — Dashboard readers see data in the dashboard according to your access to data.

How do I customize my Home page in Salesforce?

Go to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Layouts Click the New button and select a layout you’d like to model the new one from. Give the new layout a name. Select the components you’d like to include. Click Next to select the order you would like the components to appear on the page.

How do I change my Home page in Salesforce?

While editing a Lightning app, select the Pages tab, click Open Page, then click Activation and select Set this page as the default Home page. In Setup—Enter Home in the Quick Find box, then select Home. Click Set Default Page and select a page. To restore the standard Home page, select System Default.

How do I add a report to the Home page in Salesforce lightning?

A dashboard in Salesforce is a collection of reports, represented visually. On the left side, locate Dashboard in the list of components. Click and drag the component into a space in the page view in the center.

How do I add multiple dashboards in Salesforce?

At this time, customers are only able to put up to three dashboards components on their Homepage at a time. As a workaround customers can customize their Homepage by selecting a different dashboards to display on their Homepage via the following click path: Name > Setup > My Personal Information > Change My Display.

What is dashboard in Salesforce?

Dashboards in salesforce help facilitate you with a quick snapshot of all stats in one analytical view. Dashboards and reports are essentially the analytical highlights of Salesforce.

What is dashboard in business?

A dashboard is a pictorial representation of data, generated by reports, and visual force pages. It helps the user identify trends, and analyze the impact of activities on business to expedite well-informed decisions. The visual representation of data is quick and easy to understand the changing business conditions.

Can tabular reports be displayed in dashboard?

The dashboard setting option is available next to the report setting for tabular reports limited by row. Tabular reports can’t be displayed in Dashboards by default, but it can when delimited by rows.

Can you display summary and matrix reports in dashboard?

Summary and Matrix reports can be displayed in Dashboards at ease with different components available. Though Tabular reports can only be displayed with row limit and in tabular format. Also for joined reports, only the chart format in the source report can be displayed at the dashboard.

What is dashboard in sales?

A dashboard, such as the one in a car, is a tool that visually showcases information: It’s where you can quickly and easily see vital signs that affect your current task. In business software, a dashboard for your sales platform provides important information at a glance and keeps you aware of necessary metrics and performance standards. Sales management, ops, individual account executives, and other team members all benefit from using sales dashboards.#N#The majority of top salespeople rely on their sales dashboard for day-to-day operations. Depending on your industry, type of sales (B2B or B2C), the size of your company, and your role, your metrics dashboard may not be the same as someone else’s on your team. And based on current incentives, company offerings, and personal and departmental goals, some metrics may be necessary one week but not the next.#N#Your dashboard is an effective way to keep your sales — and your goals — organized and continuously updated. No matter your personal needs, there are specific metrics that are always pertinent. Just like the dashboard in a car, without these data points you won’t know the health of your sales, how quickly you can achieve your goals, or if you need to speed up (or slow down) your sales process.

How effective are dashboards?

Dashboards are most effective when they give you an overview while ensuring you know the details, too. Salespeople and sales managers have to juggle a number of big-picture metrics, including: With that in mind, the perfect sales dashboard should have some combination of the following 12 metrics.

Why are dashboards important?

Dashboards are most effective when they give you an overview while ensuring you know the details, too. Salespeople and sales managers have to juggle a number of big-picture metrics, including: Individual salesperson performance. Pipeline performance. Forecasts. Your company’s competition. Product performance.

Is it easier to sell to existing customers or to sell to new customers?

It’s easier and more cost efficient to sell to existing customers than it is to sell to new customers. As a salesperson, you need to balance new business with upsells. This metric keeps you on track.


What Are Dashboards in Salesforce?

A Salesforce Dashboard is a simple way to visualize key data from either one or multiple Salesforce reports, and can help to “identify trends, sort out quantities, and measure the impact of their activities”. As a core out-of-the-box Salesforce feature, dashboards are supported in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Exper…

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Dashboard Components

  • Similar to the options available when adding a chart to a report, when adding a dashboard widget, you will be prompted to choose between a number of available chart options. If the source report already has a chart added, you can also opt to keep the chart settings from there: “Use chart settings from report”. Note: Make sure that the source reports you wish to use in your dashboar…

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How to Create A Dashboard in Salesforce

  • Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get hands on! In our use case, a sales manager would like to see how his team is performing. Specifically, he is interested in seeing the total Opportunity amount associated with his team, and how much each member has contributed, as well as a view of each sales rep’s Opportunities broken down by “stage”.

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Key Information

  1. Each dashboard can support a maximum of 20 components.
  2. The same report can be used for one or multiple components.
  3. Dynamic Dashboardsare limited to a maximum of ten, five, or three per org based on the edition.

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  • The out-of-the-box “Salesforce Dashboards” functionality combines accessibility, ease of use, and capabilities, making it a very widely used, close-to-ideal feature. Being able to juggle Salesforce’s reporting module is an absolute must for both aspiring admins and the more senior trailblazers who are well into their journey. The reason is simple – as long as users are working in Salesforc…

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