How to open salesforce developer console


To open the Developer Console from Salesforce Classic:

  • Click Your Name.
  • Click Developer Console.

To open the Developer Console from Salesforce Classic:
  1. Click Your Name .
  2. Click Developer Console.


How do I become a Salesforce developer?

  • Start with basic salesforce introduction from youtube
  • Do some trailhead badges
  • Expand your network on LinkedIn, mostly people with salesforce background (hr, pm, developers, consultants, ba,qa)
  • Do some hands on
  • Watch some you tube video and some more trailhead badges

How to become a certified Salesforce developer?

  • What is a Salesforce developer?
  • What does a Salesforce developer do?
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce developer
  • Salesforce developers salary
  • How does one become a Salesforce developer?
  • Key skills required to be an efficient Salesforce developer
  • Is being a Salesforce developer a good career?
  • What’s your future with Salesforce?

How to enable developer console?

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What is the average salary of a Salesforce developer?

These charts show the average base salary (core compensation), as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of Salesforce Developer in Washington, DC. The base salary for Salesforce Developer ranges from $93,229 to $115,199 with the average base salary of $103,248.


How do I open developer console?

To open the developer console in Google Chrome, open the Chrome Menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools. You can also use Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

How do I run a program in Salesforce developer console?

Executing Apex code in the developer consoleGo to debug -> and click on “Open Execute Anonymous Window” or Ctrl/E.Enter the code in that window and execute.After executing the code every time log is created. … We can create/open classes, triggers, pages and static resources by using console.More items…

Where is the console tab in Salesforce?

1. Click Your Name –> Setup –> Customize –> Agents Console –> Console Layouts. 2. Click “New Button” to create a Console Layout.

How do I open the Lightning application in developer console?

Developer Console => File => Open Lightning Resources => Select the name of your app, expand it and click on the app and click on “open selected” button.

What is dev console in Salesforce?

The Developer Console is an integrated development environment with a collection of tools you can use to create, debug, and test applications in your Salesforce org. It takes only a couple of clicks to open the Developer Console from Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.

How do I open an apex console?

You can open the console from the Start menu. Select All Programs → Apex One Security Agent → Security Agent.

How do I get to the admin console in Salesforce?

The Admin Console can be navigated from the left-hand side bar of the console….Click the drop down menu at the top of the page to navigate the following:Enabled members: All active, billable members of your site. … Admins: Members with administrative privileges on your site.More items…

How do I access the service console?

To access the Service Console:Go to the Service Details for your service. See Access Service Details. … Scroll to Service Instances and find Open Service Console button for your instance. The Open Service Console button appears next to your service instance. … Click Open Service Console. The Service Console appears.

What is the console tab?

The script console is a tab of the Scripting window; it is a command line interpreter through which you can quickly enable a script engine and enter commands to act on the script.

How do I open the developer console in Salesforce from lightning?

To open the Developer Console from Lightning Experience:Click the quick access menu ( ).Click Developer Console.

How do I open a component in Salesforce?

Select File | New | Lightning Component to create an Aura component. In the New Lightning Bundle panel, enter helloWorld for the component name, and click Submit. This creates a new helloWorld component bundle, with two open tabs. Close the helloWorld tab, and keep the helloWorld.

How do I open an app in Salesforce?

To open the App Launcher, from the drop-down app menu at the upper-right corner of any Salesforce page, select App Launcher. In the App Launcher, click the tile for the app that you want.

How many workspaces can you create in a project?

You can create two workspaces, each of which contains only the resources relevant to the project. Workspaces reduce clutter and make it easier to navigate between different resources. When you use the Developer Console for the first time, you see the default workspace. Setting up your own workspace is easy.

What is the main pane in the developer console?

When you open the Developer Console for the first time, you see something like this. The main pane (1) is the source code editor , where you can write, view, and modify your code. The tabs pane (2) is where you can view logs, errors, and other information, and write queries to interact with the records in your org.

What is an asteroid hurtling toward?

An asteroid is hurtling toward your spaceship. You, as the commander of the spaceship, are responsible for your crew’s safety. Luckily, your ship is powered by Salesforce, so you have a handy console where you can monitor and program your systems as you prepare to take evasive action. Similarly, you can steer your company’s Salesforce org toward …

What is a developer console?

What Is the Developer Console? The Developer Console is an integrated development environment (more typically called an IDE) where you can create, debug, and test apps in your org. It’s your one-stop solution for a variety of development tasks.

Does the Developer Console have conflict resolution?

The Developer Console doesn’t have version control or conflict resolution. To avoid overwriting other people’s code, be careful when you use the Developer Console in orgs that you share with your teammates.

Can Lightning web components be developed in the Developer Console?

Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist and interoperate on a page. This content covers Aura components. You can’t develop Lightning web components in the Developer Console.

How to open logs in a.NET application?

1. Go to debug -> and click on “Open Execute Anonymous Window” or Ctrl/E. 2. Enter the code in that window and execute. 3. After executing the code every time log is created. If you select open log check box, then directly it will navigate to Log. To open the logs double click on the log.

How to open Apex developer console?

To open developer console follow below steps. Click on your name -> Click on developerconsole. See the below image for reference. By clicking on developerconsole it will open in new window. Executing Apex code in the developer console. 1. Go to debug -> and click on “Open Execute Anonymous Window” or Ctrl/E. 2.

What are the tools and features in Salesforce Developer Console?

Salesforce developer console has a menu bar, Workspace and Logs tab which contains several items like logs, Tests, Checkpoints, Query editor, Progress and problem. In Menu bar we File, Edit, Debug, Workspace and Help.

How to execute SOQL Query in Salesforce Developer Console?

To execute SOQL and SOSL queries in Salesforce developer console click on Query Editor tab.


In this Salesforce Developer Tutorial, we learned how to use Salesforce Developer Console.


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