How to merge non-duplicate accounts in salesforce lightning

Here’s a step by step how:
  1. Bring up the App Launcher and click on Duplicate Record Sets.
  2. Now click on the New button to add a new Duplicate Record Set. …
  3. Click Save. …
  4. On the Duplicate Record Items related list click on New. …
  5. Now similarly add the second Account or Contact you want to merge and click Save.
Aug 1, 2019

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How to merge accounts in Lightning edition of Salesforce?

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you are merging accounts in Lightning edition of Salesforce- Choose the account record you wish to merge. A message will come that will inform you if the duplicates exist for that particular record.

How do I merge duplicate accounts in Salesforce?

In Salesforce classic, you may merge duplicate accounts. The first step is to Navigate to the Accounts tab and select Merge Accounts under the Tools section. If you can’t view it, ask your admin account for permission. Step 2: To detect probable duplicate accounts, first input a search term.

How to identify duplicates in Salesforce lightning experience?

Step 1: With Salesforce Lightning Experience, you need to go to a specific account record. If there are potential duplicates, you can click View Duplicates to see them. However, it seems only exact same account names are registered as potential duplicates in the Lightning Experience.

How to prevent duplicate records from being added in Salesforce?

Salesforce has great features that allow you to prevent duplicate records from being added. Using a combination of Duplicate Rules and Matching Rules, you can prevent duplicates from being added and also merge existing duplicate records that exist.

How do I manually merge accounts in Salesforce lightning?

Choose an account record. A message tells you if duplicates exist for that record. … Choose up to three account records to merge. Click Next. … Note When accounts containing brands are merged, the brand associated with the master account will be retained. … Confirm your choices and merge.

How do I merge duplicate contacts in Salesforce lightning?

Choose a contact record. A message tells you if duplicates exist for that record. To see them, click View Duplicates.Choose up to three contact records to merge. Click Next.Choose one contact record as the master, and choose the field values that you want to keep. Click Next. … Confirm your choices and merge.

How do I merge non duplicate accounts in Salesforce Classic?

Required Editions and User PermissionsFrom the Accounts tab, click Merge Accounts in the Tools section. … To find the duplicate accounts, enter a search string. … Select up to three accounts you want to merge. … Select one account as the master record.Select the fields that you want to retain from each record. … Click Merge.

Can I merge accounts in Salesforce?

Currently, Salesforce only allows users to merge up to 3 accounts at one time. This can be time-consuming if you need to merge lists of thousand contacts.

How do I mass merge duplicate contacts in Salesforce?

Merge Duplicate Contacts in Salesforce ClassicFrom the Contacts related list of an account, click Merge Contacts.Select up to three contacts to merge. … Select one contact as the master record.If your organization uses a partner or customer portal, you can select which record you want to retain as the portal user.More items…

How do you find duplicate accounts in Salesforce lightning?

In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Lightning App Builder. On accounts, contacts, or leads, add the Potential Duplicates component. Select how you want to alert sales reps to duplicates. You can’t add the Potential Duplicates component to custom objects.

Can you merge leads in Salesforce lightning?

Click Merge Leads. Select one lead as the “Master Record.” Salesforce retains any data from hidden or read-only fields in the Master Record….Required Editions and User Permissions.User Permissions NeededTo view leads:Read on leadsTo merge leads:Delete on leads

Can’t merge accounts These accounts have the same related contact?

Error message: Can’t merge accounts. These accounts have the same related contact. Remove the redundant account-contact relationships and then try merging again. Solved: Cloudingo automatically resolves this issue.

How do I manage duplicate accounts in Salesforce?

To manage duplicates that aren’t surfaced by a duplicate rule, create a duplicate record set.On a duplicate record set list view, click New.Specify a duplicate rule (in the Duplicate Rule field) or a duplicate job (in the Parent field).In Lightning Experience, in the Related tab, click New.

What permissions are needed to merge accounts in Salesforce?

To merge accounts associated with sites, you must have the Manage External Users permission. You also need permissions to delete accounts and edit related records such as opportunities and contacts.

How to merge accounts in Salesforce?

Merge duplicate accounts in Salesforce classic. Step 1: Go to the Accounts tab and click Merge Accounts in the Tools section. If you can’t see it, ask permission from your admin account. Step 2: First enter a search string to find potential duplicate accounts. The list will show accounts that start with your search string.

Why is it important to keep your CRM free of duplicates?

Keeping your CRM free from duplicate contacts is an industry best practice – it helps prevent mismatched records, skewed data analytics and lessens your team confusion. Even better, it means less time spent on administrative tasks and more on actual selling.

What does Salesforce show when you combine accounts?

In case you endeavor to combine accounts that are in a roundabout way identified with a similar contact, Salesforce shows a message recommending that you evacuate the repetitive connections. On account records, circuitous connections are overseen from the Related Contacts related list.

Can you merge a copy of a lead in Salesforce?

When you merge the copy leads or get in touch with, you likewise partner an information security record with the master record . In the event that you chose the option to hold the most recently refreshed information security record for merging leads and contacts, Salesforce partners the right record for you. Else, Salesforce will brief you to choose the one you need to hold for the records you combine.

Is Salesforce a Pandora’s box?

Salesforce instance is no less than a Pandora’s box. There are troubles, there are solutions, there are mysteries. But it has a solution to everything. It is one intriguing platform. Off late, two very interesting questions have been doing the rounds on the internet and they are- How to merge Salesforce contacts and How to merge Salesforce Accounts.

Can you merge business and personal accounts?

You can either merge business accounts or personal accounts . The catch here is that the business and the person accounts can’t be merged with one another. The last step is to select one account record as the master record and choose the desired field values that you wish to keep. Click on Next option and you are done.

Is it difficult to merge Salesforce accounts?

Merging an account or contact in Salesforce is not difficult. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps given above and take into consideration all the necessary information that we have listed. Good Luck!

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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Salesforce

Once you have created Duplicate and Matching rules, Salesforce is able to identify potential duplicates in your org. However, you need to add the “Potential Duplicates” component to your Lightning record page, to be able to see them!

How to Merge Duplicate Salesforce Accounts

Similarly to Contacts, ensure your Account Record Page contains the “Potential Duplicates” component to display, when duplicates exist:

Duplicate Record Sets

Duplicate Records Sets are like list views for Duplicate Rules and display records that have been identified as duplicates. They are created when your duplicate rules for Salesforce are triggered.

Merging Duplicate Considerations

Remember hidden fields – they won’t show on the wizard, yet the values are retained from the record marked as primary.


Merging records in Lightning Experience is available and useful! As an admin, you want (need!) to keep on top of potential duplicates to ensure trustworthy data that is reflective of your awesome admin skills.

2. Matching Rules

Matching and Duplicate Rules work together to help prevent duplicates as well as dealing with existing ones.

3. Duplicate Rules and Duplicate Jobs

Now that we have found them, we need to specify how to handle each situation through Duplicate Rules. After naming the rule and determining how to handle security, we quickly get into the heart of the matter. For both record creation and edit, we have the choice of “Allow” or “Block”.

4. Merging . . . Side by Side

After understanding business rules, determining how we match records, and setting up rules for duplicates, it is finally time to merge. Merging can be done organically in Salesforce or by utilizing a third-party app. We’ll compare the two options, but first let’s understand what we can do with the native functionality.

5. Third-Party Apps

As you can imagine, this iterative process can be cumbersome. Imagine if you have 17 duplicates of the same record (don’t laugh! It happens). The good news is that there are a plethora of third-party apps available with advanced merging capabilities.

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