How to make salesforce hipaa compliant


The Salesforce platform itself, can be rendered HIPAA compliant. Salesforce, as a business associate, must enter into a business associate agreement with covered entities on whose behalf it performs functions involving PHI. Salesforce will enter into a business associate agreement with covered entities.


How to make Salesforce HIPAA compliant?

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What are the top challenges to HIPAA compliance?

One of the significant HIPAA compliance challenges is that of risk assessment. This assessment identifies the possible vulnerabilities that may exist in your security measures. The OCR and the ONC offer a downloadable Security Risk Assessment (SRA) tool for HIPAA.

How to become HIPAA compliant with compliance software?

  • What type of entity will use the software?
  • What type of data the app will use/share/store?
  • Is the software used encrypted or not?

What are the requirements for HIPAA compliance?

The Ground Labs Data Discovery Network offers a dedicated partner portal with:

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  • On-demand access to hands-on sales and technical training.

Can Salesforce be HIPAA compliant?

Salesforce can be HIPAA compliant, but you must talk to your account representative to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You can connect Salesforce to “Shield” premium services for additional monitoring, encryption, and auditing.

How do I make my HIPAA platform compliant?

1) Only authorized users should have access to ePHI. 2) A system of secure communication should be implemented to protect the integrity of ePHI. 3) A system of monitoring communications containing ePHI should be implemented to prevent accidental or malicious breaches.

Does my CRM need to be HIPAA compliant?

A CRM software platform is HIPAA-compliant if it ensures that all patient data remains confidential, backed up and securely stored. You must only transmit encrypted data and have complete control over the data in your CRM – that means no unauthorized intake, access, creation, storage or sharing of data.

Is Salesforce Chatter HIPAA compliant?

Chatter, by itself, is not HIPAA compliant. However, if you journal your Chatter content to a long-term archive, you can produce Chatter content should a regulatory request to do so presents itself.

What online platforms are HIPAA compliant?

Here is a list of some of the top teletherapy platforms to look into to expand your practice into the virtual services for Healthcare.VSee.

What makes a form HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA-compliant forms are user-completed digital documents that contain fields, text, and other inputs taken from patients to complete some sort of data-driven task. For example, you may need to collect health information from a patient during intake, and you’ve decided to collect that information digitally.

Which CRMS are HIPAA compliant?

4 best HIPAA-compliant CRM toolsPatientPop.ZenDesk.Salesforce.Enquire CRM.

Why is HubSpot not HIPAA compliant?

The Subscription Service is not designed to comply with industry-specific regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), so you may not use the Subscription Service where your communications would be subject to such laws.”

Can you use Monday as a CRM?

With, you can create a CRM platform that is fully customized for your organization and use it to: Create a centralized customer database with relevant profile information. Group leads according to their status in the customer journey. Track your entire sales pipeline.

Is Salesforce WORM compliant?

All their Service Cloud customer support interactions were successfully archived into a FINRA/WORM compliant data facility. Emails, SMS text messages, and all their other Service Cloud objects are now capable of being backed-up and archived into a data lake that they own.

Is Salesforce GDPR compliant?

Is Salesforce GDPR Compliant? Short Answer – Absolutely. As a designated processor of customer data, Salesforce provides comprehensive controls to handle data requests and securely manage data for all these business processes throughout the customer lifecycle.

Is Salesforce pardot HIPAA compliant?

Conclusion: Salesforce Pardot is not HIPAA compliant.

How do I create a HIPAA compliant database?

Here are the requirements for a HIPAA-compliant database:Complete Data Encryption — All health data is encrypted while in the database and during transit. … Proper Encryption Key Management — including keys, initialization vectors, and HMAC keys.More items…•

How long does it take to become HIPAA compliant?

With a full-time staff member devoted to HIPAA, it should take a typical office less than 6 months to become compliant. If a full-time employee isn’t realistic, or if you can only afford a few hours per week, HIPAA compliance will take longer.

How do I know if a website is HIPAA compliant?

Some of the key features of a HIPAA-compliant website include:Use of an SSL certificate.Encrypted web forms.Complete encryption of data.Secure location of data and servers.Possession of signed BAAs.Use of secure user authentication.Regular data backups and secure deletion of unwanted PHI.

Can you make WordPress HIPAA compliant?

No. WordPress is not HIPAA compliant as they are unwilling to sign a business associate agreement. Therefore WordPress cannot be used to transmit or hold ePHI. A covered entity (CE) may, however, use WordPress if they do not upload any PHI to the site.

An overview of Salesforce and HIPAA compliance

You can rest easy knowing that Salesforce already has specific safeguards in place. Using Salesforce, healthcare providers can adhere to their compliance requirements and protect personally identifiable information (PII).

How to set up your Salesforce effectively

Salesforce has all the capabilities you need to make sure you’re handling patient data appropriately. First, you need to understand the data you already have and are collecting. Providers have access to mountains of data: lab results, testing schedules, past appointments, upcoming appointments, specialist visits, insurance…the list goes on.

Extra protection so you never have to worry

Salesforce also offers extra protection for healthcare organizations with Salesforce SHIELD. Identify suspicious activity, monitor data leakage risks, encrypt data, and more so you never have to worry:

Product description

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software service. Other enterprise applications include marketing automation, application development, and analytics.


Readers should perform their own research before making the final decision. The information on the Jotform HIPAA Compliance Checker does not constitute official healthcare or legal advice. Jotform is not liable for any damage or liabilities arising out of or connected in any manner with this platform.

Default Salesforce HIPAA Compliance Features

Salesforce comes with some of the important default HIPAA compliance features, also known as out-of-the-box features. Let us have a look at these:

Customizable Salesforce HIPAA Compliance Features

Apart from the baseline’s features, there are many more ways with which you can customize your Salesforce platform and prevent unwanted security breaches or in fact reduce the PHI data breach from the org.

Things You Should Know About HIPAA Compliance As Well As Security

Certain terms which are directly or indirectly related to HIPAA compliance are a must to know for you as a provider. Not just the US has such laws in place, rather Canada also has similar laws for protecting their patients as well as personal data in general apart from the healthcare sector known as PIPEDA.

Let Us Talk About Salesforce, a Total Win for HIPAA Compliance

Businesses try to cut down their costs and this is one of the first areas considered by most of them. Decreasing the frequency of uploading and exporting the files to Salesforce could seem to be a solution for this. Nevertheless, this could invite security risks or might not keep your healthcare business in sync with HIPAA.

Final Take on Salesforce HIPAA Compliance

The Healthcare Sector demands speed, privacy as well as customized services to their patients. Be it remote access to information or offering personalized healthcare solutions to your clients, Salesforce Health Cloud has got you covered.


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