How to make a list view in salesforce


Create a Custom List View in Salesforce Classic
  1. Click Create New View at the top of any list page or in the Views section of any tab home page. …
  2. Enter the view name. …
  3. Enter a unique view name. …
  4. Specify your filter criteria. …
  5. Select the fields you want to display on the list view. …
  6. Click Save.

How to build a list view from scratch in Salesforce?

  • On the Accounts home page, to the right of the View drop-down list, click the Create New View link. …
  • Name the list view in the View Name field. …
  • Select the appropriate radio button to filter your results quickly by owner.
  • (Optional) Filter by additional fields. …
  • Select the columns that you want to be displayed. …

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How to create an organizational chart in Salesforce?

With Salesforce and Organimi:

  • Create multiple versions of your chart in Organimi for scenario planning and share them with your colleagues
  • Save your Organimi org charts to pdf formats so you can track changes over time
  • Share your org charts with other power users who can help you edit and update them

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How to create a custom list view in Salesforce Lightning?

  • Click Add Filter.
  • Select the field to filter, an operator, and a value. Depending on the type of field you selected, you can either select a value or enter one of your own. …
  • Click Done.

How to customize quick create in Salesforce?

  • While you’re still viewing Candidate in the Object Manager, click Page Layouts.
  • Click next to Candidate Layout, then select Edit.
  • Under Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions, click the override the predefined actions link.
  • Click Mobile & Lightning Actions in the palette.

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How do I create a list view in Salesforce lightning?

Follow along with our instructions or watch the video below.Starting on the home screen in Lightning, navigate to Opportunity tab. … To create a new List View click the gear icon then hit New.Name your List View using the field you’ll be filtering your data by. … If you are an admin, decide who can view this List View.More items…•

How do I create a list view layout in Salesforce?

Create List ViewsFrom the App Launcher, find and select the Travel App and select the Travel Approvals tab.Select record TA-00001 under All LIST VIEWS.Click the gear icon, then select Edit Object. … Click Search Layouts. … Use the Add arrow to move these fields into the Selected Fields column, in order. … Click Save.More items…

How do I view a list in Salesforce?

The fields you see depend on your page layout and field-level security settings.In Salesforce Classic, select a list view from the dropdown menu. In Lightning Experience, you can also pin a list with. … Edit, delete, or create a list view using the List View Controls menu. … Create records directly from a list view (3).

How do you create a list view?

How to add a ListView in an Android AppStep 1: Create a new project. Click on File, then New => New Project. Choose “Empty Activity” for the project template. Select language as Java. … Step 2: Modify activity_main.xml file. Add a ListView in the activity_main. xml file. activity_main.xml.

How do I manage list view in Salesforce?

Actions you can take for list views are available in the List View Controls menu .Under List View Controls, select New. … Give your list a name and unique API name.Choose who can see this list view: just you, or all users, including Partner and Customer Portal users.Click Save.More items…

How do I edit list view in Salesforce?

Edit List View Filters in Salesforce ClassicClick Edit next to the list view name. If you see Clone instead of Edit, you don’t have permission to edit this list view. … In Specify Filter Criteria, change your Filter By Owner selection, if desired. … Click Save to apply your edited filters to the list view.

How do I view list views?

0:004:06How to Visualize Data w/ List Views | Salesforce – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWe’ll start by clicking the list view controls button and selecting new we’ll name it. And selectMoreWe’ll start by clicking the list view controls button and selecting new we’ll name it. And select who can view the new list in this case only Pat needs to see this view and that’s selected by default.

How do I create a list in Salesforce?

Create a Custom List View in Salesforce ClassicClick Create New View at the top of any list page or in the Views section of any tab home page. … Enter the view name. … Enter a unique view name. … Specify your filter criteria. … Select the fields you want to display on the list view. … Click Save.

How do I give access to a list view?

Name the Public Group via the “Label” field. Select Users under the “Search” drop-down. Add the specific user(s) with whom you want to share the list view. Click Save.

What is a public list view in Salesforce?

First, let’s start off with what a List View is – this is a list for any given object that can be accessed via the tab for that object. List Views are like reports in that you can change the columns, add filters, and even show charts.

What are the standard list views in Salesforce?

You can visualize list view data in three types of charts: vertical bar, horizontal bar, and donut.

Create a List View

Since users don’t need an admin to create list views for them, Maria’s going to go get some coffee, and we’ll step into the shoes of one of her coworkers, Erin Donaghue. Erin’s a new sales rep for Ursa Major Solar, focusing on channel customers in the United States. She wants to set up a custom list view so she can see only those types of accounts.

Customize a List View

You’ve created a custom list view and added filters, but there’s even more you can do. Erin doesn’t want to see certain columns, and wants to add others. Let’s start there.

Create a List View Chart

List view charts help you visualize your list view data. Erin wants to see which accounts represent the most overall pipeline value, so she’s going to add a chart to the All Opportunities list view. Let’s follow along.

Hands-on Challenge

You’ll be completing this challenge in your own hands-on org. Click Launch to get started, or click the name of your org to choose a different one.

What is list view in Salesforce?

List Views are an often unused tool in the Salesforce toolshed. With List Views you can quickly see particular segments of your data. Instead of spending the time to build a report when you just need to sort by one field (such a state or lead source), you can create a List View.

How to use list view?

Here are some examples of when to use List Views: 1 You need a list of all contacts where State equals California 2 You want a list of all Opportunities with Opportunity Stage equals Won 3 You need a list of all contacts for whom Industry does not equal nonprofit

How to see list views in Lightning?

1. Starting on the home screen in Lightning, navigate to Opportunity tab. a. Once there, you’ll notice you can see some native List Views at the top of this section. By selecting the carrot you can find many List Views already created including recently viewed, closing this month, and my opportunities. 2.

What are list views in Salesforce?

List views in Salesforce are the set of search conditions created to extract specific set of records in an object. We can access list views via REST API.

How to create list views in Salesforce?

List views are widely used in any Salesforce organisation. For Standard objects there are some standard list views are available in Salesforce but for custom object we have to create custom list views in


In this Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about how to create custom Salesforce list views. We will learn about Salesforce list view permissions and REST API clearly in our upcoming Salesforce Tutorials.

1. Pinned List Views

First up, we have Pinned list views. This simple but effective feature was delivered in Spring ‘19 and allows individual users to select which list view appears first when they select an object.

2. Default List View as a Tab

Default list views can also be easily added to your Salesforce Lightning experience navigation bar. This can be useful if you want to add multiple default list views per object.

3. Default List View on the Home Page

After reading this post, you might be asking yourself “How do I Pin list view for all users in Salesforce?”. Well, unfortunately, Salesforce has disabled this feature on purpose. You can read more about this on the original Salesforce idea here .


With Salesforce Lightning, there are a whole host of features that go beyond what Salesforce Classic was capable of. I hope that this article has quickly helped you to solve an age-old Salesforce problem for you and your users. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get other Salesforce hacks delivered to your inbox!


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