How to make a field searchable in salesforce


  • From the Commerce app, open your store’s home page.
  • Click the Search tile.
  • Click Searchable Fields.
  • Click Manage Searchable Fields.
  • In the Manage Searchable Fields window, click the plus sign to mark a field as searchable.
  • Click Save.
  • Rebuild the search index.


Can you make a field searchable in Salesforce?

Choose Use a formula to set the new value and then click Show Formula Editor and select the “Insert Field” button to locate and select the desired field that you would like to make searchable. See Calculate Field Values With Formulas and Considerations for Field Update Actions for additional details.

How do you make a field searchable in Salesforce list view?

You can search for records in a list view using the list view search box. Click the search box or use the keyboard shortcut g+f, and then enter your query.

How do I enable a field for global search in Salesforce?

All you need to do is navigate to the object manager, find the object whose search layout you’d like to edit, and then add or remove the fields you’d like to see when you or your users search for records. Salesforce will then show you the layout plus the columns selected to view.

How do I make an object searchable in Salesforce?

Choose which custom objects your users can search by enabling Allow Search on the custom object setup page. If you don’t need a custom object’s records to be searchable, disable search for that custom object.

Which fields are searchable in Salesforce?

The types of records you can search vary according to the edition you have. Not all objects and fields are searchable, so reference the table to determine which records you can find with Salesforce search….Required Editions.ObjectFieldsActivity TimingId NameAction CadenceId NameAd Creative Size TypeId Name112 more rows

What field types are searchable in Salesforce?

All custom fields of type text, text area, long text area, rich text area, email, and phone.

Are lookup fields searchable in Salesforce?

lookup field are searchable.

How do I use global search in Salesforce?

0:092:33Whether it’s a phone number email address any part of a portion of a text string that’s a searchableMoreWhether it’s a phone number email address any part of a portion of a text string that’s a searchable. Field you’ll be able to type in a value here and it should pop. Up in the search. Screen.

How does global search work in Salesforce?

As you type in the global search box or do a lookup search, you can get results with similar information. You can be unsure which record is the one you want. To identify the right record, your results show a secondary field, if available.

How do I allow a custom object to search?

To allow your users to find a custom object’s records when they search the object’s custom tab settings for users profiles must be set to Default On or Default Off. See Tab Settings for more details.

How do I make a field not searchable in Salesforce?

What are the ways to make custom text field non searchable in salesforce global search?Only thing that comes to mind is to make it an encrypted text field. That makes it unsearchable. … You can make use of formula type where this type can’t be searchable… – Kiran Mutturu.

What can you search in global search in Salesforce?

Global Search allows you to search for any records that are marked as searchable in your Salesforce org. You can choose to search the entire database, or you can filter by object in case your result set is too large otherwise.

Salesforce Global Search

The first place a user looks to search is the global search bar, with a search box conveniently located at the top of the screen, regardless of where you are in the Salesforce user interface.

Lookup Search

A lookup search enables a user to search and associate a record to another record using a lookup field. For example, when associating a Contact with an Account, you would use the ‘Account Name’ field to associate the two records together.

Salesforce Search Layouts

It’s important to spend some time understanding what your users want to see when they perform a search in Salesforce. The search layout affects which fields users can view, filter and sort by on the search results page. You can also change the layout for each profile.

List View Search

List views are like fabulous mini-reports and are a great way to access data. Once created, you can also search a list view for a specific record.

Salesforce Einstein Search

Salesforce Einstein Search takes searching in Salesforce to the next level – it’s super smart! Einstein Search discovers and understands your user’s preferences and personalized search results based on geography, ownership, industry, and activity.


So, there we have it, an overview of the multiple ways to search in Salesforce.


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