How to login as another user in salesforce lightning


  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
  2. Click the Login link next to the username. This link is available only for users who have granted login access to an admin or in orgs where admin can log in as any user.
  3. To return to your admin account, select User’s Name | Logout.

How to login as another user in Salesforce?

There are some permission needed in order to login as another user in salesforce. The user must have Modify All Data and Manage Users permission in order to login as someone else. An admin logged in as another user can’t grant login access to that user. The user needs to log in directly and grant login access first.

Who gets access to lightning experience in Salesforce?

Users require the Lightning Experience User permission to access Lightning Experience. By default, this permission is automatically enabled for all users with a standard Salesforce profile. Custom profiles don’t usually include the permission. Custom profile users: Decide who gets Lightning Experience access now and who you’ll set up later.

How do I log in to a Salesforce Org to troubleshoot?

To help troubleshoot user issues, admins can log in to a Salesforce org as the user experiencing the problem. Depending on your org settings, an individual user can be prompted to grant login access to an admin.

How do I remove login access from my Org in Salesforce?

To have this feature removed from your org, contact Salesforce. If you remove the feature, a user must grant login access before an admin can log in to that user’s account for troubleshooting. For more detailed information please refer to salesforce’s documentation.


How do I give someone access to my Salesforce lightning account?

Salesforce LightningLog in to Salesforce.In the upper right, click your image (avatar) and then click Settings.In “Quick Find” search field, enter “Grant” and click Grant Account Login Access.Set the Access Duration option to Support. … Click Save.

How do I log in as another user?

Option 1 – Open the browser as a different user:Hold ‘Shift’ and right-click on your browser icon on the Desktop/Windows Start Menu.Select ‘Run as different user’.Enter the login credentials of the user you wish to use.Access Cognos with that browser window and you will be logged in as that user.

Can admin login as another user in Salesforce?

To enable this feature, go to Setup -> Login Access Policies in the set up quick find box. Once there enable Administrators Can Log in as Any User. After you enable admins to log in as any user, a login option will be displayed whenever you are looking at users in the org.

What permission is required to login as another user in Salesforce?

Go to Setup>Security Controls>Delegated Administration and create a new Delegated Group and check the checkbox “Enable Group for Login Access”. Then, add the users as delegated administrators.

How do I login as a customer in Salesforce?

How to Enable Customer PortalFrom Setup, enter Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Customer Portal Settings.Click Edit.Select Enable Customer Portal.Click Save.Continue setting up the portal.View of Customer Portal after Enable.Click Edit.More items…•

How do I login to a Salesforce portal user?

Select Self-Registration Enabled . Select Customer Portal User for both the Default New User License and Default New User Profile fields….Configure the portal as follows:Select the Login Enabled checkbox.Select a user for the Administrator field.Optionally, set the Logout URL . … Click Save.

Can’t see administrators can login as any user?

To enable this, go through Setup > Security Controls > Login Access Policies > Administrators Can Log In As Any User > Save. If you don’t see this feature, contact Support.

How do I login as an experience user in Salesforce?

In Salesforce ​​​​​​ClassicGo to Contacts tab.Click a Contact record.Click Manage External User.Click Log in to Experience as User (The user lands on the login page, not the home page)

Where is manage external user in Salesforce?

Administrative PermissionsNavigate to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | System Administrator. ‘Manage External Users’ is in the ‘Administrative Permissions’ section.

How do I manage users in Salesforce?

Your Salesforce edition determines the maximum number of users that you can add….From the user list, you can:Create one user or multiple users.Reset passwords for selected users.Edit a user.View a user’s detail page by clicking the name, alias, or username.View or edit a profile by clicking the profile name.More items…

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