How to link gmail to salesforce


Sync emails from Gmail to Salesforce

  1. Open up the Ebsta Console by clicking on the following link:
  2. Click Sign in with Salesforce and log in with your Salesforce credentials.
  3. Click Settings in the bottom left-hand corner and then select Email Sync.
  4. Click Add Gmail Mailbox . Note: If the set up page displays like the image below, you need to either speak to your Admin to complete the set up …
  5. Sign in to your Google Account with your username and password.
  6. Give Ebsta permission to connect your account by clicking Allow.
  7. The email sync will now commence. Your mailbox will now display on this page with a green tick to denote that email sync is active.
To activate Gmail to Salesforce:
  1. From Setup, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select Email to Salesforce. …
  2. From Setup, enter Google Apps Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Google Apps Settings. …
  3. Set a Google Apps Administrative Contact and Google Apps Domain, then save your changes.

How to integrate your Gmail with Salesforce?

  • Click and select Setup.
  • In the Quick Find box, enter Gmail , then select Gmail Integration and Sync.
  • Turn on the Gmail integration.
  • To let reps relate emails they are composing to Salesforce records, expand the Gmail integration settings and turn on Use Enhanced Email with Gmail.

Does Salesforce integrate with Gmail?

Salesforce‘s Chrome plugin lets SMB’s to quickly and easily integrate with Gmail, reducing the back and forth between their email clients and CRM systems. The Google plugin also allows for Salesforce integration with G-Suite.

How do I add Salesforce inbox to Gmail?

  • Click New, name the calendar, select Active, and save the calendar.
  • Click Sharing. Add the public groups, roles, or people you want to share the calendar with.
  • In Calendar Access, specify the way you want to share the calendar. Hide Details.

Can I Sync my Salesforce contacts with Gmail?

  • To do so, compose a new mail and attach the converted vCard to the email
  • Send this mail to the email account configured with your iPhone
  • Open this mail on your iPhone and click on the attached Card
  • Select Contacts app to open the file

How do I link my Gmail account to Salesforce?

Click on the Gear Icon after logging into Salesforce, then select “Setup”. In the Quick Find box, search and select “Gmail Integration and Sync”. You can enable it here. You’ll then need to add the Salesforce extension to Chrome.

How do I connect my email to Salesforce?

To be able to use Email to Salesforce, start by configuring it….Set Up Email to SalesforceFrom your personal settings, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select My Email to Salesforce.Enter your own email address in My Acceptable Email Addresses . … Under Email Associations, select options as needed.More items…

How do I forward Gmail to Salesforce?

Open up a browser and log in to your Gmail. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select Settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. On that page, in the Forwarding section, select Add a forwarding address.

How do I add Salesforce extensions to Gmail?

In the Chrome Web Store, enter Salesforce in the Search box, then select the Salesforce extension. Click Add to Chrome and confirm Add extension to add it to your Gmail account. After adding the extension to Chrome and navigating to Gmail, enter your Salesforce credentials in the new integration pane.

How do I receive emails in Salesforce?

Email to Salesforce lets users assign emails to leads, contacts, opportunities, and other specific records in Salesforce….Enable Email to Salesforce for Your UsersFrom Setup, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select Email to Salesforce.Click Edit.Select Active.More items…

Can you forward email to Salesforce?

They need to grab their own Email to Salesforce address and customise how they want the feature to work for them. These settings are found by following the menu path: My Settings->Email->My Email to Salesforce. On the page will be the ‘Email to Salesforce’ email address.

Can you email a lead to Salesforce?

You can email leads directly to Salesforce by simply setting up rules to extract from that email and placing it directly in Salesforce.

How do I set up an email relay in Salesforce?

To set up an email relay:From Setup,in the Quick Find box, enter Email Relays , and select Email Relays.Select Create Email Relay.Configure these settings. Setting. Description. Host. … Save the page.Set up an email domain filter. Important You must set up an email domain filter for email relay to work.

How to set up Lightning for Gmail?

Step 1: Login to your Salesforce Lightning account and it will take you to the home screen as shown below –. Step 2: At the home page from upper right corner click on Setup icon as shown below –. Step 3: As soon as you click on Setup option, there is one Quick find box in the upper left corner.

Is Salesforce adoption encouraged?

Salesforce adoption is encouraged among team member and important content can be synchronized that is relevant to your business. Secondly, when Salesforce features are accessed within Gmail, you don’t have to switch among tab and it makes your team more productive than earlier.

Can you track emails in Salesforce?

Also, email tracking is possible that is highly relevant to the Salesforce records .

How to Integrate Gmail with Salesforce (Use Case Example Included)

Ask any sales rep what the biggest time drain is in their workday and the answer will be the same. Surprise, it’s emails! OK, it’s not that surprising, but the actual extent of it might catch you off guard. It’s estimated that 28 percent of their day is spent between emails and Salesforce.

Business Use Case Example

Josh is emailing a group of prospective clients and wants to add everyone in the thread to Salesforce. Below, you can see that the extension picks up the addresses.

Troubleshooting and potential problems that can arise

The most common problem usually arises while logging in. Let’s suppose we have to log in to Salesforce via Sandbox. By default, the extension only allows you to log in to production. To fix this, go to the options page of the Salesforce extension by right-clicking on the Salesforce icon.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that automates Sales and Marketing procedures. It is a Subscription-Based Pay-As-You-Go American company based out of San Francisco, California.

Introduction to Gmail

Gmail is a Google-provided free email service. It works in the same way as other email providers. You can send and receive emails, create an address book, block spam, and do other basic email operations with Gmail. Gmail also has a number of additional unique features that make it an excellent online email service.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Gmail Integration

Gmail and Google Calendar are used by your most Sales personnel. They also use Salesforce. Salespeople, according to McKinsey & Company, spend up to 28% of their time on Email and Calendars. They must deliver Salesforce data to the location where they spend so much of their time.


This detailed guide provided insights on Salesforce Gmail Integration. Due to the restrictions of the Salesforce Gmail Integration, manually syncing data is time-consuming. Users/business teams should have a Salesforce account and authorize appropriate permissions to set up Salesforce Gmail Integration for such procedures.


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