How to integrate salesforce with google analytics


Link Analytics to your Salesforce Sales Cloud account
  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. In the bottom left, click Admin, and navigate to the property to which you want to link. …
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Data Import.
  4. Click CREATE.
  5. For Data Set Type, under CRM Data, select Salesforce.


Why should you integrate Google Analytics and Salesforce data?

When you integrate Google Analytics and Salesforce data, you get insights into the marketing data that can help you take actions to fetch better results.

How do I link Google Analytics to Salesforce Sales Cloud?

In this step, you’ll link Analytics to your Salesforce Sales Cloud account by creating a new Data Import data set and then by authorizing access to your Salesforce Sales Cloud account. Sign in to Google Analytics. In the bottom left, click Admin, and navigate to the property to which you want to link.

How do I set up Google Analytics integration?

Step 1: Set up a Google Analytics Integration User We recommend creating a dedicated Google Analytics account that has access to all organization properties and views in Google Analytics. This Google Analytics account will be used to authorize Marketing Cloud to access Google Analytics data.

How do I integrate SFMC with Google Analytics?

Implicitly link the “identity” of SFMC subscribers to Google Analytics users Adds Google Analytics tabs to Journey reporting, making it easier to analyze Journeys Publish Google Analytics audiences to Journey Builder as entry points Extend re-marketing campaigns to the Google Ad network and Facebook or other social media platforms


How does Google Analytics work with Salesforce?

Salesforce Sales Cloud + Google Analytics It provides tools for understanding individual customers, recording detailed information about them, and providing your sales team with the required information to drive meaningful interactions with them and ultimately close deals.

How do I connect my Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Google Analytics?

Sign in to Google Analytics. Click Admin, and navigate to the property you want to link. In the Property column, under PRODUCT LINKING, click Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Click Create Link, and follow the steps to log in to your Marketing Cloud account, then click Next.

How do I connect Google Analytics to CRM?

A way out is to use Google Analytics’s UserID override feature to create your own user ID (UID) and then connect it to your CRM. In case your CRM doesn’t have a unique UserID, you can generate one by hashing the customer email address or the phone number and then passing it through Google Analytics.

How do I integrate Google Analytics?

Add Analytics trackingOn a computer, open a classic Google Sites.Click Settings. Manage site.Under “Statistics,” click the Down arrow. Use Universal Analytics.In the text box, under “Analytics Web Property ID,” enter a valid Analytics Property ID. … At the top, click Save.

Does Google Analytics 4 integrate with Salesforce?

The integration between Google Analytics 4 properties and Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you see Analytics campaign, usage, and content data in Salesforce.

What is Salesforce audience builder?

In Marketing Cloud Audience Builder, you can segment your subscribers in multiple ways. Using advanced segmenting, you can better target your sends, and you get a more immediate and deeper understanding of your customer attributes and behavior.

Is Google Analytics a CRM platform?

On one hand side, Google Analytics, which contains web analytics data, on the other side CRM data. CRM data contains the key to analysing customer lifetime values and cohorts. Many of our clients want to somehow connect both analytics and CRM data to make decisions based on the whole customer journey.

Does Google have a CRM tool?

While Google doesn’t offer its own customer relationship management (CRM) software, many professionals need a CRM that integrates flawlessly with Google’s software because they rely on Google apps for many of their business processes.

Is Google Analytics a CRM software?

Google Analytics and the CRM have their unique purposes and capture data differently. Analytics tracks anonymous website visits, clicks and goals. The CRM, on the other hand, stores contact information, opportunity and revenue activity.

What is Google Analytics integration?

View your Analytics data with a single click. You can view Google Analytics audiences, acquisition, and behavior data directly from within the Universal Analytics interface. Note: currently this feature is only available for Universal Analytics Web properties.

Do I need to pay for Google Analytics?

Google Analytics works on the hybrid model meaning it offers the freemium service as well as paid service. The great news is that small business owners can use this service for free without paying any amount or monthly charge.

Is Google Analytics part of Google cloud?

Google Cloud provides a suite of intelligent analytics services, most of which are built-into or can be embedded into Google tools.

What is tracking field setup panel?

The Tracking fields setup panel lets you map your configured Salesforce fields to the corresponding Analytics Tracking IDs. For each Tracking ID in use, select the corresponding Salesforce custom fields.

How to see imported product data?

To see imported product data, use the Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales Performance or Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance reports. Adjust the time frame to verify the imported product data. For example, if you started importing data today, make sure your report time frame includes “today.”

Can you import data into Salesforce Analytics?

You should only enable Salesforce product data import in Analytics if you’re sure that the product setup in your Salesforce account is correct. There are no configuration options in Salesforce product data import. If product data import fails, please double check your product setup in Salesforce.

What is Attributer?

Essentially, Attributer is a small script that you place on your website.

4 steps for integrating Google Analytics data into Salesforce

Using Attributer to capture UTM parameters in Salesforce is easy. Here’s how to do it in 4 easy steps:

What data gets passed into Salesforce

At Attributer, we believe there are essentially key elements to attribution:

Wrap up

If you’re wanting to get Google Analytics data into Salesforce, then Attributer is a great solution.

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