How to integrate calendly with salesforce


  • In Calendly, visit your Integrations page and select Salesforce.
  • Select Integrate Now. Tip: To test and customize your setup before going live, you can connect your Salesforce sandbox.
  • Enter your Salesforce credentials, and select Log In.
  • Select allow access.
  • Select Install the Calendly package, and select Install for All Users . Select Install.
  • Once installation is complete, select Done.
  • ⚠️ Once the package is installed, make sure to return to Calendly and select refresh to complete the connection between Calendly and Salesforce.


What is Salesforce calendly integration?

Salesforce Calendly Integration allows you to automatically create or schedule your meetings and events. It allows you to automatically create or update Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Events, and Tasks. It also allows you to view upcoming events, track rescheduled meetings, check canceled events.

How do I map a calendly invitee’s response to Salesforce?

You may ask your invitee what company they work for in your Calendly booking form, and then map their response to the Company field on the lead record in Salesforce. From your Salesforce Setup, search Object Manager.

How do calendly events work in Salesforce?

When a Calendly event is created, if a record does not exist in Salesforce with the invitee’s email, a new lead will be created. If the record does exist, then an event will be added to either a lead or case associated with the invitee’s email address.

How do I get Started with Salesforce integration?

Getting Started with Salesforce integration 1 Go to your Integrations page and select “Salesforce” 2 Select “Go to setup” 3 Authenticate your Salesforce account 4 Install the Calendly package from the link in Step 2


Can you integrate Calendly with Salesforce?

Calendly’s Salesforce integration can automatically create Salesforce records as invitees book with you. As Calendly meetings are created or canceled, you can: Create leads and events. View upcoming Calendly events from your record’s open activities.

How do I connect Calendly to Salesforce?

Getting started with Salesforce integrationGo to your Integrations page and select “Salesforce”Select “Go to setup”Authenticate your Salesforce account.Install the Calendly package from the link in Step 2.

How do I connect Calendly to sandbox in Salesforce?

How to install the package in your Salesforce sandbox environmentIn Calendly, go to Integrations and select Salesforce.Select Test this integration with Salesforce Sandbox.Log in to sandbox with your Salesforce sandbox credentials. … Select allow access.More items…•

How do you connect Calendly?

How to connect an Exchange calendar to CalendlyAt the top right side of any Calendly page, select Accounts, then Calendar Connections.Next to Exchange Calendar, select Connect.Enter your Exchange email address and password. Calendly will try to automatically detect your Exchange Server. … Select Connect.

How do I use Calendly API?

To access and use Calendly data, you’ll need to authenticate with the Calendly API to retrieve your personal access token or OAuth token.Sharing the scheduling pages of team members in your organization. … Working with webhooks to analyze data or trigger automations. … Bridging the gap between Calendly and your app.

How do I use Salesforce calendar?

Step 1: Navigate to Setup and find public Calendars and Resources and click on New Button. Step 2: Create a new calendar, fill in the calendar’s name and Select Active, and then save the calendar. Here are the details of the public calendar which we have created above.

Can you sell products on Calendly?

This was a short tutorial on how to sell your services online with Calendly. Calendly, Zoom, and Stripe can be used together to sell your services online. You share the link, they choose a time, pay, and get the zoom link via email.

What is lightning scheduler?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is a Salesforce add-on that allows your customers to book appointments with your business. With this tool, you enable customers to schedule a meeting, phone call, video call, or in-person discussion with members of your team, right on your website.

How do I connect to sandbox?

Connect to your SandboxContact Act-On Support to enable connection to your Salesforce sandbox environment.Once completed, log into Act-On and go to Settings > Connectors > CRM > Salesforce.Enter your Salesforce sandbox username, password, and security token.Click Connect.

Can you use Calendly as a CRM?

With a Calendly CRM integration, you can prepare for, execute, and follow up with your Calendly meetings to make the most out of them. If you’re not already using Calendly or another scheduling tool in your sales process, you’re wasting precious time. Calendly users save 4 hours per week on average.

Can I embed Calendly?

You can add your Calendly booking flow directly to your website, so your site visitors can schedule with you without leaving your site. You can choose from three customizable embed options.

What calendars does Calendly integrate with?

Calendly connects with Google, Outlook, Microsoft Office and iCal, automating the scheduling process from start to finish. Scheduled meetings are added directly to the host and invitee calendars, removing any unnecessary steps in between.


You can map Calendly event data to standard or custom fields in Salesforce objects, so you can view Calendly data in your preferred fields.

Example use case

You may ask your invitee what company they work for in your Calendly booking form, and then map their response to the Company field on the lead record in Salesforce.

To view what kind of Calendly data you can map

From your Salesforce Setup, search Object Manager. Select the Object Manager result.

To map Calendly data to fields in Salesforce objects

If you haven’t customized the CreateEventTemplate before, you’ll need to create a new flow based on the template. To do so, you can open the CreateEventTemplate, customize it directly, then Save as. Saving it will create a new flow. You can call the new flow something like “CreateEvent.”


When you connect your Zoom account with Calendly, video conferencing is made simple. Choosing Zoom as your event location will automatically create video conference details and save them to your Calendly event – saving you time and helping reduce client no-shows.

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Automatically generate unique Zoom video conferencing and dial-in details in new Calendly events.


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