How to increase salesforce adoption


Here are six things companies can do to increase Salesforce adoption:

  • Simplify the implementation process for end users. Salesforce CRM contains deep functionality and features. Most new…
  • Train users: A rock-solid training program along with practice sessions are a must. Conducting training during…
  • Incorporate company business process: Customize Salesforce…

  1. Show leadership buy-in. …
  2. Understand and learn from your end-users. …
  3. Create a long-term Salesforce adoption strategy. …
  4. Establish training priorities. …
  5. Pre-plan your Salesforce adoption training. …
  6. Answer WIIFM and WDIMTM Questions. …
  7. Start with a Salesforce pilot run. …
  8. Encourage interaction with the Trailblazer Community.
Jan 7, 2020


How can we improve user adoption?

How can you Improve User Adoption at your organization?User Adoption Strategy #1: Verify the Need.User Adoption Strategy #2: Turn New Technology Releases into Events.User Adoption Strategy #3: Establish a Pilot Program.User adoption strategy #4: Encourage a Rewards Program.More items…•

How do I get user adoption in Salesforce?

How to Improve Salesforce User AdoptionSTEP 1: Give ownership to a Senior Stakeholder: … STEP 2: Identify the main bottlenecks: … STEP 3: Automate and enhance wherever possible: … STEP 4: Make full use of the AppExchange: … STEP 5: Call out your Salesforce Champions:

How can you improve salesforce?

7 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Salesforce OrgKeep Custom Fields Under Control. … Provide Continuous Training. … Collect Feedback. … Restrict Report Creation. … Improve Efficiency with Apex and Workflows. … Make the Most of Validation Rules. … Organize Reports and Dashboards Logically.

How can you encourage reps to use Salesforce?

6 Tips for Encouraging Your Sales Team to Start Using CRMShow your Sales team the benefits of CRM. … Include your Sales team in the CRM Selection Process. … Commit to ongoing training. … Share success stories. … Offer incentives to salespeople as they get started with CRM. … Don’t Be Shy About Compelling the Team to Use the Tool.

How does Salesforce measure user adoption?

Today we’re going to talk about measuring Salesforce user adoption….Create Your User Adoption DashboardNumber of Active Users.Users Not Logged in (Last 7 Days)User Logins in the Last 7 Days.Users by Last Login Date.

What is Salesforce dashboard adoption?

The Salesforce Adoption Dashboards provide visibility to relevant user login history & trending, adoption of key features such as accounts & opportunities, and critical sales and marketing productivity enhancers.

How does Salesforce improve productivity?

4 More Ways Salesforce Helps You Improve ProductivityBuild Your Pipeline Faster. CRM apps allow sales reps to store and work with data on each prospect so their information is ready at every interaction. … Maximize Selling Time. Is your sales team struggling to find time to sell? … Add Sales Intelligence. … Go Mobile.

What is data integrity in Salesforce?

William Feb 26, 2019. This blog on Salesforce data integrity features a brief intro to the contacts and accounts information inside the Salesforce and how do you establish a connection with them. Then it will focus on the benefits and methods that you can follow to maintain data integrity.

How do I become a good Salesforce administrator?

Here are the best 11 skills that a Salesforce Administrator needs to have:Data Management Skills. … Leadership Skills. … Communication Skills. … Project Management Skills. … Organizational Skills. … Understanding of Sales. … Salesforce Knowledge and Resourcefulness. … Process Building.More items…•

Why Do sales reps hate Salesforce?

Account executives “hate” Salesforce because it makes their job harder and more onerous – to such an extent that they continue to bolt on their own solutions than use a business solution. Blame goes to Salesforce for being incompetent, overly complicated. Instead of user friendly it is user-defiant.

How will you convince sales for CRM?

Stop Telling, Start Showing. It’s one thing to tell salespeople that they’ll benefit from using the CRM. … Incentivize the Behavior. We’re all creatures of habit. … Consider a Team-Based Incentive. … Let the Sales Team Help Make the Decision. … Build Productive Habits from the Start. … Make CRM Best Practices a Recurring Theme.

How do you increase sales in Salesforce?

0:031:47Salesforce Boost Sales Productivity Demo – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThen with one click reps can send a follow-up email log a call and convert another lead automatingMoreThen with one click reps can send a follow-up email log a call and convert another lead automating busy work they can even send their available meeting times from their calendar.

1. Listen actively

UNF stakeholders were numerous and diverse, including executives and 18 departments. The Core Salesforce Team spent considerable time asking questions to understand their pain points and identify opportunities to create efficiencies.

2. Remain positive

Because of the existence of a legacy CRM system, the team needed to be sensitive to user burnout and wariness that any new system would be a panacea. The team maintained a “positive approach;” and acknowledged users’ pain points, understanding that any negativity was coming from a place of need.

3. Set a baseline measurement

As part of the listening tour, Lyrae and Jordan sought to quantify the existing levels of effort required for the various functions slated for CRM. This would establish a baseline against which UNF would measure the success of the new system and, therefore, further encourage user adoption.

4. Empower enthusiasts

The team identified prospective users who were enthusiastic about the Salesforce initiative. Twenty-five of them – representing each affected department – formed the “Champions” group which served as a communication conduit to and from the frontlines, relaying messages, sharing success stories and reporting back questions or issues.

5. Name Salesforce Administrators early

Because a new CRM system would require staff members to learn new software, it was important to identify Salesforce admins early in the process who had both technical know-how and people skills. Early identification also allowed UN Foundation’s four admins to receive advanced training and provide visible frontline support.

6. Communicate frequently and clearly

Communication – up and down the organization’s ladder — was a critical piece of the implementation strategy. Lyrae actively managed a communication plan that varied by the audience.

7. Celebrate success

Throughout the process Lyrae and her team shared Salesforce successes big and small, and communicated each time a milestone was reached. At launch, early adopters and champions were celebrated, thanked and rewarded with Salesforce-branded swag.

Causes of Low Salesforce Adoption

Technology can only do so much. People and processes are a major factor in Salesforce success or failure.

How Do You Measure Salesforce User Adoption?

One sign that Salesforce adoption isn’t going well is when employees continue to use spreadsheets and reports from other tools to report sales, pipeline, and activities to management. Salesforce is a significant investment. The executive team wants to see the dashboards in Salesforce and its reports.

What is Salesforce Adoption?

Salesforce adoption measures the extent to which users have incorporated Salesforce into their day-to-day tasks. User adoption indicates how well the Salesforce Admin (and development teams) have configured and customized Salesforce to fit the organization’s unique needs.

Why is Salesforce Adoption Important?

The introduction painted a picture of failed Salesforce ROI. Aside from avoiding poor user adoption, why should your company focus on improving its adoption rate?

How is Salesforce Adoption Calculated?

Salesforce adoption can be measured using Salesforce dashboards. You have the choice to use the pre-built dashboards from the AppExchange package (and customize to your needs), or create your own .

Why does Salesforce Adoption Fail?

New implementations of Salesforce are especially vulnerable to poor user adoption – that is, when an organization first rolls Salesforce out to its users.

How do I Improve Adoption in Salesforce? Salesforce Adoption Strategies

Salesforce adoption strategies are the steps you take to promote user adoption. This would include steps when designing solutions, user onboarding tactics, the tracking in place, and coming full circle, to optimization.

Salesforce Adoption for Sales Teams

Out of all teams in an organization, sales teams come up time and time again in the adoption conversation. Why?


Never forget how important Salesforce user adoption is. You should keep the “three inseparable principles” to hand throughout your Salesforce career.

Joan Yanabu

In case you missed it, our first post in this series was all about how to LEARN to get more value from Salesforce, which is the first layer in your toolbox known as Success Cloud. The next layer is all about how to help your organization and end users ADOPT and use Salesforce in a way that’s valuable to your unique organization.

1. Embed Salesforce Experts in your team

Build the foundation for your success with help from our Implementation Architects. They will align with your technical objectives and provide personalized roadmap guidance. With them by your side, you can benefit from 52% higher adoption, and 80% reduced time-to-deploy.

2. Complete the Get Started with Salesforce Accelerators module on Trailhead

Learn how to work with Accelerators*— quick, personalized work sessions that solve specific Salesforce challenges. And then schedule an accelerator session to help boost your company’s productivity fast.

3. Join us for a virtual event

Salesforce offers a comprehensive calendar of virtual events for all clouds in a variety of time zones and languages.


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