How to identify existing duplicates in salesforce


How to Find Duplicates in Salesforce

  • In your Salesforce org, search for Duplicate Rules in Set Up.
  • Select “Edit” to change an existing rule or ‘”New Rule” to add a new one.
  • Select the object the rule will apply to and enter the rule details (name, description, and security settings).
  • Select the actions you want to occur when a user begins to input a duplicate. …

Hitting the ‘Find Duplicates’ button on the Lead record, presents the option to check the following options: Name. Last Name.


What are duplicate rules in Salesforce?

Resolve and Prevent Duplicate Data in Salesforce

  • Learning Objectives. Explain the difference between matching rules and duplicate rules. …
  • Rules for Duplicate-Free Data. …
  • Activate a Matching Rule. …
  • Create a Custom Matching Rule for Contacts. …
  • Block Duplicates with Fuzzy Mailing Streets. …
  • Report on the Creation of Duplicate Accounts and Leads. …
  • Resources. …

How to dedupe in Salesforce?

  • What fields and rules you are going to use to match on
  • What fields you need to see when looking at the match report
  • What rules and criteria you are going to use to determine the “winner” (master) in the merge transaction. …

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How to delete duplicate records in Salesforce?

  • Open a new excel file that is blank
  • Go back to the excel file with the records and right click the column letter of the column that includes the email addresses. …
  • Go back to the file which includes only email addresses. …
  • Now click only the first email address in the file and click: Format; then Conditional Formatting. …

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How to duplicate a standard Salesforce button?

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How do you find duplicates in Salesforce lightning?

In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Lightning App Builder. On accounts, contacts, or leads, add the Potential Duplicates component. Select how you want to alert sales reps to duplicates.

How do I filter duplicates in Salesforce?

How to configure duplication rules:Go to Setup, in the QuickFind type Duplication Rules.Select New Rule and the object you want.Enter a name and description.Select the record-level security required: … Set the action you want to happen when records match.More items…

How do I manage duplicate records in Salesforce?

To manage duplicates that aren’t surfaced by a duplicate rule, create a duplicate record set.On a duplicate record set list view, click New.Specify a duplicate rule (in the Duplicate Rule field) or a duplicate job (in the Parent field).In Lightning Experience, in the Related tab, click New.

How do I find duplicate contact records in Salesforce?

Find duplicates across your org by running duplicate jobs. Use reports to share job results with others, and use duplicate record sets to merge the duplicates. Use information about completed jobs to track your progress in reducing duplicate records.

Can you filter out duplicates in Salesforce report?

You can’t remove the duplicates in the report; the report builder doesn’t do distinct so I’d recommend Excel. For counting, see…

What is duplicate management in Salesforce?

The Salesforce Duplicate Management feature consists of Matching Rules and Duplicate Rules. Matching rule: Consists of criteria to identify duplicate records. Salesforce comes with three standard rules: one for business accounts, one for contacts and leads and one for person accounts.

How does Salesforce handle duplicate cases?

Merge Duplicate Cases from the Case Record Home List ViewGo to the Cases list view.Select the cases that you want to merge.You can select up to three cases.Click Merge Cases.The Compare cases model is displayed.Select the case that you want to use as the master record. … Click Next.Click Merge.

How do I find duplicate records in a custom object in Salesforce?

How can we help you?Step 1 Add custom Object to DC Setup. … Step 2 Create a custom DC Check button in Salesforce Classic. … Step 3 Add the DC Check button to your custom Object Layout. … Step 4 Create a custom DC Merge button in Salesforce Classic. … Step 5 Create a ‘Disable Duplicate Check’ checkbox in Salesforce Classic.More items…

How do I use duplicate rules in Salesforce?

From Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Duplicate Rules. To edit a rule, click the rule name, and click Edit. To create a rule, click New Rule, and select the object you want the rule to apply to. Enter the rule details, including a name, description, and record-level security settings.

How to check how many duplicates you have in Salesforce?

There is one bewilderingly simple way to check how many duplicates you have. ‘Show Unique Count’ allows you to count the number of unique records in a Salesforce report. While the best way to prevent duplicates is by activating Salesforce duplicate rules (but these rules are sometimes not perfect*), this reporting hack is a quick option to run a check.

Why is deliberate duplication allowed?

There is something called ‘deliberate duplication’ where duplicates are allowed because they need to be processed as two separate records , for example, leads could belong to different business units. It’s quite common to have a scenario where brand A and brand B have completely separate lead lifecycles and restricted data sharing between the two brands. If ‘lead 1’ enquired for brand A and enquired for brand B, too, they would be duplicated to respect the way your org is partitioned.

Where is the unique count on a report?

The unique count will appear at the bottom of the report:

Who is Lucy from Salesforce?

Lucy is the Head Editor & Operations Director at, Founder of THE DRIP and Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020.

Can you cross-match a Salesforce report?

This hack only looks at the data you have in that report, at that time. You will be counting the unique record by object – which means you can’t take advantage of cross-object matching. You may want to do more sophisticated matching, for example, checking leads with leads and leads with contacts. Salesforce duplicate rules make cross-object matching possible.

How do matching rules and duplicate rules work together?

Matching rules and duplicate rules work together to ensure that your sales teams work with data that’s free of duplicates. Before your reps save new and updated records, matching rules and duplicate rules provide warnings of potential duplicates. You manage matching rules and duplicate rules in Setup.

How many matching rules can you have in a duplicate rule?

Before an active matching rule can do anything, you pair it with a duplicate rule. You can include up to three matching rules in each duplicate rule, with one matching rule per object.

What does Maria do with duplicate records?

Maria selects Duplicate Record Items, so that newly created duplicate account records appear on the report. Then, she saves the report type.

Can Salesforce identify duplicate phone numbers?

So you create a custom matching rule to include fuzzy matching for phone numbers. Salesforce flags contacts with matching phone numbers as duplicates, even though one includes a country code and the other doesn’t.

How many digits are in Salesforce record ID?

If you run a Salesforce report and pull in the record ID, that ID will contain a 15-digit string that consists of letters and numbers, including a mixture of upper and lowercase letters.

Why filter the spreadsheet on the state of Pennsylvania?

You then need to filter the spreadsheet on the state of Pennsylvania so that the viewer can see which Acquired From values were prevalent.

Can Excel identify duplicate records?

If you use Excel to identify duplicate records using the 15-digit ID, you will run into the issue of Excel misidentifying a record as a duplicate. For example, Salesforce sees these two ID’s as unique values, Excel does not.


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