How to get vouchers for salesforce certification


How can I get a discount voucher for Salesforce certification exam?

Sometimes Salesforce also offers discount vouchers that you can get via participating in a Certification Days Webinar. Salesforce occasionally organizes events, challenges & quests on Trailhead via which you can get a discount voucher to apply on certification exam fee. Well, here is the cost of Salesforce certification exams per credential:

How do I get a free Salesforce certification?

Doing things like completing superbadges or getting a new Trailhead rank can enter you into drawing for a free Salesforce certification. Every month the quests change so if you weren’t selected this month check back in for new challenges and another chance to win. Get a free certification voucher by completing Trailhead Super Sets.

Who is eligible to participate in the Salesforce certification program?

● Eligible participants are those who are not yet Salesforce-credentialed (i.e. have not completed a Super Set nor hold an active Salesforce certification) and are pursuing their first credential through this campaign.

How can I get coupons for Salesforce CERT-day 2021?

Click here to register for salesforce cert-day and earn your coupons by attending upcoming webinars starting from January 2021. Also, contact us if you have useful vouchers or material that can be useful for someone in Trailhead. Together we Grow, Alone we just are late to the right place at the right time.


How do I get a Salesforce certificate voucher?

Salesforce AppExchange (ISV), Consulting, Cloud Reseller, and MSP partners are eligible to receive free vouchers to cover the cost of certification exams. To request your free certification vouchers, have your Key Contact submit a case in Partner Community.

How do I get a $200 Salesforce voucher?

1:079:425 Ways to Win a $200 Salesforce Certification Voucher – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFor that you will see there is a another challenge which is road to ranger. So what it means supposeMoreFor that you will see there is a another challenge which is road to ranger. So what it means suppose in the month of july you become a salesforce ranger.

How do I get a 100 dollar voucher for Salesforce?

1:043:22Earn Free $200 & $100 Salesforce Certification Vouchers – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo what we have to do you have to register for any one webinar. Like this your name company name jobMoreSo what we have to do you have to register for any one webinar. Like this your name company name job title residents email and the time. It. Doesn’t cost you anything all that you have to just submit.

How do I get a pd1 voucher in Salesforce?

If you are one of the first 100 Candidates to complete four Trailmixes in the particular month, you will be eligible for a voucher. By next month, you should have receive the voucher at your registered mail. Wish you luck.

How do you get trailhead goodies?

Trailhead Quests combine the challenge of learning new skills with the chance of winning sweet prizes.Choose a Quest. Quests challenge different skills. … Complete the Challenge. Each quest runs for a limited period of time and has specific tasks for learners to carry out.Chance to Win.

How do I know if my salesforce voucher is valid?

You can view and update the status of a voucher issued to a loyalty program member. When a member redeems a voucher from your host organization or partner, the voucher status is updated from Issued to Redeemed. The use date is updated to the date of redemption. Voucher redemption uses Redeem Connect API.

What is Salesforce level up challenge?

If you’ve never earned a Salesforce certification, you can be eligible to receive a free voucher for a Salesforce certification exam (a $200 value).Salesforce Certification: Level Up Challenge – AMPscript › salesforce-certification-level-up-c… › salesforce-certification-level-up-c…Search for: What is Salesforce level up challenge?

Trailhead Quests

Keep an eye on Trailhead Quests for details of the latest quests… there will often be at least one quest where you could win a certification voucher.

Trailblazer User Groups and Community Events

Find and attend your local user group; they often give away Salesforce certification vouchers or offer them as prizes.


Keep checking in… we’ll add more voucher codes and ways to grab a certification voucher as we find them. Can you think of any other ways to get a Salesforce certification voucher? Let us know in the comments!

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Can I get a job by just learning Salesforce Admin?

In the 28th Episode of the #AskTheHulk series, Swati raised a question that, “What is the next step after doing a certification in Salesforce Administrator?”

How much does Salesforce certification cost?

The Salesforce certifications start from an amination costs of $200 plus local taxes. If you add 18% tax then the total cost would become $236. If you fail to clear the exam first time, then the cost to retake that exam is $100 plus tax.

What are the benefits of Salesforce certification?

Benefits Of Salesforce Certification. Well, it’s accepted that Salesforce certifications provide big value adds. Besides, they enhance your marketability in a complicated IT job market by permitting you to become a subject matter expert.

What does it mean to be a Salesforce administrator?

Being a Salesforce Administrator, you will give life to innovation by bridging space between technology and business needs. For your company, this states offering training to the users on Salesforce, automating the complex business processes, and creating dashboards and reports. For your team, it means helping them be efficient and lead things while targeting customer relationships and their successes.

Why is Salesforce the best?

Salesforce sells smarter and also makes your business grow faster, and from anywhere. Moreover, it offers the best customer service from anywhere. With Salesforce, you can go digital rapidly and can also strengthen your team to perform from anywhere.

What is the salary of Salesforce Developer?

Also, you can check the 2019 report from a recognized job portal, in which it has listed Salesforce Developer as the best job of 2019, with an average salary of $112,031 and more. The jobs of Salesforce Developer has witnessed a 129% upliftment in the number of job postings as per a report.

How does Salesforce work?

A Salesforce Developer conducts a meeting with his team and allows his colleagues to come up with the best ideas for a new feature. Next, the developer thinks thoroughly about that idea and starts with its sketch. Ahead, the Salesforce developer works on how to implement that feature. Post that, he starts with the coding part. Next, he deploys that feature in a test environment and if it looks good, he starts with testing. While testing is going on, he lists out the issues that need resolution and improvement.

Do you have to wait for Salesforce updates?

In a year, releases many updates, and if Salesforce is already in use at your organization, then, you are not required to wait long for updating the whole enterprise software. If you have a certification, you can take that job to stay updated.


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