How to get salesforce access token


(Example) How to Get the Access Token Credentials from Salesforce

  • Step 1: Start Creating an Access Token in AgilePoint NX. First, create a new access token in AgilePoint NX for…
  • Step 2: Create an App in Salesforce. Next, create an app in Salesforce. In a different web browser tab, in AgilePoint…
  • Step 3: Copy the Salesforce App Credentials. Next, copy the Salesforce…

Generate an Initial Access Token
  1. From Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager.
  2. Locate the OAuth connected app in the apps list, click. …
  3. In the Initial Access Token for Dynamic Client Registration section, click Generate if an initial access token hasn’t been created for the connected app.


How do I access Salesforce?

Salesforce Lightning

  • Log in to Salesforce.
  • In the upper right, click your image (avatar) and then click Settings.
  • In “Quick Find” search field, enter ” Grant ” and click Grant Account Login Access.
  • Set the Access Duration option to Support . Note: Access for technical escalations must be set for a minimum of one month.
  • Click Save.

How to find the security token in Salesforce?

Why Security Token is used in

  • Security Token is automatically generated which have 24 characters, alphanumeric string.
  • They are case sensitive.
  • It is used only once, every time new security token must be generated.

How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

How do I generate a security token in Salesforce?

  • Log into Salesforce via the browser to request your security token.
  • Do one of the following: If you have a regular Salesforce account, go to Setup > My Personal Information > Reset Security Token.
  • Select and copy the token from the email.

How do I find my access token?

What to Check When Validating an Access TokenRetrieve and parse your Okta JSON Web Keys (JWK), which should be checked periodically and cached by your application.Decode the access token, which is in JSON Web Token format.Verify the signature used to sign the access token.More items…

How do I get the access token and refresh token in Salesforce?

Request an Updated Access Token. A connected app can use the refresh token to get a new access token by sending one of the following refresh token POST requests to the Salesforce token endpoint. The connected app can send the client_id and client_secret in the body of the refresh token POST request, as shown here.

What is a Salesforce security token and how do you get this?

A security token is a case-sensitive alphanumeric code that you append to your password or enter in a separate field in a client application. Your security token isn’t displayed in your settings or profile. It would have been emailed to you when you set up your account or the last time you reset your password.

What is access token in Salesforce?

Access Token. A value used by the consumer to gain access to protected resources on behalf of the user, instead of using the user’s Salesforce credentials. The access token is a session ID, and can be used directly.

Where is Salesforce refresh token?

In the Callback URL field, enter In the Selected OAuth Scopes field, select Access and manage your data (api), Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access), Provide access to your data via the Web (web), and then click Add.

How do I find my password for Salesforce security token?

Salesforce: How to generate a security tokenLog in to your Salesforce account. … Click the profile avatar and choose Settings.Select My Personal Information → Reset My Security Token.Check your email for the security token.

How do I get a security token for API user in Salesforce?

Users can get their security token by changing their password or resetting their security token via the Salesforce user interface. When a user changes a password or resets a security token, Salesforce sends a new security token to the email address on the user’s Salesforce record.

How do I generate a security key in Salesforce?

Get the Salesforce Developer account security key:Log in to your Salesforce Developer account.Select the Setup link at the top of the page.Select the “Reset your security token” text on this page.Follow the directions. A security key will be emailed to you.

What is a security token in Salesforce?

A user’s security token is related to their password and used together to access Salesforce. There are two ways the security token may be entered, depending on the application: The token is appended to the end of your password without any spaces. The token is entered in a separate field from the password.

What happens when you reset your Salesforce password?

When a user resets their password, their security token resets as well. If that user’s security token was used to integrate third-party applications with Salesforce, that integration will break as well. Each time you reset an account password used to connect other applications to Sales force, you will need to re-enter your new security token into that application.

What happens if a Salesforce user is deactivated?

If a user has been deactivated in Salesforce, they no longer have a valid Salesforce user account and so their security token is invalidated as well. This too would cause API integrations using the deactivated user’s security token to break.

How many points does Salesforce have?

Get an overview of Salesforce’s security capabilities that provide the highest level of protection for sensitive data, along with a 17-point checklist to make the most of Salesforce’s robust built-in security.

Can you see your Salesforce token?

Salesforce does not provide an option to view your token within the web application; the only option available is to reset it. Again, if the existing token is used for any API integrations, you will need to update your integrations.


A Salesforce user license. There is more than one type of user license.

Good to Know

OAuth 2.0 access tokens require a 2-way exchange of credentials between AgilePoint NX and the external service. This means that you must get the credentials from the third-party service to paste in the AgilePoint NX access token, and get the redirect URI from AgilePoint NX to paste in the external service.

Step 3: Copy the Salesforce App Credentials

Next, copy the Salesforce app credentials to your AgilePoint NX access token.

Step 4: Complete the AgilePoint NX Access Token

Next, complete the AgilePoint NX access token configuration for Salesforce.


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