How to get profile name from user object in salesforce


Create a Custom Field in any Object to pull the Profile from a related User (e.g. the owner of the record): Setup | Customize | ObjectName | Fields Click the “New Button” on the “Custom Fields & Relationships” section. Select “Formula” and click ‘Next’. Select “Text” as Return Type and add a Label / Name, then click ‘Next’.


How to get the name of a profile in Salesforce?

And whenever you want to get the name of profile for any user then simply use map.get (UserInfo.getProfileId ()) method to get the profile name. Using platform cache what you can do is query all the profiles at once and then simply use it any Apex class. There is another alternative to use custom settings but that’s not a feasible approach.

Is profile and userrole two different objects in Salesforce?

Please excuse my ignorance as i’m fairly new to salesforce as per my understanding profile and userRole are two different objects can we query those object when querying user object ? – user2359997 Sep 14 ’18 at 20:35 Not a problem, we all learn Salesforce everyday. Yes, those are different objects, but are “related to” user.

How to get the current user profile of an object?

Formula field (named, say, “CurrentUserProfile) on an object that has this code: for (Object__c obj :triggerNew) { System.debug (‘Current User Profile: ‘ + obj.CurrentuserProfile__c); } Show activity on this post. Another alternate way would be to use Platform Cache.

How do I find the Salesforce ID of a lightning user?

https://<YourInstanceOrMyDomainHere> 00530000003xqAb %3Fnoredirect%3D1%26isUserEntityOverride%3D1 In each URL above, the User’s Salesforce ID is 00530000003xqAb


How do I find the current user profile name in Salesforce?

UserInfo is a class available in Apex that contains methods that provide information about the context user. We can use UserInfo to get the profile name of the context user by utlizing the getProfileId() method on the UserInfo class.

How do I find my username and ID in Salesforce?

Raj Vakati You can get it like this String userName = [select username from User where id =’18 Digit 1id’]. username ;March 16, 2019.Like.Dislike.More items…•

How do I get apex user profile?

Simplest Way To Get Current User Profile In Apex Classuserinfo. getProfileId() function give user`s profile id, use that id and query to profile to get profile name.Some other UserInfo Methods :getDefaultCurrency()getFirstName()getLanguage()getLastName()getLocale()getName()More items…

How do I find Salesforce role ID?

To view detailed information about a role, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Roles , then select Roles, and click the role name. In the Role Detail related list: To view the role detail page for a parent or sibling role, click the role name in the Hierarchy or Siblings list.

How do I get user profile in lightning component?

Get Current User Id in Lightning So using $A. get(“$SObjectType.CurrentUser.Id”); we can get the current user Id in Lightning. While in Lightning Web Component we follow “-” (kebab case) in attribute naming conventions.

How do I query a user in Salesforce?

How to query users with Salesforce User License?Go to Setup –> Customize –> Users –> Fields –> Create New Field.Select “Formula” as the data type and “Text” as return type.Use “Profile.UserLicense.Name” in the formula editor.Save the formula field.Use the formula field in the report.

How do I find Apex username in Salesforce?

Get Current User Id in SalesforceApex. System.debug( ‘Current User Id – ‘+UserInfo.getUserId());Visualforce. < apex:page > < h1 >Visualforce Page < p >UserId: {!$User.Id} … Aura Component. let currentUser = $A.get( “$SObjectType.CurrentUser.Id” ); Console.log(currentUser);Formula Fields. $User.Id.

How do I find my apex user ID?

You can get the current user id like this. UserInfo. getUserId() which returns the user id of the current user.

What is UserInfo in Salesforce?

Contains methods for obtaining information about the context user.

How do I view my Salesforce profile?

In Salesforce Classic, your profile menu is your name. Same concept in Lightning Experience, although now you’re represented by an avatar (1). Click your name to access your profile page, or click Settings to update your personal information (2).

How do I query a role object in Salesforce?

3 AnswersGo into the Developer Console and select the SOQL query tab or you can login to to the Queries Menu/SOQL Query.Paste this query in the query box and click the Execute (or Query) button.

What is User ID in Salesforce?

User id will be in the URL Of the user detail page. open page and look URL. noredirect=1&isUserEntityOverride=1. The 15 digit id wil be just after the

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