How to get list of custom objects in salesforce


Enter App Manager in the Quick Find box and select App Manager. Click the down arrow to the right of the Sales App with the Developer Name LightningSales. Select Edit. Click Navigation Items from the menu on the left. Click Refresh at the top of the Available Items list to ensure your new Custom Object is added to the Available Items list.

The closest you can get is the Tooling API query “SELECT DeveloperName FROM CustomObject”, which does (mostly) what you want, except that (a) you can’t get the label, and (b) you need View All Data in order to use this API.Apr 2, 2020


How do I create a custom object in Salesforce?

Upload Your Spreadsheet

  • Open this spreadsheet and save it. …
  • Click the setup cog and select Setup.
  • Click the Object Manager tab.
  • Click Create.
  • Select Custom Object from Spreadsheet .
  • Click Log in with Salesforce.
  • Enter your Trailhead Playground username (listed in the email you just received) and password that you reset in the previous section.
  • Click Log In.
  • Click Allow.

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What are the standard business objects in Salesforce?

Standard & Custom Objects in Salesforce Simplified 101

  • Table of Contents
  • Prerequisites. An active Salesforce account.
  • Introduction to Salesforce. …
  • Introduction to Salesforce Objects. …
  • Types of Objects in Salesforce. …
  • Steps to Set up Custom Objects in Salesforce. …
  • Conclusion. …

How to create big objects in Salesforce?

Defining a Custom Big Object’s Index

  • An index must include at least one custom field and can have up to five custom fields total.
  • Custom fields included in the index must be marked as required.
  • Long Text Area fields can’t be included in the index.
  • The total number of characters across all text fields in an index can’t exceed 100.
  • Once you’ve created an index, you can’t edit or delete it. …

What are the types of custom settings in Salesforce?


  1. Convert Custom Setting Objects to Custom Metadata Types First retrieve your app metadata, including the custom objects you’re using for configuration. …
  2. Replace __c with __mdt By now you’re comfortable with the idea that custom metadata types use the __mdt suffix instead of the classic __c suffix. …
  3. Replace Apex Code with SOQL Queries

How do I see all custom objects in Salesforce?

Is That a Custom Object I See?Click the App Launcher. and select Sales.Click the Vehicle Interest tab. Note: If the Vehicle Interest tab does not appear, refresh the page.Click Recently Viewed and select the All Records list view.

How do I get all the objects in Salesforce?

We can use Schema. getGlobalDescribe() to get all properties of sObject .

How do I display custom objects in Salesforce?

From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Tabs , then select Tabs. Click New in the Custom Object Tabs related list. Select the custom object to appear in the custom tab. If you haven’t created the custom object, click create a new custom object now and follow the instructions in Create a Custom Object.

How do I find the API name of a custom object in Salesforce?

Standard objectsGo to Setup.Go to App Setup | click Customize.Locate the object the click Fields.Look for “API Name” column value in “Custom Fields & Relationships” section.

How do I get a list of fields in Salesforce?

One way is from Developer Console, File > Open > Objects. Click on the object and it will open up the field information such as Name and Apex type. Another way is from your org, Build > Customize > ObjectName > Fields. It will display the information such as field label, field name, data type and so on.

How do I list all fields in Salesforce?

You can now include any of these in the field list:FIELDS(ALL) —to select all the fields of an object.FIELDS(CUSTOM) —to select all the custom fields of an object.FIELDS(STANDARD) —to select all the standard fields of an object.

How do I find an object field in Salesforce?

The easiest way would be to go to each object’s fields information page and find these fields under the custom fields section. Yes we can achieve this by using Tooling Api and Meta data. If you know the field name and need to identify the object use the following query.

How do I add a list view in Salesforce?

Create a Custom List View in Salesforce ClassicClick Create New View at the top of any list page or in the Views section of any tab home page. … Enter the view name. … Enter a unique view name. … Specify your filter criteria. … Select the fields you want to display on the list view. … Click Save.

What is custom object tab in Salesforce?

Custom tabs let you display custom object data or other web content in Salesforce. When you add a custom tab to an app in Salesforce Classic, it appears as a tab. When you add a custom tab to an app in Lightning Experience, it appears as an item in the app’s navigation bar and in the App Launcher.

How do I query sObject in Salesforce?

If you have the sobject name in a string, e,g, ‘sobjname’, you can then query back the record via something like: String queryStr=’select id from ‘ + sobjname; List = Database. query(queryStr);

What is related list in Salesforce?

The Related List – Single component shows a list of related records based on one specific object. For example, if you’re looking at a contact detail page, you can specify to see the cases related to that contact, without seeing all other types of related records.

What is the API name of an object in Salesforce?

You can look for the API name of the standard fields under setup -> customize -> under any standard object -> fields. Here field name denotes the API name of the standard fields. Hope this might help you.

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