How to enable surveys in salesforce


How to enable Salesforce Surveys

  • Select Setup
  • Enter Survey in the Quick Find search
  • Select Survey
  • Select Survey Settings
  • Select Enable Surveys
Enable Surveys
  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Survey , then select Survey, and then click Survey Settings.
  2. Enable Surveys. …
  3. To create surveys that are accessible to people who don’t have Salesforce accounts in your company, select a community.


How do I create a survey in Salesforce?

Prepare for Your First Survey

  • Learning Objectives. Determine whether you can create a survey. …
  • Survey Says… You Can’t Read Minds. …
  • Check Requirements to Create and Send Surveys. Maria’s first step is to make sure that Erin is eligible to create surveys using Salesforce. …
  • Enable Surveys. Maria must set up Ursa Major’s org to use surveys. …
  • Select Profile. …
  • Thanks for Sharing. …
  • Resources. …

How to create and send surveys in Salesforce?

Some Pre-Requisite of the Survey:

  • Let’s begin with how to create the Survey: Click on the Survey Tab and click on the “New Button” to open the Survey Builder. …
  • Survey Builder Page
  • Add Questions Page. …
  • Then View the Result of Survey: We can view the results of the Survey by click on the “Analyze” button. …
  • Survey Preview. …

More items…

How to create your first survey using Salesforce surveys?

You can choose from 5 different question types when creating a survey:

  • Radio: Only one answer can be selected
  • Multiple: Multiple answers can be selected
  • Text: a free-form text response
  • Rating: a custom rating from a scale
  • Date: a date from a calendar

How to create surveys using Salesforce flow?

You will need:

  • A Salesforce Org with Surveys enabled
  • A survey with the specific questions you’d like to ask
  • A Community (to send surveys to external users, you need a Community to host the survey)
  • A custom setting to house parameters specific to the surveys
  • Custom fields and relationships on your objects for robust survey reporting and tracking

More items…


Can Salesforce be used for surveys?

Salesforce provides three types of survey licenses: Survey Response Pack, Salesforce Feedback Management – Starter, and Salesforce Feedback Management – Growth. The capabilities that you can use in your survey depend on the licenses that you have.

How do I create a public survey in Salesforce?

Before you start using the Salesforce Survey, you have to enable it in your org. From Setup, type Survey in the Quick Find box and choose Survey Settings. Enable Survey….Build your Survey.Radio – single-select option.Multiple choice – multiple-select option.Text.Rating.Date.

How do I add a community survey in Salesforce?

1: From Setup, enter Survey in the Quick Find box, then select Survey Settings. 2: Check which community is selected as the default community for creating public survey invitations. 3: Enter Communities in the Quick Find box, then select All Communities. 4: Open the Community Builder of the default community.

Are Salesforce surveys free?

Salesforce is opening up the functionality for four user profiles: Standard User, System Administrator, Contract Manager, and Marketing User. Now, if you’ve got the right permissions, you’ll be able to create and send surveys absolutely free!

How do I enable surveys advanced features in Salesforce?

Get On Board with a PermissionClick. … Enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box, and select Permission Sets.Click New.Enter these details: … Select Salesforce as the license, and click Save.In the System section, click System Permissions.Click Edit.Enable Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features, and click Save.More items…

How do I enable a community in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click on settings. and check enable communities check box and enter your domain name and save it.

How do I use surveys in Salesforce?

Create a SurveyFrom the App Launcher, find and select Surveys.To open the Survey Builder, click New.Enter a name for the survey.To use the survey as a template survey, select Create survey as a template. … Edit the survey’s Welcome page. … To add a question page, click Add Page in the sidebar.More items…

How do you set up a survey?

Create a surveyClick + NEW SURVEY.In step 1 (Write questions), select the appropriate question type(s) and write your question(s). … In step 2 (Pick audience), name your survey and select your target audience. … In step 3 (Confirm survey), review your survey questions and purchase responses.More items…

How do you create a community survey?

10 Steps to Conducting Community SurveysOutline Your Goals. What are you hoping to accomplish with your community survey? … Set Benchmarks. … Choose Your Target Community. … Consider Your Survey Questions Carefully. … Create a Shareable Mission Statement. … Test Your Survey. … Choose Your Survey Method. … Analyze the Responses.More items…•

How much does Salesforce survey cost?

The pricing is simple, $12 per user per month with unlimited surveys and unlimited responses. But the minimum contract is an annual contract for 20 users, $2,880 per year.

Do you need a community to use Salesforce surveys?

Two sample surveys are added to your Salesforce instance when Surveys are enabled. To send surveys to your customers, a default community is needed to send out public survey invitations.

How do I view survey responses in Salesforce?

Gain insights into responses by using the Analyze tab in the Survey Builder to view and export response data.

To enable survey we need to do some prerequisite

The permissions for the Assets object allow users to insert images in survey pages.

Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter ’21)

1. How can a suspended event be resumed where it left off, to avoid missing any events that were published during the suspension? A. Refresh the event. B. Resume the event. C. Resume the event from New. D. Resume the event from Tip. 2. Which statement is true regarding events configured with the Publish Immediately behavior? A.

Configuration File Tags: targetConfigs

targetConfigs: Configure the component for different page types and define component properties. For example, a component could have different properties on a record home page than on the Salesforce Home page or on an app page. For Communities, only lightningCommunity__Default supports component properties.

How to set up a survey in Salesforce?

It can be blank if it is only designed for the sake of collecting feedback using a survey. 2. Enter Survey in the search box under the setup option and click on Survey Setting and then click enable Survey in Salesforce. 3.

What is Salesforce survey?

Salesforce survey empowers the Salesforce users to create complex surveys using a simple editor within your Salesforce Org. This functionality can be leveraged by Sales or Service Cloud customers to receive 300 survey responses before any additional purchase is required.

How to create a survey in Survey Builder?

Step 1: Go to the Survey object and click on the New button. 1. Give a name for your Survey. 2. Provide a Welcome note for your customer. 3.

Can a survey be used by a customer?

Once a Survey is created by the Admin, it can be used by any user or customer. A survey Invitation needs to be created, whose link will be sent to the Customer. These created links can be sent directly to the Customer or automated to be sent via flow or Process Builder or Workflow.

Can workflows be automatically sent to a survey?

Workflow created can be automatically sent to the survey after specific interactions such as when a case closed or opportunity is lost. Key stakeholders will be notified of feedback for better customer relationships. Feedback provided by the customer can be seamlessly analyzed with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

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