How to enable list custom setting in salesforce


To Enable it:

In Classic, go to Setup | Data Management | Schema Settings and Enable “Manage List Custom Settings Type”. By enabling this option, users will have the ability to create List Custom Setting type.

What is list custom setting in Salesforce?

List Custom Settings. A type of custom setting that provides a reusable set of static data that can be accessed across your organization. If you use a particular set of data frequently within your application, putting that data in a list custom setting streamlines access to it.

How do I deploy custom settings in Salesforce?

Go to the Deployments tab and create a new Advanced (multi-step) deployment. Give your deployment a name and select a source and a destination organization. click the link refresh custom settings to load the list of custom settings objects. Select a custom setting object from the dropdown.

How do I access custom settings fields in Apex?

Setup -> Develop -> Custom Settings -> New -> For Label “Country Code” and for Object “Country_Code” and Save. After you define custom settings, add fields to them. The custom fields contain the data used by the custom setting. Select Custom Settings, and then click Manage next to a custom setting.

Can we use list custom setting in process builder?

List custom settings are not available in Process Builder (or anywhere else in formulas), and there are no plans to make these available at this time.

Can we deploy custom setting?

Hi Chanchal, Yes, we can deploy the object data and custom setting data with the help of change set.

Can we deploy custom settings records?

The custom settings value are not deployed via change set, only the metadata are deployed. To migrate the value you should use dataloader to export the values from Development or UAT environments and then import them to the production also using dataloader.

How do I access list custom settings in Visualforce page?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. It is only “hierarchy” custom settings that can be accessed directly in Visualforce via the $Setup global merge field. This type of custom setting only has a single record for any given user, so the record to use is tied down.

How do you use custom settings?

To create and use custom settings:Review the protection and privacy options.Create the custom setting.Add fields and data.Reference the custom setting data in your application using formula fields, validation rules, Apex, or SOAP API.

What is the difference between list and hierarchy custom settings in Salesforce?

The data in List Custom Settings is directly visible to any user in the org. The data in Hierarchy Custom Settings checks the organization, profile and user settings for the current user and makes the data visible for them accordingly.

How do I use list custom settings in Salesforce flow?

Navigate to the Q1 Custom Setting, click ‘Manage’, and then click ‘New’. This will take you to the New Custom Setting Record page. Specify the Profile and the question that is relevant to the Sales Team, and click Save.

Can we include custom setting in managed package?

Protected—If the custom setting is contained in a managed package, subscribing organizations can’t see the custom setting—it doesn’t display as part of the package list. In addition, subscribing organizations can’t access the custom setting using Apex or the API.

How do I stop Hardcoding IDS in Salesforce?

To avoid hard-coded ID references in Flow, we recommend you do a Get Records to get the ID using the API or developer name instead of a Get Records to retrieve an ID stored in a CMDT record.

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