How to enable enhanced notes in salesforce


Enable Enhanced Notes

  • From Setup, enter Notes in the Quick Find box, then select Notes Settings.
  • Select Enable Notes, then click Save.

  1. From Setup, enter Notes Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Notes Settings.
  2. Make sure Enable Notes is selected.
  3. Click Save.


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How do I add enhanced notes in Salesforce 1?

Let Users Take Enhanced Notes in Salesforce1 1 From Setup, enter Navigation in the Quick Find box, then select Salesforce1 Navigation. 2 Move Notes from the Available list to the Selected list. We recommend adding Notes above Smart Search Items so it displays above the Recent Items section in the navigation menu. 3 Click Save.

Should you integrate Salesforce notes with other tools?

We suggest trying the Notes feature within Salesforce first before integrating another tool. Although it’s not exactly the same as third-party apps, the main benefits are there. Plus, it’s available with Salesforce1 and you can associate the notes to appropriate records in CRM for future reference.

How do I make enhanced notes available from records?

Make Enhanced Notes Available from Records. 1 From Setup, click the Object Manager tab. 2 Pick an object. Let’s start with account pages. 3 Click Page Layouts. 4 Edit each desired page layout. 5 Select Related Lists in the page layout editor’s palette.

How do I edit a note in Salesforce lightning experience?

To edit a note in a list view, just click it and a composer window pops up. To add the Notes utility to a new or existing Lightning app, go to Setup in Lightning Experience. Enter App in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager. For step-by-step help, check out Add a Utility Bar to Lightning Apps in the Salesforce Help.


How do I enable enhanced notes in Salesforce lightning?

Enable Enhanced NotesFrom Setup, enter Notes in the Quick Find box, then select Notes Settings.Select Enable Notes, then click Save.

What is enhanced notes in Salesforce?

With Notes, Salesforce’s enhanced note-taking tool, you can use rich text, lists, and images in your notes; relate notes to multiple records; and create notes in Lightning Experience.

Where are enhanced notes stored in Salesforce?

Notes related listSo the enhanced Notes that you create for a record are located in the Notes related list. Any notes that you previously created for the record using the classic notes tool are in the Notes & Attachments related list.

How do I add notes to Salesforce lightning?

From Setup, select Enable Notes on the Notes Settings page. Using the page layout editor, add the Notes related list to page layouts for all objects where you want users to take notes. Add the New Note action to publisher layouts.

How do I report an enhanced note in Salesforce?

Steps to create a Notes ReportNavigate to the Reports tab and click New Report.For “Report Type,” select File and Content Report, then click Continue.Add the following filter: File Type equals SNOTE (ensures that the report only includes Notes).Remove all columns from the report.More items…

How do I add notes to a contact in Salesforce?

Hi Guillaume,From Setup, enter Object Manager in the Quick Find box, then click Object Manager.Enter Contact in the Object Manager search box.Click Contact to open the record and then click Page Layouts.From Related lists drag and drop Notes into the pagelayout.Click on Save.

How do I see my notes in Salesforce?

Only notes taken with Notes appear on the Notes tab. To create standalone notes or manage all your notes, use the Notes tab (available in Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app). Read old notes that were taken with the old note-taking tool from the Notes & Attachments related list on records.

How do I give access to notes and attachments in Salesforce?

Here are the steps to enable Notes and Attachments for Site Users:From setup, enter Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box, then select Settings.Select Let customer users access notes and attachments.Click Save.

How are notes stored in Salesforce?

You’re automatically taken to the notes editor page. In the Lightning Console, save the record you’re working on before accessing Notes from the utility bar. Deleting or saving a Note refreshes the entire console page and any unsaved changes are lost.

How do I enable notes?

From Setup, enter Notes Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Notes Settings.Make sure Enable Notes is selected.Click Save.

How do I add notes to notes and attachments in Salesforce lightning?

Go to the UI for my new item, sufficiently sure, no notes and connections related rundown.Go to your page design, track down the connected records. In there you will track down the connected rundown for “Notes and Attachments”.Drag that onto the connected rundown part of the page format.You’re good to go.

Who can edit notes in Salesforce?

‘ In order to allow a user to Edit Notes created by another user, the one who created the Note will have to share it by using the Note Sharing Settings. Note: ‘Edit’ action is only available in Classic. “Notes” can only be shared for viewing access in Lightning.

What is content notes in Salesforce?

The ContentNote object represents notes created with the enhanced version of the Salesforce note-taking tool.

What is a note in Salesforce?

‘Notes’ is a standalone related list within Lightning Experience. Note for Salesforce Classic: If Notes are not enabled, then the old ‘Notes and Attachments’ related list will still have Notes within Salesforce Classic. If Notes are enabled, Notes will have their own related list (same as in Lightning).

What is the difference between files and attachments in Salesforce?

Files need to upload, store, find, follow, share, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud. Attach files to records from the Attachments related list on selected detail pages. We can upload a file and store it privately until you’re ready to share it. We can share the files with groups, users, etc.

What is Chatter Salesforce?

Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets your users work together, talk to each other, and share information. Chatter connects, engages, and motivates users to work efficiently across the organization, regardless of role or location.

What is the home page of Notes?

The Notes home page is the place where users can see and manage all of their notes, whether they’re related to records or not. The home page includes several list views so it’s easier to find specific notes. And when viewing notes from the home page, users can review previous versions to see what’s changed, or revert to a previous version if needed.

Can you disable notes in Salesforce Classic?

Remember, because enhanced Notes is available in Salesforce Classic, you don’t have to wait until you’ve moved all of your users to Lightning Experience to disable the classic notes tool. Disabling classic notes is as simple as removing the Notes & Attachments related list from all of your page layouts, which removes the last remaining interface for creating notes in the classic format.

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The Notes tool is a productivity feature that’s specifically designed to be used with Lightning Experience

The legacy ‘Notes & Attachments’ functionality is being superseded and replaced by the individual Notes and Salesforce Files features.

User education, training, and recommendations

1. Add the Notes Related List to Page Layouts while continuing to maintain the ‘Notes & Attachments’ related list on layouts to allow users to view and reference legacy notes added to records prior to enabling enhanced notes.

Notes intermittently may not save in their entirety

When creating a new Note from the related list in Lightning, at times it may take several seconds for a Note record to save and it may be missing some or all of the body.

Salesforce Classic Limitations with Notes and Files

The ‘Upload Files’ button is available on the Files related list in both Lightning Experience and Classic.


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