How to download salesforce certificate from webassessor


How do I get my Salesforce webassessor certification?

Login to your Webassessor Account and then go to Completed Exam Section and then click to the Pass Link, it will show your certification. Login to your Webassessor Account and then go to Completed Exam Section and then click to the Pass Link, it will show your certification. In you email id search for email.

How do I register for an exam with Salesforce?

You will need to sign in at If you have never registered for an exam with this site before, you will need to create an Account first. On the homepage you will find all relevant information about Online and Onsite exams and how to schedule your exam.

How much does the Salesforce administrator certification exam cost?

The Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam does come at a cost of US$200 plus applicable taxes per local law. The Retake fee is US$100 plus applicable taxes. Always check against the Official Salesforce Administrator Exam Guide for the latest updates on release cycle, costs and other requirements. Don’t Freak Out!

How do I get my certificate from trailhead?

You would receive your certificate to your mailbox if you haven’t then reach out to trailhead support team using below link. I received them in my email but the issue is that its my company email, So i can’t forward / download it in my personal mail.


How do I download a certificate in Salesforce?

Available in: both Salesforce Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning Experience in All editions. From Setup, enter User Authentication Certificates in the Quick Find box, and then select User Authentication Certificates. Click the user authentication certificate to download. Click Download Certificate.

How do I get my Salesforce certification after exam?

How do I get Salesforce Administrator Certified? You need to pass a 90-minute multiple-choice exam to become certified.

How do I find my Salesforce certification?

To verify your active Salesforce certifications:Visit the Trailhead Verification page.Enter your Webassessor email beneath Certification Holders: Check Your Status.Click Request and follow any subsequent prompts.Your credential status will be sent to you in an email.

How do I download a trailhead certificate?

Kindly log a case with trailhead support team ( and include details (certification, mail id, webassessor id, etc ) so that they can check and help to get your certificate details. Certificate verification link.

Do Salesforce certifications expire?

If you fail to complete your maintenance module by your assigned date, your certification will expire. It’s also worth noting that the expiry of one certification can affect the status of another.

How do I get a Salesforce certified logo?

Find the email “Your Salesforce Certification Exam Results.” Under the section “Celebrate with your new logo and certificate” there is a URL with login credentials that will take to you the page where you can download the current version of the Certified Admin logo.

How do you connect a Webassessor to a trailhead?

Go to Enter your unique verification code and click on Link Accounts button. After entering the unique code, you will see a confirmation message and you will receive a confirmation email as well. It will take 1 business day to update your certification details.

What is Webassessor?

Webassessor is a SaaS platform that empowers organizations to develop items, test forms and manage candidates and exams in real-time. It offers four different delivery options to meet the diverse needs of Test Sponsors.

How do I check my certifications?

To view certificates for the local device, open the command console and then type certlm. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the local device appears. To view your certificates, under Certificates – Local Computer in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

How do I share my Salesforce Certification on LinkedIn?

You can go to your LinkedIn profile and under Add certificate -> Certification Name & Certification Authority (Salesforce Trailhead). That’s it.

How do I add my Salesforce Certification to Trailhead?

Required EditionsFrom or any Salesforce-related site, click your profile picture and select Profile.Click the edit pencil in the Certifications tile.Select Connect Salesforce Certifications.Select the email address you use with Webassessor, and your certifications are added!

How do you put Trailhead badges on resume?

In the Certifications section (under Accomplishments), you can list out individual Badges or Superbadges you’ve completed, for example the Security Specialist Superbadge, and include your Trailhead profile link as the ‘Certification URL’ for proof.

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