How to disable salesforce for outlook


How to delete Salesforce for Outlook database?

  • Close Microsoft Outlook
  • Close Salesforce for Outlook from tray icon by right click the icon and select Exit
  • Click Start menu
  • Type %appdata% and hit enter
  • Open folder
  • Open Salesforce for Outlook folder
  • Delete DB folder

Uninstall Salesforce for Outlook (SFO)
  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Right-click the Salesforce for Outlook system tray icon and click on Exit.
  3. Use the Windows and R key combination to bring up the Run box and type in Appwiz. …
  4. Select the Salesforce for Outlook and click on Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.


Why does Salesforce integrate with Outlook?

The Salesforce integration with Outlook is one of a suite of products that give sales reps the power to work from their email applications, while keeping Salesforce data up to date. The integration provides Salesforce data directly within Outlook, and the ability to log emails and events to Salesforce records.

What is Salesforce for Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook, an application that you install, automatically syncs contacts, events, and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce. And most importantly, you can see Salesforce contacts and leads related to your Outlook emails.

How do I enable the Salesforce plugin in Outlook?

Take the following steps to enable the Salesforce for Outlook Add-In in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016:Click File | Options | Add-Ins.Click the Manage drop-down menu and select Disabled Items and click on Go…If the Salesforce add in is listed, select it and click Enable.More items…

How do I change the Outlook plugin in Salesforce?

From your personal settings in Salesforce, search for Salesforce for Outlook. Then click View My Configuration.Depending on your permissions, you can: Edit your email settings. Edit your sync settings. … Save your changes. All changes take effect the next time your data syncs.

What is the difference between Salesforce for Outlook and lightning for Outlook?

Lightning for Outlook can link emails to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases. It can also relate Events to records within Salesforce, however if you’re looking for a more automated sync of Events, you’ll need to look into Lightning Sync.

Is Salesforce for Outlook free?

You can get the Salesforce App for Outlook from the Office Store for free:

How do I enable a disabled add-in in Outlook?

If Outlook disables the Protected Trust Add-in, you can easily enable the add-in by taking the following steps:Open Outlook and click File > Options > Add-ins.Click the drop down next to Manage: and select Disabled Items and click Go.Select the Protected Trust add-in and click Enable then click Close.More items…•

How do I add Salesforce plugins to Outlook 365?

0:092:54How to install Salesforce for Outlook in 2020 – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipHello this is Philip with the cynics technologies today I’m going to show you how to installMoreHello this is Philip with the cynics technologies today I’m going to show you how to install Salesforce for Outlook first start by logging into your Salesforce. Environment then select the gear icon

How to add salesforce side panel?

Scroll down to ‘Salesforce Side Panel’ and add it, then click OK.

Can you use Outlook in Salesforce?

When you (Salesforce admin) configure Outlook Configurations in Salesforce setup, there is an option to enable Side Panel. If this setting enabled, users with Salesforce for Outlook installed, user will see a side panel at the right panel of Outlook, this panel will match email address from email open with data in Salesforce.


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