How to delete debug logs in salesforce using workbench

Salesforce Coding Utility.

  • SELECT Id FROM ApexLog.
  • Select view as: Bulk CSV.
  • Download the csv file.
  • Then in workbench go to.
  • Data tab -> select delete option.
  • select From file check box.
  • upload the csv file you got from above mentioned query.
  • Click on next.
  • click on map fields (id)
  • click the check box:
  1. Open Developer Console.
  2. At the bottom of the console, select the Query Editor tab.
  3. Select Use Tooling API.
  4. Enter this SOQL query: SELECT Id, StartTime, LogUserId, LogLength, Location FROM ApexLog.
  5. Click Execute.
  6. Select the logs you want to delete. …
  7. Click Delete Row.
  8. To confirm the log deletion, click Yes.


How to delete all debug logs in Salesforce?

There are several ways to do so besides using Debug Logs Page (Setup->Environments->Logs->Debug Logs). Using the Developer Console: we can use the Query Editor of Developer Console to query all the Debug Logs then select all the logs and press delete rows button. Select Id,LogLength from ApexLog

How to delete the debug logs in Apex code?

You cannot delete the debug logs natively in Apex code. But you can use Rest DELETE endpoint to delete debug logs. I have created a utility code to delete debug logs that way, you can refer it. It can delete only 100 in 1 iteration (You can use composite API to bulkify it).

How do I clear the Debug log?

In the Developer Console, on the Logs tab, use “Debug | Clear | Log Panel” to do this. More details here You can also do this under Setup. Go to “Monitor | Logs | Debug Logs”, and there’s a “delete all” button. Show activity on this post.

Why are my trace Flags disabled when I generate debug logs?

If you generate more than 1,000 MB of debug logs in a 15-minute window, your trace flags are disabled. We send an email to the users who last modified the trace flags, informing them that they can re-enable the trace flag in 15 minutes.

How do I stop a salesforce debug log?

View, Edit, or Delete Trace Flags in SetupNavigate to the appropriate Setup page. For user-based trace flags, enter Debug Logs in the Quick Find box, then click Debug Logs. … From the Setup page, click an option in the Action column. To delete a trace flag, click Delete.

How do I delete apex logs in bulk?

SELECT Id FROM ApexLogSELECT Id FROM ApexLog.Select view as: Bulk CSV.Download the csv file.Then in workbench go to.Data tab -> select delete From file check box.upload the csv file you got from above mentioned query.Click on next.More items…•

How do I delete a record in SOQL?

The first type of Delete SOQL Query is deleting a single record on Salesforce is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is go to the record you want to delete and click on the standard Delete button. Upon clicking on it, the record will be deleted and sent to your recycle bin.

How do I delete apex records?

After you persist records in the database, you can delete those records using the delete operation. Deleted records aren’t deleted permanently from Salesforce, but they are placed in the Recycle Bin for 15 days from where they can be restored.

How do I delete event logs in Salesforce?

You can’t delete individual rows from event logs. Instead, you must delete the entire log file that contains the user activity. To delete an event log file, enable deletion in Setup, create a permission set that includes the Delete Event Monitoring Records user permission, and assign this permission set to your users.

How do I remove debug from desktop?

Windows 10 users can safely delete the debug files from the desktop….Uninstall Recently Installed ProgramsLaunch Control Panel.Go to Programs.Then select Programs and Apps.Click on Uninstall a program.Select the program you recently added and remove it.

How do I query deleted records in workbench?

Query Deleted and Archived records with SOQLAdd “ALL ROWS” in the end of the query if it’s in the system log / API.Check the “include” button in “deleted and archived records” if you use the workbench.Use “Where isArchived = TRUE” if it is in the schema explorer or API.

How do I delete old data in Salesforce?

Navigate to Setup. Enter Delete into the ‘Quick Find’ box and select Mass Delete Records from the results. Select a type of Record that you wish to delete, such as Accounts. Review the notes which state the records that will be deleted.

How do I delete an activity in Salesforce?

Delete data from these locations manually….To delete activity by user:On the By User tab, add the email addresses or user names of the people whose activity you want to delete.Click Delete, and confirm your selection.To avoid data corruption when we stop capturing data for the user, deactivate the user in Salesforce.

How do I delete 10000 records in Salesforce?

A single transaction can only update up to 10,000 records. This is a global governor limit, not specific to flows. You cannot work around it, and you will have to split it into multiple transactions. Your best bet would be to use a batch Apex class if you wanted to delete this many records.

How do I delete more than 50000 records in Salesforce?

To delete more than 50,000 records, you can use the DataLoader program….This file can now be used to delete those records from the org:Tab Data – click on Delete;Eventually enter again in your org;choose the From File radio button;Map the field;Delete all!

How do I delete a report in Salesforce?

To delete the folder, uninstall the managed package or contact the package provider for help.On the Reports or Dashboards page, find the report or dashboard you want to delete and select the Delete row level action. ( If necessary, scroll to the right to see .) … Click Delete to confirm.

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