How to delete a report in salesforce


To delete the folder, uninstall the managed package or contact the package provider for help.
  1. On the Reports or Dashboards page, find the report or dashboard you want to delete and select the Delete row level action. ( If necessary, scroll to the right to see .) …
  2. Click Delete to confirm.

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How do I delete a report from a dashboard in Salesforce?

To delete the report, click. then Delete. To run the report now, click. then Run Now.

How do I delete old reports in Salesforce?

Delete Salesforce makes mass deletion of reports pretty simple through Setup > Mass Delete Records > Mass Delete Reports. The filters will make it easy to locate the reports that were marked for deletion.

How do I remove a report?

Delete a reportNavigate to the Data Studio REPORTS page.Locate the report you wish to delete.Click its context menu icon.Select Trash.

How do I delete all reports in Salesforce?

To Mass-Delete ReportsNavigate to the Setup area of Salesforce.Under Administer, expand Data Management.Click Mass Delete Records.Choose Mass Delete Reports.In the filter criteria, choose “Report Name contains YYMM” (using the YYMM you need to delete).Click Search.More items…•

Can we delete records in reports in Salesforce?

You can only mass delete records of custom objects in The record types you can mass-delete include cases, solutions, accounts, contacts, leads, products, and activities.

How do I delete a Bulk report?

Mass Delete Report tool fails to delete report with no error…Navigate to Setup and type Mass Delete Records into the Quick Find box.After clicking Mass Delete Records, select Mass Delete Reports.Enter the filter criteria and click Search.Select the Report to be deleted.Click Delete.

How do I delete a report in service now?

Individually while in a report, you can click the drop down arrow on Save to access the menu. Delete option will be there. from here you can delete multiple reports. Find the report you want to delete and delete the report.

How do you delete a report in Access?

When you click the report, Access creates a new, unbound text box. Click the label (just to the left of the new text box), and press DELETE.

How do I delete data studio?

Delete your Data Studio serviceSign in to Data Studio.At the top, select Reports, Data Sources, or Explorer.For each type of asset: … After removing all the assets, on the left, click Trash.Hover over each assets, then on the right, click More, then click Delete forever .

How do I delete data from Salesforce?

Delete RecordsFind and open the record you want to delete.Click Delete.

Can you delete reports using data loader?

Hello, it is not possible to delete reports using data loader, you can only extract reports data through Dataloader. A report object is a ReadOnly object if accessed by Dataloader or any other API tool.

How do I delete an item in Salesforce?

From the object management settings for custom objects, click Del next to the object that you want to delete. When prompted, select Yes, I want to delete the custom object to confirm and click Delete.

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