How to debug flow in salesforce


Test and debug the Flow by doing record insert/update/delete in dev or sandbox as per the type of flow being tested. For example if the Flow you need to test is an After Insert Trigger Flow on Case, simply create a new Case to test. Make sure you match the conditions required to fire this Flow.

Remember, closing or restarting a running flow doesn’t roll back its previously executed actions, callouts, and changes committed to the database.
  1. Open the flow in Flow Builder.
  2. Click Debug.
  3. Set the debug options and input variables.
  4. Click Run.


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How to solve Salesforce flow errors?

  • The status on the Result record may not have been updated as success or failed after the job execution, hence, the flow step is still in progress. …
  • Make sure the step prior to updating the Result record has not failed. …
  • Variable names are case sensitive. …

How to set up debug logs in Salesforce?

  • Go to setup, and from the quick find box, find “ Debug Logs ”.
  • Click on “ New ”.
  • Select the entity for which the logs will be enabled. Set the period and debug level.

How to handle fault in Salesforce flow?

  • FlowExecutionErrorEvent – Standard Platform event from Salesforce
  • Salesforce publish event to this when a screen flow fails
  • We can subscribe to this and log Exception

How to build Salesforce diagrams?

  • Who you are. Put your logo in the top left to frame the diagram. …
  • What the diagram represents. Give your diagram a title in the provided space so it can be quickly understood. …
  • Why your audience should care. …
  • How your audience will interpret the diagram. …

How do I debug logs of flows in Salesforce?

Enable Debug LogsOpen Setup as a System Administrator then search for “Debug Logs” in the quick find textbox.Click Debug Logs.In the Monitored Users, click the New button.Click the magnifying glass and search for the user that will be running the flow.Enter the desired time span for how long the logs are enabled.More items…•

How do I debug a scheduled flow in Salesforce?

After creating a schedule flow, there should be ability to debug the flows to see the result without waiting for the scheduled time. By clicking the debug button, we should be able to run the flow on demand. After clicking the debug button, the error shows.

How do I debug a user’s flow?

To enable debug flows as another users, perform the steps below:Click Setup.In the Quick Find box, type Process Automation Settings.Select Process Automation Settings then select Let admins debug flows as other users checkbox.Once you’re done, click on the Save.

How do you troubleshoot a flow in Salesforce?

To troubleshoot a failed flow interview, use the flow fault email. To debug the flow and observe what happens as it runs, use the debug option in Flow Builder. To view the failed flow interview in an interactive environment, click Flow Error: Click here to debug the error in Flow Builder in the flow fault email.

How do you test a scheduled flow?

To test this flow, click Debug and then Run. To launch this flow, activate the flow and wait until the scheduled time.

How do I check my scheduled trigger flow?

You can use debug logs to check how many records a schedule-triggered flow runs on. Track the number of records with the FLOW_START_SCHEDULED_RECORDS event. If your org reaches the limit, Salesforce sends a flow error email.

How do you debug a record triggered flow in Salesforce?

Just add an Action Element on the Flow and Search for Debug Flow and Select this Action as installed from package. Provide a Label and just save it. Save as or Save and Activate the Flow before testing.

How do I debug a process builder in Salesforce?

To navigate to Debug Logs or Debug Levels: Setup [Symbol] Logs [Symbol] Debug Logs or Debug Levels. After creating the process, set up the Debug Logs and Debug Levels filter in “Finer” level for Workflows. Then, go to Debug Logs.

How do I debug a system user in Salesforce?

Debug a system userLog into Workbench to Utilities > REST Explorer.Select POST, enter the URI below, and use the example body provided.

How do I handle errors in Salesforce flow?

If the flow is used only internally, such as at a call center, use the fault path to display the error message to the running user. In the same Screen element, ask the user to report the error to the IT department. To do so, draw the fault connector to a Screen element with this Display Text field.

How do you troubleshoot a flow?

Identify the errorSelect My flows.Select the flow that failed.In the 28-day run history section, select the date of the failed run. Details about the flow appear, and at least one step shows a red exclamation icon.Open that failed step, and then review the error message.

How do you check if a flow is working in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows. Open the relevant version of the flow. Save your changes. Unsaved changes aren’t executed when you test the flow.

Can we run a flow as a specific user in Salesforce?

You can’t get the Flow to execute as another User. You can make it run in system context in terms of Permissions and Level of access to Fields and Records, but you can’t make it “impersonate” a User.

How do I run a flow in system mode in Salesforce?

If you choose to run the flow in system context with sharing, the flow respects org-wide default settings, role hierarchies, sharing rules, manual sharing, teams, and territories….Open the flow in Flow Builder.Click .Click Show Advanced.For How to Run the Flow, select a system context.

How to debug a flow in Flow Builder?

How To Debug A Flow. 1. In Flow Builder – Debug Window. For Screen flow type, you can debug the flow in a separate window. When you click Debug on the upper right toolbar, you will see a prompt message where you can set the debug options. Run the latest version of each flow called by subflow elements: By default, …

What is run flow in rollback mode?

Run flow in rollback mode: For autolaunch flow (all the flows without screen element), you can choose the debug the flow in rollback mode. Simply put, all the debugs are considered a real run of flows. That means the changes will be saved even though the flow is not activated yet.

What happens if you encounter an error in flow?

If you encountered the error when you are debugging from flow, you will see the “something went wrong” message, and the error will show up on the right.

How to get fault connector?

To get the Fault Connector, drag twice from an element.

Is it difficult to understand flow errors?

Even though it is not difficult to understand the errors, it will still take some time before you feel super comfortable with it. Also if you have several admins handling flows, the standard error messages might not be friendly to those who didn’t build the flow.

Do logs work on past actions?

Also a tiny note, you will have to first set up the logs and then execute the flow in order for the details to show up. The logs do not work on any past actions – I got confused by this for a while.

Can you debug a flow without testing?

When you have a record-triggered/platform-even flow type, you cannot debug inside the flow. However, flow is very error-prone so I do not recommend activate the flow without testing. To resolve this, you can actually save it as a new flow and set the type to autolaunch. Then create an input variable so you can do the testing. (Remember to fix the errors after converting the flow.)

What happens if you set the debug log for user running the flow for Workflow to be Finer?

If you set the debug log for user running the flow for Workflow to be Finer, it will show your assignment actions and values.

Can you add debug statements to a controller?

So in a controller, you could add debug statements that would appear in your log. You can also display the current value of any variables at any point for development even if they’re not being used or needed. Later, you can hide or remove the code for those variables. Share. Improve this answer.

Can you debug a flow?

Without more context, your question is difficult to answer. When you run your flow, you can enable debugging for the user and a log will be created. So in a controller, you could add debug statements that would appear in your log. You can also display the current value of any variables at any point for development even if they’re not being used or needed. Later, you can hide or remove the code for those variables.

How to solve record triggered flow?

Workaround : One approach to solve this problem while working on Record Triggered Flows is by Forcing an Exception or Error when the Flow executes. For example, by adding a condition or update in Flow which fires a validation rule and breaks the transaction and throws an error/exception during run time. By doing this, a Flow Exception email is received by flow owner with complete Flow Execution path and element by element detail.

Why add fault path in flow elements?

This is because to know if there are any issues in Flow Logic or Execution.

Why is a flow weird?

This is mostly because of some logic mistake in Flow or some other development issues in Flow. Without detailed Flow logs, we are many times not able to easily check and identify how the Flow is executing and which elements it is traversing and where the issue might be specially in complex Record Triggered Flows.

Can you test flow in production?

1. Never test in Production.Use this in Sandbox only. As we should not ever test Flows in Production this approach or any debug of Flows should be done in Sandbox only. Specially the Record Triggered Flows.

Can you use Apex code in flow?

We will use apex code for this. Don’t worry if you are not a developer because you can simply copy paste the code or directly install the package and use in Flows.

Can you test a triggered flow in UI?

Since we cannot Test and Debug Record Triggered Flows from UI directly using the native Flow debug tool, it is sometimes very difficult to understand the root cause or find an issue if Flow is not behaving as expected. In such scenarios we often want to see the Element by Element Flow execution path to determine if the Flow is behaving working as expected.

What happens when there is flow error in Salesforce?

When there is flow error salesforce send an email to the last modified person with detailed information where flow failed. It contains every single step of flow and at what steps it failed.

Why don’t I like flow and process?

1. Well, one of the reasons why I don’t like Flows and Processes much is because they are extremely hard to debug. Your best bet is to set the debug log to finest and try to extract as much information from the log as you can.

Does error occur when logged in as admin?

Sometimes i see error like this in logs which does not clearly points to what is broken. This error does not occur when logged in as admin, but occurs for specific users. Since users of different profiles with different level of object / field access use the app, it is difficult to trace the issue :


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