How to debug email to case salesforce


You will need to set some system.debug statements to see the details, but you can go to Setup, Monitoring, Debug Logs and then add a monitor for the running user of your inbound email class. when you send a test message in, you can look at the log list, and you will see the debug log output.


Are debug logs available for the email to case process?

No Debug Logs will be generated for the Email to Case process and the Workflow evaluations. Currently, there is no workaround for this behavior. Any unreleased services, features, statuses, or dates referenced in this or other public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all.

What is the trigger on email message in Salesforce?

And there is trigger on Email Message when the agent is replying back to customer we cc’ing salesforce to capture response of the agent also. But it creates new case and in the trigger handler we are creating EmailMessage and Attachment with values from newly email message and tag it to existing case.

Is it possible to send an email to the automated case user?

Currently, this is only prevalent in Sandbox, and works as expected in Production instances. In a Sandbox Org that has Email to Case enabled and Workflow Rules that fire during a Case creation or Activity Task creation, enable Debug Logs for the Automated Case User, and send an email through the Email to Case process.

What happens if the default case owner/queue email address is same?

In such scenario, if the email address of the Default Case Owner or Case Owner/Queue Email Address is same as the Email to Case routing address (support mailbox address), a notification will be sent which will be determined as a new email reply (since it was sent to the Email-to-Case routing address) and will be routed to Salesforce.


How do I check email to case logs in Salesforce?

If you go to setup and Case (in classic at least; setup->feature settings->services->email-to-case in lightning), and then Email2Case setting, there should be a list of routing addresses.

How do I convert an email to a case in Salesforce?

Before you enable Email-to-Case, take care of some configuration tasks. … From Setup, enter Email-to-Case in the Quick Find box, then select Email-to-Case.Click Edit.Select Enable Email-to-Case, and click Save.Select Enable On-Demand Service and click Save.

How does Salesforce verify email to case?

Go to settings > you have to setup forwarding by adding the routing ( long email type) address generated from email to case. Once you add the routing an email will be sent with a verification link/ code. This email sent from your email inbox would have created a case in salesforce where you will have to verify it.

Why email to case is not working in Salesforce?

If no Case is created, it most probably is a configuration issue rather than an email delivery or forwarding issue. Check with your Salesforce administrator to see if it ever worked or stopped working at some point.

Can we deploy email to case?

we can’t deploy email-to-case because routing address of the Email-to-case in Sandbox and Production different. Better we implement email to case in the production.

How do you test email to case in sandbox?

To test your email to case in your sandbox org, simply just send an email to the Email Service Address in your sandbox org. Show activity on this post. You will need to update the email forward for Email-to-Case to the new email when you setup the email address in Sandbox.

How do I validate my email to case?

Under Routing Addresses section, click on the routing name of the affected Email-to-Case address. Under Email Address Detail section, click on [Verify] and click on Continue. Check the verification email sent to your mailbox and click the link to verify the email address.

What is the difference between on demand email to case and email to case?

On Demand Email-to-Case automatically converts emails to cases, without you having to download and install an agent behind your network’s firewall. Simply Configure your email system to forward case submissions to the email services address provided to you by Salesforce.

How do I set up email to my case agent?

In folder “EmailAgent” you will find below important 3 files: email2case. bat (To run Email-to-Case Agent we need to click on this batch file)…Pre-requisite for Email to case Agent:JDK 1.5. 0_06 or later.Make sure Email to Case is enabled in Salesforce.One Email Account which supports IMAP Protocol.

What are the capabilities of email to case?

Email-to-Case Org Limits32,000 characters for email headers.32,000 characters for email body text (can be raised to 131,000 characters by request)

What is routing address in email to case in Salesforce?

In the Routing Addresses list, click New. Enter an existing email address at which your customers can reach your support team, and give it a name. This is the address that will route emails directly to Salesforce and convert them to cases. Complete your routing address settings for cases converted from email.

Does Salesforce email to case create contact?

The Email to Case Premium app can auto create new Contacts for you. It can also associate the newly created contact with an existing Account.

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