How to debug a process builder in salesforce


Can we debug process builder in Salesforce?

To debug a process builder issues/errors usually we create debug logs. in this article i am giving best and most useful way of selecting trace flag in Debug logs. 1. Set Workflow to Finer in the Trace Flag in the Debug Log.

Can you debug a process builder?

After creating the process, set up the Debug Logs and Debug Levels filter in “Finer” level for Workflows. Then, go to Debug Logs….Before troubleshooting the process using Debug Logs, consider the following:Process Builder ElementFlow Debug EventScheduleFLOW_WAIT_…8 more rows

How do I debug a flow builder?

Remember, closing or restarting a running flow doesn’t roll back its previously executed actions, callouts, and changes committed to the database.Open the flow in Flow Builder.Click Debug.Set the debug options and input variables.Click Run.More items…

How do I debug a workflow in Salesforce?

How to debug workflow rules in Salesforce?Go to Setup –> Monitor –> Log –> Debug logs.Click “New” button and add your name to get the debug logs.Create or update the record to meet the workflow criteria.Open the log and view its workflow log.

How do I debug a log in Salesforce?

Set a user-based trace flag on the guest user.From Setup, enter Debug Logs in the Quick Find box, then click Debug Logs.Click New.Set the traced entity type to User.Open the lookup for the Traced Entity Name field, and then find and select your guest user.Assign a debug level to your trace flag.Click Save.

How do I check flow logs in Salesforce?

Enable Debug LogsOpen Setup as a System Administrator then search for “Debug Logs” in the quick find textbox.Click Debug Logs.In the Monitored Users, click the New button.Click the magnifying glass and search for the user that will be running the flow.Enter the desired time span for how long the logs are enabled.More items…•

How do you troubleshoot a flow in Salesforce?

To troubleshoot a failed flow interview, use the flow fault email. To test the flow and observe what happens as it runs, use the debug option in Flow Builder. To view the failed flow interview in an interactive environment, click Flow Error: Click here to debug the error in Flow Builder in the flow fault email.

What is the difference between the run and debug button in flow builder?

The button bar includes two buttons for running a flow: Run and Debug. Run runs the most recent saved version of the flow that you have open. Debug does everything that Run does, but with some superpowers thrown in.

How do I debug a scheduled flow in Salesforce?

After creating a schedule flow, there should be ability to debug the flows to see the result without waiting for the scheduled time. By clicking the debug button, we should be able to run the flow on demand. After clicking the debug button, the error shows.

How do you know if a workflow is triggered?

Go to transaction SWEL and check if an event is created. If not, check in transaction SWELS if the event log is activated. – If you see an event but no workflow is triggered, proceed with step 3. – If you see an event and a workflow is triggered, but the status of the triggering shows an error, proceed with step 3.

How do I check my workflow status in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Time-Based Workflow in the Quick Find box, then select Time-Based Workflow. Click Search to view all pending actions for any active workflow rules, or set the filter criteria and click Search to view only the pending actions that match the criteria.

How do I test a workflow rule in Salesforce?

The best way to test workflow rules is to create/update records as per conditions specified in the workflow. Always test for both positive and negative scenarios.

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