How to create new lightning page in salesforce


  • In Salesforce, click the Setup icon and click Setup
  • While in Setup, navigate to the Object Manager tab then Click into the Quote object.
  • In the left panel, click Lightning Record Pages.
  • Click New to create a new page.
  • The Lightning App Builder opens with a Create new page wizard. Click to create a Record Page, and then click Next.
  • On the next screen, give the page a name, and select Quote as the object, and then click Next.
  • Now it is time to select a page template to use. There are many to choose from, but for this example, select Header and Right Sidebar, and then click Finish.
From Setup, Go to Quick Find / Search and enter App Builder then click Lightning App Builder.
  1. Click on New, will be redirected to ‘Create a new Lightning Page’ popup.
  2. Select ‘Home page’ and click on next.
  3. Enter the label name.
  4. Choose the page template or clone salesforce default page. …
  5. Click on Finish.
Apr 7, 2020

How to activate Salesforce Lightning?

Set the Default Interface to Lightning Experience

  • From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Lightning in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. …
  • Select the Roll Out phase.
  • Click Launch Lightning Experience to expand the stage.
  • Click Switch Users next to Make Lightning Experience the default interface. …
  • Click the + button next to the users you want to switch.

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What do you need to know about Salesforce Lightning?

Specifically, we think that:

  • You should be comfortable reading and writing JavaScript. …
  • It would be great if you know Apex. …
  • If you’re coming to Lightning components from Visualforce, be sure to add the Apply Visualforce Skills to Lightning Components trail to your task list. …

What are the lightning events in Salesforce?

  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 1 – Component Events Introduction
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 2 – Building Component Events
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 3 – Bubble and Capture Phase
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 4 – Understanding Container Components
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 5 – Application Events Introduction

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How to create new user in Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning: Create a New User

  1. Click on the Setup menu and select Users within the Administration category.
  2. Click on the New User button.
  3. Enter the first name, last name, alias, email address, username and nickname. …
  4. Choose a role. …
  5. Choose a User License. …
  6. Choose a Profile. …
  7. Set your email encoding language.
  8. Set your locale settings.

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How do I create a new Lightning record page in Salesforce?

Create a New Custom Lightning Record PageIn Salesforce, click the Setup icon and click Setup.While in Setup, navigate to the Object Manager tab then Click into the Quote object.In the left panel, click Lightning Record Pages.Click New to create a new page.More items…•

How do I create a new Lightning home page?

Create a New Home Page Using Lightning App BuilderFrom Setup, enter Lightning App in the Quick Find box and select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Select Home Page, then Next.Assign the label Support Home Page , then click Next.Click the Standard Home Page template.Click Finish.

How do I create a new page in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsIn Experience Builder, open the Pages menu on the top toolbar.Click New Page at the bottom of the Pages menu.Select the page type: Standard Page. … Select a standard page to open it. … Add and configure page components.Preview and publish your site.

What is Salesforce lightning page?

A Lightning page is a custom layout that lets you design pages for use in the Salesforce mobile app or Lightning Experience. Lightning pages occupy a middle ground between page layouts and Visualforce pages. Like a page layout, Lightning pages allow you to add custom items to a page.

How many types of lightning pages are there?

Lightning Page Type The four options are App Page, Home Page, Record Page, and Embedded Service Page.

What is the difference between app page and Home page in Salesforce?

The Home Page is kind of like the standard Salesforce Home page for all Apps, except it doesn’t actually have to be included in all Apps, (so the definition is blurry). An App Page is just a single, static page, (lacking a record detail) that you can customize and put anywhere.

What is the difference between a page layout and a lightning page?

Lightning pages occupy a middle ground between page layouts and Visualforce pages. Like a page layout, Lightning pages allow you to add custom items to a page. However, these items, instead of being fields or Visualforce components, are Lightning components, which allow much more flexibility.

What is lightning page tab?

Lightning page tabs only facilitate inclusion of the Lightning page in the Salesforce app and Lightning Experience. You can create a custom tab only for an App Page type of Lightning page. What Is a Lightning Page Tab? Lightning Page Tabs let you add Lightning Pages to the mobile app navigation menu.

How do I edit Lightning record page?

Customize the Lightning Record PageFrom the Admissions Connect app, go to a record page. Click. … From Setup, in Object Manager, click the object name for the page you want to edit. … From Setup, go to the Lightning App Builder page, then click Edit next to the page name.

How do I deploy lightning page in Salesforce?

Setup Lightning Record Page Go to the object manager, open the object and find the Lightning Record Pages tab, you can open the Lightning record page or view page assignment. You can view and lookup the lightning page assignment from the View Page Assignments button. Lightning Record Page can be assigned by: App.

How do I view lightning pages in Salesforce?

You can use a Lightning page to create an app page that you can add to the navigation bar of a Lightning app, which makes it appear when that app is viewed in both Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile apps. An app page gives your users quick access to the objects and items that are most important in that app.

What are the different types of creating lightning record pages in Salesforce?

We have mainly three kind of pages in Lightning leaving community pages for now in Lightning App Experience.Home Page.Record Page.App Page.

1. Build the Template Component Structure

A custom template is an Aura component bundle that should include at least a .cmp resource and a design resource. The .cmp resource must implement a template interface, and declare an attribute of type Aura.Component [] for each template region. The Aura.Component [] type defines the attribute as a collection of components.

2. Configure Template Regions and Components in the Design Resource

The design resource controls what kind of page can be built on the template. The design resource specifies:

3. (Optional) Add a Template Image

If you added a description to your .cmp resource, both it and the template image display when a user selects your template in the Lightning App Builder new page wizard.

How to restrict a page to administrators?

Restricting your page to administrators only means that you can see and test the page, but your users can’t see it until you’re ready to expose it to them. Click the Lightning Experience tab. Select the Sales app, and click Add page to app. The page you’re adding to the menu appears in the second position by default.

How to add global actions to Lightning app?

In the properties pane for the Recent Items component, click Select and add the Opportunity object to it. In the properties pane, click Page, click Select, and then add these actions to the page. You can add only global actions to a Lightning app page. From the toolbar, change the view to Tablet-Landscape.

Can you access Salesforce app pages?

Just like the other pages, your users can’t access your app page until you activate it. During activation, you can customize the page’s custom tab label, adjust its visibility, and set its position in the Salesforce mobile app and Lightning Experience app navigation bars, all in one place.

How to create a Lightning app?

Step 1: From the Setup, enter App Builder in the quick find box and select Lightning App Builder. Click New to create a new lightning page. Step 2: Select the Record page to create a custom record page for the account. Click on Next.

What is a Lightning page?

A Lightning page is a custom layout that lets you to design pages in Lightning Experience and Salesforce mobile app. A Lightning page is composed of various regions that contain components. Following are the lightning pages that can be built with the Lightning App Builder:

What is the header in Lightning?

1. Header. It shows the label of the page, pages list which contains the top 10 modified pages and a back button to return to setup without saving the changes. 2. Toolbar: It contains the buttons to cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, save, and activate the lightning page.

Can lightning pages be assigned to apps?

Lightning pages can also be assigned to apps, record types and profiles. In this article we are going to explain about types of lightning pages that can be created with app builder, types of lightning components used in the lightning pages, lightning app builder user interface, and an example of creating a record page and assign it to sales app …

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What is page activation option?

Page activation option is to change the app visibility to either for all users or administrators only.

What is section 1 in Lightning?

Section 1 is the Main Column and the other sections are sidebars. There are 3 types of pages can be created using Lightning App Builder. They are, App Page. Home Page. Record Page.


The Aura Components Basics Trailhead module walks you through building a form for creating an expense record.

Implement a Basic Form

Before proceeding, we recommend that you have working knowledge of web forms, as the rest of the topic builds on that concept.


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