How to create custom rest api in salesforce


Salesforce REST API Overview

  1. Create your REST API endpoints The first step is about creating some endpoint. …
  2. Create a Salesforce Connected App The next step is to create a Connected App. On your org go to Setup > App Manager > New Connected App. …
  3. Copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
In salesforce org navigate to developer console -> file-> new ->apex class menu options to create a new apex class.
  1. Sample custom Rest API with GET and POST methods.
  2. Sample custom Rest API with Put and Patch methods.
  3. GET method using workbench to query Salesforce case.
  4. Post method with JSON data to insert new case.
Sep 4, 2020


How to run REST API through Workbench Salesforce?

Using Workbench

  • Log in to your organization.
  • Open a new browser tab and navigate to .
  • Log in to Workbench and allow access to your organization. …
  • Click Utilities | REST Explorer.
  • Ensure that Get is selected. …
  • Click Execute.
  • Click Expand All or Show Raw Response to view your data.

How to authenticate user in Salesforce using REST API?

  • The end user opens the mobile app.
  • The connected app directs the user to Salesforce to authenticate and authorize the mobile app.
  • The user approves access for this authorization flow.
  • The connected app receives the callback from Salesforce to the redirect URL, which extracts the access and refresh tokens.

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What is an API in Salesforce?

Working with Salesforce REST API: Easy Steps, Key Types, Operations, and Limits

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction to Salesforce. …
  • Introduction to Salesforce REST API. …
  • Salesforce REST API access compatibility. …
  • Salesforce REST API resources and requests. …
  • Salesforce REST API Compression headers. …
  • Working with Salesforce REST API. …
  • Salesforce REST API Operations. …
  • Salesforce REST API Limits. …
  • Conclusion. …

What is restresource annotation in Salesforce?

The rules for mapping URLs are:

  • An exact match always wins.
  • If no exact match is found, find all the patterns with wildcards that match, and then select the longest (by string length) of those.
  • If no wildcard match is found, an HTTP response status code 404 is returned.

How do you call REST API in Salesforce?

Use REST APILog in to the Postman app and navigate to the REST folder in the Salesforce API Collection.Use the GET SObject Describe resource.Create an account using REST API.Execute a query using REST API.

Can we create API in Salesforce?

Create the API Request In your preferred API development tool, construct a request to create a new contact. Use this sample code and substitute your REST Base URI in Host and your access token in Authorization. Remember, you can find this information under the component details of your installed package.

How do I enable REST API in Salesforce?

Enable API Access in Salesforce by Permission SetClick the Gear icon and click Setup.Type permission into the Quick Find box and select Permission Sets.Select the Permission Set you wish to enable API access for.Scroll down to System and click System Permissions.Click Edit.Check the API Enabled box and click Save.

How do I create a public REST API in Salesforce?

How to create public REST web service in salesforceIn this blog we are going to see how to create publicly accessible REST web service in salesforce.Welcome to Cloudwaale blog. … Go to your name -> Developer Console ->File -> New -> Apex Class.Write your own code, you can use following code for demo.More items…•

Does Salesforce have a REST API?

The REST API is one of several web interfaces that can be used for accessing Salesforce data without using the Salesforce user interface. With API Access, you can perform operations and connect Salesforce into your applications as per your need.

What is Salesforce REST API?

REST API is one of several web interfaces that you can use to access your Salesforce data without using the Salesforce user interface. With API access, you can perform operations and integrate Salesforce into your applications as you like.

How do I set up API in Salesforce?

You can enable API access on your Salesforce account either by user profile or permission set….Enable API access using profilesClick on Setup.Go to Manage Users and click Profiles.Click Edit on the specific profile you’re updating.Scroll down to Administrative Permissions and check the API Enabled box.Click Save.

How do I create an API only user in Salesforce?

Follow same steps to create normal user and profile.Go to Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets.Create a new Permission Set.Scroll down to Administrative Permissions and check the API Enabled box.Save.Assign the permission set to the integration user.

How do I create a Salesforce API key?

To connect your Quip site to Salesforce, you need an API key….Only a Quip admin can create an API key.Log in to the Quip Admin Console.Click Settings, then Integrations.Click New API Key.Name your API key and enable the User Read, User Manage, User Write, Admin Read, Admin Write, and Admin Manage scopes.

How do I create Apex REST API?

Apex REST Basic Code SampleCreate an Apex class in your instance from Setup. Enter Apex Classes in the Quick Find box, select Apex Classes, and then click New. Add this code to the new Apex class: … Create a file called account. txt to contain the data for the account you will create in the next step.

What is webhook in Salesforce?

Let’s begin with one of the concepts that will be needed before moving further. A webhook is an HTTP callback that fires when an event happens. An application or platform implementing webhooks will POST a message to a URL when certain things happen. For the purposes of this example, Stripe will POST a JSON message to Salesforce and Salesforce will consume that message and do some additional processing based upon the JSON content.

Is Stripe good for Salesforce?

Salesforce is great at managing all of the interactions between your business and your customers. So it would be perfectly reasonable to have Stripe inform Salesforce when a payment has been made so that your team is aware.


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