How to create a new lightning page in salesforce


  • In Salesforce, click the Setup icon and click Setup
  • While in Setup, navigate to the Object Manager tab then Click into the Quote object.
  • In the left panel, click Lightning Record Pages.
  • Click New to create a new page.
  • The Lightning App Builder opens with a Create new page wizard. Click to create a Record Page, and then click Next.
  • On the next screen, give the page a name, and select Quote as the object, and then click Next.
  • Now it is time to select a page template to use. There are many to choose from, but for this example, select Header and Right Sidebar, and then click Finish.
From Setup, Go to Quick Find / Search and enter App Builder then click Lightning App Builder.
  1. Click on New, will be redirected to ‘Create a new Lightning Page’ popup.
  2. Select ‘Home page’ and click on next.
  3. Enter the label name.
  4. Choose the page template or clone salesforce default page. …
  5. Click on Finish.
Apr 7, 2020

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How to activate Salesforce Lightning?

Set the Default Interface to Lightning Experience

  • From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Lightning in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. …
  • Select the Roll Out phase.
  • Click Launch Lightning Experience to expand the stage.
  • Click Switch Users next to Make Lightning Experience the default interface. …
  • Click the + button next to the users you want to switch.

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What do you need to know about Salesforce Lightning?

Specifically, we think that:

  • You should be comfortable reading and writing JavaScript. …
  • It would be great if you know Apex. …
  • If you’re coming to Lightning components from Visualforce, be sure to add the Apply Visualforce Skills to Lightning Components trail to your task list. …

What are the lightning events in Salesforce?

  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 1 – Component Events Introduction
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 2 – Building Component Events
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 3 – Bubble and Capture Phase
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 4 – Understanding Container Components
  • Salesforce Lightning Events Part 5 – Application Events Introduction

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How to create new user in Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning: Create a New User

  1. Click on the Setup menu and select Users within the Administration category.
  2. Click on the New User button.
  3. Enter the first name, last name, alias, email address, username and nickname. …
  4. Choose a role. …
  5. Choose a User License. …
  6. Choose a Profile. …
  7. Set your email encoding language.
  8. Set your locale settings.

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How do I add a lightning page in Salesforce?

Create an App PageFrom Setup, enter App Builder in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Select App Page, and then click Next.Name your Lightning page Top Accounts and Opportunities .Select the Two Regions template, and click Finish. … Drag the List View component into the first region.More items…

How do I create a new page in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsIn Experience Builder, open the Pages menu on the top toolbar.Click New Page at the bottom of the Pages menu.Select the page type: Standard Page. … Select a standard page to open it. … Add and configure page components.Preview and publish your site.

How do I create a custom Lightning record page in Salesforce?

Create a New Custom Lightning Record PageIn Salesforce, click the Setup icon and click Setup.While in Setup, navigate to the Object Manager tab then Click into the Quote object.In the left panel, click Lightning Record Pages.Click New to create a new page.More items…•

What is the difference between a page layout and a lightning page?

Lightning pages occupy a middle ground between page layouts and Visualforce pages. Like a page layout, Lightning pages allow you to add custom items to a page. However, these items, instead of being fields or Visualforce components, are Lightning components, which allow much more flexibility.

What is lightning page in Salesforce?

A Lightning page is a custom layout that lets you design pages for use in the Salesforce mobile app or Lightning Experience. Lightning pages occupy a middle ground between page layouts and Visualforce pages. Like a page layout, Lightning pages allow you to add custom items to a page.

How do I edit a lightning page in Salesforce?

Edit Your Lightning PageIn Setup, make the global party ID field visible and read-only before creating the Lightning page.In Setup, navigate to User Interface | Lightning App Builder.Create a record page for the object, or modify an existing one.Drop each component where you want on the Lightning record page.More items…

What is the difference between lightning page and lightning tab?

Lightning page tabs only facilitate inclusion of the Lightning page in the Salesforce app and Lightning Experience. You can create a custom tab only for an App Page type of Lightning page. What Is a Lightning Page Tab? Lightning Page Tabs let you add Lightning Pages to the mobile app navigation menu.

How many types of lightning pages are there in Salesforce?

Lightning Page Type The four options are App Page, Home Page, Record Page, and Embedded Service Page.

What is the difference between app page and home page?

App Page – you can create a page that appears when you select an App, e.g. Sales App or any custom app you have created. Think of it as a Home Page for each App. 2. Home Page – when a user first logs in, they land on their Home Page.

How do I assign a lightning page to a profile?

Click an Object from the list. Click on Lightning Record Pages from the left hand panel. Click on the View Page Assignments button in the top right corner. In the Look Up an Assignment box select a value for each of the the available App, Record Type, and Profile picklists.

How do I edit a lightning page?

From Setup, in Object Manager, click the object name for the page you want to edit. Click Lightning Record Pages and click on one of our default pages. Then click Edit. From Setup, go to the Lightning App Builder page, then click Edit next to the page name.

Can I create more than 1 page layout for an object?

It’s important to note that you can only apply one page layout to one group of users per object, per record Type. For example, if you have one record Type on the Accounts object, you can only apply one page layout per profile. Record types come into play to extend this.

How do I create a different page layout in Salesforce?

Create Page LayoutsFrom Setup, click Object Manager and select Account.Click the Page Layouts link, then click New.Select Account Layout from the Existing Page Layout picklist.Enter Customer Account Layout for Page Layout Name. … Click Save.More items…

How do you create a page layout?

To create a page layoutIn Design Manager, in the left navigation pane, choose Edit Page Layouts.Choose Create a page layout.In the Create a Page Layout dialog box, enter a name for your page layout.Select a master page. … Select a content type. … Choose OK.

How do I create a new section in a page layout in Salesforce?

Custom Objects in the Classic UIGo to Setup.Click Create | Objects | Object Name | Page Layouts | Click Edit beside the desired page layout.Select Fields in the palette.Find Section in the first column, then drag and drop it on the page layout.Enter your desired name on the Section Name field.Click OK.Click Save.

How do I customize page layout in Salesforce?

Log into Salesforce and click Setup in the top right-hand corner of the page.In the left menu, under App Setup, click Customize.Under Account, Opportunity, Product, Work Order or Asset, select Page Layouts. … Click Edit beside a page layout.More items…•

What files are needed for Lightning web component?

For that we’re going to copy and paste some HTML, JavaScript, and XML that we’ve already prepared for you. We start with the myFirstWebComponent.js-meta.xml file .

What is Salesforce CLI?

The basic foundation for interacting with an org using Salesforce CLI is a Salesforce DX project. A project consists of several local configuration files, as well as the code you want to deploy. In Salesforce terms we call this code metadata, which is the foundation of the Salesforce Platform. If you’re new to Salesforce, check out Platform Development Basics to learn more about our metadata-driven approach.

How to create a project in SFDX?

Press Command + Shift + P on macOS or Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows or Linux, then type create project. Select SFDX: Create Project, and press Enter.

How long does it take to create a scratch org?

Be patient, creating a scratch org can take a minute. The success message should look like this in the output panel of VS Code:

Can I use Visual Studio code for Salesforce?

We can use Visual Studio Code for creating a Lightning web component , just as we did to create the Salesforce DX project. Or we can use Salesforce CLI directly.

What is a Lightning page template?

Every standard Lightning page is associated with a default template component , which defines the page’s regions and what components the page includes. Custom Lightning page template components let you create page templates to fit your business needs with the structure and components that you define. Once implemented, your custom template is available in the Lightning App Builder’s new page wizard for your page creators to use.

What is the description attribute in Lightning App Builder?

The description attribute on the aura:component tag is optional, but recommended. If you define a description, it displays as the template description beneath the template image in the Lightning App Builder new page wizard.

What is a custom template?

A custom template is an Aura component bundle that should include at least a .cmp resource and a design resource. The .cmp resource must implement a template interface, and declare an attribute of type Aura.Component [] for each template region. The Aura.Component [] type defines the attribute as a collection of components.

What is lightning:flexipageRegionInfo?

You can use the lightning:flexipageRegionInfo subcomponent to pass region width information to a component. Doing so lets you configure your page components to render differently based on what size region they display in.

Can a template component multitask?

Template components shouldn’t implement any other type of interface, such as flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes or force:hasRecordId. A template component can’t multi-task as a regular component. It’s either a template, or it’s not.

How to add a landing page to Lightning app?

Select the Sales app, and click Add page to app . The page you’re adding to the menu appears in the second position by default. Let’s leave it there. If you put it into the top position, it becomes the landing page for all your Lightning Experience users.

How to add global actions to Lightning app?

In the properties pane for the Recent Items component, click Select and add the Opportunity object to it. In the properties pane, click Page, click Select, and then add these actions to the page. You can add only global actions to a Lightning app page. From the toolbar, change the view to Tablet-Landscape.

How to restrict a page to administrators?

Restricting your page to administrators only means that you can see and test the page, but your users can’t see it until you’re ready to expose it to them. Click the Lightning Experience tab. Select the Sales app, and click Add page to app. The page you’re adding to the menu appears in the second position by default.

Can you change the name of an app in Lightning?

Don’t change the app name. By default, the label that you give the Lightning page is used as the label for its custom tab.

Can you access Salesforce app pages?

Just like the other pages, your users can’t access your app page until you activate it. During activation, you can customize the page’s custom tab label, adjust its visibility, and set its position in the Salesforce mobile app and Lightning Experience app navigation bars, all in one place.

What is a Lightning page?

A Lightning page is a custom layout that lets you to design pages in Lightning Experience and Salesforce mobile app. A Lightning page is composed of various regions that contain components. Following are the lightning pages that can be built with the Lightning App Builder:

How to create a Lightning app?

Step 1: From the Setup, enter App Builder in the quick find box and select Lightning App Builder. Click New to create a new lightning page. Step 2: Select the Record page to create a custom record page for the account. Click on Next.

What is a record page?

Record page: It is used to build custom lightning record pages containing the components with related records based on the user requirement.

What is Salesforce appseconnt?

APPSeCONNECT is a smart and robust business application integration platform that seamlessly connects Salesforce CRM with all your business applications to streamline operations and facilitate the free-flow of data across the platforms. By moving into the region of iPaaS, APPSeCONNECT proves to be a best-in-the-class platform that easily connects systems and automates the business process.

What is the header in Lightning?

1. Header. It shows the label of the page, pages list which contains the top 10 modified pages and a back button to return to setup without saving the changes. 2. Toolbar: It contains the buttons to cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, save, and activate the lightning page.

Can lightning pages be assigned to apps?

Lightning pages can also be assigned to apps, record types and profiles. In this article we are going to explain about types of lightning pages that can be created with app builder, types of lightning components used in the lightning pages, lightning app builder user interface, and an example of creating a record page and assign it to sales app …

Can you create custom Lightning pages in Salesforce?

In this way, we can create custom lightning pages in Salesforce using the Lightning App Builder. We sincerely hope that this was useful and any comment or feedback will be very helpful.

How many types of pages can be created using Lightning App Builder?

There are 3 types of pages can be created using Lightning App Builder. They are,

What is Lightning app builder?

The lightning app builder is a point and click tool to create a single page application for Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience. Simply drag and drop the components into the builder layout to build the application. We can build single-page applications using Visualforce pages and global actions to make the app more interactive. App builder also provides the capability to build dashboard style applications.

What is page activation option?

Page activation option is to change the app visibility to either for all users or administrators only.

Is Lightning app created?

Lightning App is successfully created and added to the menu and the screenshot for the same is as follows


The Aura Components Basics Trailhead module walks you through building a form for creating an expense record.

Implement a Basic Form

Before proceeding, we recommend that you have working knowledge of web forms, as the rest of the topic builds on that concept.


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