How to create a folder in salesforce


Creating a New Salesforce Folder

  • Open the Salesforce Studio.
  • Click on the Overview tab.
  • Hit the All Site Content view under the Type Site list.
  • Click on Create New Folder.
  • Enter the new folder’s name.
  • Hit Create.
To create new folders:
  1. In the All Site Content view on the Overview tab, click New Folder.
  2. Type in the folder name.
  3. Click Create.


How do I create a sales team folder in Salesforce?

Select Folder. For Folder Name, enter Sales Team. Click Done. Sales users have the Standard User Profile in Salesforce. To ensure they will have access to the marker layers in the Sales Team folder, give users with the Standard User Profile read only access, as follows.

How to enable folders in libraries in Salesforce?

Note To enable folders in a library, you need the “Manage Salesforce CRM Content” permission. Verify that you’re both a member of the library and have Library Administrator permission. You can also use SOAP API to enable folders in libraries. In libraries with more than 5,000 files, you can’t enable folders.

How do I create a new folder?

Click Add Folder (2). Enter a name for the folder that doesn’t have forward slashes or trailing or leading spaces. Click Create. The folder appears in the workspace. To add a child folder, click the folder title. Click Add Folder (1). Enter a name for the folder (2) and click Save (3).

How do I create an Org in Salesforce maps?

Sign up for a free Developer Edition org with Salesforce Maps. Fill out the form. For Email, enter an active email address. For Username, enter a username that looks like an email address and is unique, but it doesn’t need to be a valid email account (for example, [email protected]). After you fill out the form, click Sign me up.


How do I create a folder in Salesforce lightning?

You can create report and dashboard folders in Lightning Experience….On the Reports or Dashboards tab, click New Folder.Name the folder. The folder name must be unique across all report and dashboard folders.Click Save.

How do I create a folder within a folder in Salesforce?

Here are some simple steps to follow in making a new folder.Open the Salesforce Studio.Click on the Overview tab.Hit the All Site Content view under the Type Site list.Click on Create New Folder.Enter the new folder’s name.Hit Create.

How do I create a new folder?

Create a folderOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app.At the bottom right, tap Add .Tap Folder.Name the folder.Tap Create.

How do I create a new dashboard folder in Salesforce?

Create a new dashboard folder called Global Sales Dashboards:Click the Dashboards tab.Click New Folder and enter the details.For Folder Label, enter Global Sales Dashboards .Click in the Folder Unique Name text box to auto-populate the unique name. … Click Save.

How do I create a folder in Salesforce reports?

Create a Folder for Article ReportsIn the Report Folder section of the Reports tab, click Create New Folder.Enter Article Reports in the Folder Label field.Optionally, modify the Group Unique Name .Choose a Public Folder Access option. … Choose a folder visibility option.Click Save.

How do I manage folders in Salesforce?

Managing FoldersTo access report and dashboard folders, click the Reports or Dashboards tab.To access document folders in Salesforce Classic, click the Documents tab.To access library folders in Lightning Experience, click the Files tab, and then click Libraries.More items…

How do I add files to a folder?

0:422:06How to create folders and move files into folders – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo to move files into a folder you can do it one of three ways the first way is to simply selectMoreSo to move files into a folder you can do it one of three ways the first way is to simply select your file and drag it into the folder.

How do I make a new folder in My documents?

From your Google Docs home page, double-click to open one of your documents. 3. Click the folder icon at the top, next to your document’s title, to create a new folder.

How do I save a file to a folder?

The steps required to save a file to a standard location.Launch the File Save dialog. In the File menu, select the Save As menu item.Name the file. Open the folder containing the desired file. … Select the desired folder in which to save the file. … Specify a file format type.Click on the Save button.

How do I give a report folder access to users in Salesforce?

Sharing Content with Other UsersNavigate to the Reports tab.Select All Folders listed on the left-hand side. … Click the carrot on the far right of the row with your Report Folder name.Select Share from the dropdown.In the new popup window, Share with Public Groups or Users, View Access.Click Share, and then Done.

How do I create a matrix report in Salesforce?

Matrix ReportsOn the Reports tab, click New Report, choose the Opportunities report type, and click Create.Apply the following filters: … Click Tabular Format and change the report format to Matrix.Group the report by Type by dragging that field into the column grouping drop zone.More items…

How do I enable enhanced folder sharing in Salesforce?

In order to enable Enhanced Folder Sharing before the Spring ’22 release, follow these steps:From Setup in Salesforce Classic, enter ‘Folder Sharing’ in the Quick Find box.Select Folder Sharing.Select Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders.Click Save.

What are Folders?

Like the usual filing tool used in everyday office works, a Salesforce folder holds important reports, dashboards, and data found on the company’s Salesforce org. Access, content, and modification of these folders can be controlled by the Salesforce admins.

Creating a New Salesforce Folder

Start organizing the org’s data collections by creating folders to place them in. Here are some simple steps to follow in making a new folder.

Editing a Salesforce Folder

Existing Salesforce folders can be edited to suit the needs and preferences of its users. To change folder settings, follow these steps:


Your company is planning its quarterly customer visits to Salesforce accounts with open opportunities. This is time-consuming if you have to comb through the account records, find the location of each customer, and then schedule meetings in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits of Marker Layer Builder

As outlined in the Salesforce Maps Layers badge, the Marker Layer Builder allows for:

Marker Layer Folders

In this project, you get hands-on practice building a marker layer for a sales user in Salesforce Maps. But, before you create a marker layer for sales users, let’s get organized and ensure users have access to relevant marker layers. In this case, create a folder for the sales team. All sales related marker layers will be stored in that folder.

Sign Up for a Developer Edition Org with Salesforce Maps

To complete this module, you need a special Developer Edition org that contains Salesforce Maps and sample data. Get the free Developer Edition and connect it to Trailhead now so you can complete the challenges in this module. Note that this Developer Edition is designed to work with the challenges in this badge, and may not work for other badges.

Create Marker Layer Folders

Start by creating a subfolder for the sales team in the Corporate Folder.

Verify Step

You’ll be completing this project in your own hands-on org. Click Launch to get started, or click the name of your org to choose a different one.


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