How to create a folder in salesforce reports


Create Report and Dashboard Folders

  • If you’re not currently in the Sales app, click the App Launcher and select Sales.
  • Click the Reports tab.
  • Click New Folder and enter the details. …
  • For Folder Label, enter Global Sales Reports.
  • Click in the Folder Unique Name text box to auto-populate the unique name. …
  • Click Save.

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Create a Folder for Article Reports
  1. In the Report Folder section of the Reports tab, click Create New Folder.
  2. Enter Article Reports in the Folder Label field.
  3. Optionally, modify the Group Unique Name .
  4. Choose a Public Folder Access option. …
  5. Choose a folder visibility option.
  6. Click Save.


How to create Salesforce reports?

  • Go to the Reports tab and click on New Report .
  • Select the ‘Accounts’ report type and click Create.
  • In the filters pane, click Add and select Field Filter.
  • Choose a field from the first drop-down list. …
  • Set the filter operator to Equals.
  • Click the lookup icon next to the third field, select the value Customer – Direct , and click OK.

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How do I create a custom report in Salesforce?

Step 1: Defining the Custom Report

  1. Select the primary object, in this case, “ Accounts ”. Fill all the necessary information, as we did in Example 1. …
  2. Report Records Set Now define object relationship for this custom report type. …
  3. Report Layout

How to create a Salesforce custom report type?

How to Create a Salesforce Report

  • Tabular Report. To get started, head over to the Reports tab. If you don’t see it, click on the App Launcher (9 dots).
  • Summary Report. Let’s make this a bit more exciting! …
  • Matrix Report. Let’s take this one step further…and add another grouping, this time a “Group Column”, to display the “Type” of Account.

How to create folders for files in Salesforce Lightning?

  • Create and view a hierarchy of your files associated with a record, by creating one-off folder structures or reusable templates.
  • Tag files and easily search for those files by name or tag.
  • Manage the hierarchy, creating, renaming, moving and deleting folders, as well as uploading new files directly into a folder.

How do I create a folder in Salesforce lightning Reports?

You can create report and dashboard folders in Lightning Experience….On the Reports or Dashboards tab, click New Folder.Name the folder. The folder name must be unique across all report and dashboard folders.Click Save.

Can you create subfolders in Salesforce Reports?

Creating a subfolder is just like creating a regular folder. Go into the report or dashboard folder where you want to create the subfolder, and click New Folder. Name the folder, and click Save. Et voila!

How do I create a folder in Salesforce?

To create new folders:In the All Site Content view on the Overview tab, click New Folder.Type in the folder name.Click Create.

How do I organize report folders in Salesforce?

0:582:58Report into the East folder. It’s easy to search or navigate to find and select the rightMoreReport into the East folder. It’s easy to search or navigate to find and select the right destination. If you want more granularity. You can create additional subfolders.

What is report folder in Salesforce?

Use report and dashboard folders to organize your reports and dashboards. To share reports and dashboards, you share the folder, not the report or dashboard itself.

How do I create a folder in Salesforce dashboard?

On the Reports or Dashboards tab, click New Folder.Name the folder. The folder name must be unique across all report and dashboard folders.Click Save.

How do I change the report folder in Salesforce?

Move a report or dashboard between folders by dragging them from the list view to a report or dashboard folder on the Folders pane.On the Reports tab list view, click and hold an item.Drag the item to its destination folder in the Folders pane.

How do I manage folders in Salesforce?

Managing FoldersTo access report and dashboard folders, click the Reports or Dashboards tab.To access document folders in Salesforce Classic, click the Documents tab.To access library folders in Lightning Experience, click the Files tab, and then click Libraries.More items…

How do I upload a folder to Salesforce?

To upload files to a library, select the library and then click Add Files. Files you upload to a library inherit the sharing settings of that library. You can also add files to Salesforce by: Attaching a file to a Chatter post.

Can we archive Reports in Salesforce?

Last run dates are key in helping – if a report hasn’t been run in the past year, you can move it to an archive folder.

How do I manage a report in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions To run a report, find it on the Reports tab and click the report name. Most reports run automatically when you click the name. Click the Reports tab. If you’re already viewing a report, click Run Report to run it.

How do you manage a report?

Complete steps on how to prepare a Management ReportStep 1: Plan before you start. … Step 2: Invest in automated tools. … Step 3: Use clear and objective language. … Step 4: Tell a story to engage readers. … Step 5: Define the metrics and KPIs to be used. … Step 6: Establish a point of comparison.More items…•

How to autopopulate folder name?

Click in the Folder Unique Name text box to auto-populate the unique name. Don’t worry, the unique name of this folder isn’t checked.

Why do we need reports?

Reports give you a quick way to answer both simple or complex questions.

What is dashboard in sales?

Dashboard to display key information from her sales reports, which is also to be accessible by her team.

What is flexibility in dashboards?

Flexibility —with reports and dashboards you can pull data from all your standard and custom objects and fields. You have many powerful options for tailoring reports and dashboards to the specific needs of your end users.

How to Use Report Folders in Salesforce

Report and dashboard folders help you keep your reports organized, they also let you specify who can view and edit the reports they contain.

Create a Folder

You can also create folders, if you’ve been given permission to do so.

How to give someone access to a folder?

To give someone access to a folder, you must have either Manager access to that folder, the “Manage Reports in Public Folders” permission (for report folders), or the “Manage Dashboards in Public Folders” permission (for dashboard folders).

How to enable others to use a report or dashboard?

To enable others to use a report or a dashboard, share the folder it is in. Give each user, public group, or role the degree of access to the folder that makes sense for them.

What happens if a folder does not have manager access?

If a folder does not have Manager access, it is public, and users with the “View Reports in Public Folders” permission can view it. Depending on their object access, these users can also run the report. (1) Share your folder by user, by user group, or by role.

What can you do when you are an editor on a folder?

When you are an Editor on a folder, you can view and modify the reports and dashboards it contains, and move them to and from any other folders you have Editor or Manager access to .

Can you change a dashboard with viewer access?

With Viewer access you can see the data in a report or dashboard, but you can’t make any changes, except by cloning it into a new report or dashboard. All users have at least Viewer access to report and dashboard folders that have been shared with them. (Some users may have administrative user permissions that give them greater access.)


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