How to convert picklist value to text in salesforce


Instead, use ISPICKVAL() to check a picklist field’s value, or use TEXT() to convert a picklist value to Text before using the equals operator.

How do I convert multiple picklist to text in Salesforce?

Create an Action Now add an action and select the Apex type. Under Apex Class, select Multi-Picklist to Text. You will see some fields to populate, but will also need to click Add Row (twice) in order to add the Save on: Record ID and Save on: Field API Name options.

How do I export a picklist value in Salesforce?

Solution. … Open the BOFC Home > Click “Export Picklist Values for multiple fields“It will open below screen.User can export “Active or Inactive” picklist values for different type of metadata:Select “Export Picklist” and select the type of picklist values to export (Active or Inactive or Both)More items…•

How do I export a picklist value?

Open an existing picklist, or create a new one. Click the Picklist drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, then click Export Picklist To CSV. A download prompt for the CSV file appears. Select whether to open the file immediately, or to save the file to a specific location.

How do I display a picklist value in a formula field in Salesforce?

Use Picklist Fields in FormulasIn Setup, use the quick find box to find the Object Manager.Click Case | Fields & Relationships and click New.Select Text Area and click Next.In Field Label, enter Reason for Escalating. Field Name populates automatically.Click Next.Click Next again and then click Save.

How do I Export an object field in Salesforce?

Export DataOpen the Data Loader.Click Export. … Enter your Salesforce username and password, and click Log in.When you’re logged in, click Next. … Choose an object. … Select the CSV file to export the data to. … Click Next.Create a SOQL query for the data export.More items…

How do I Export picklist values in successfactors?

Go to Admin Center >> Import and Export Data.On the Select the action to perform, choose Export Data.On the Select Generic Object, type Picklist-Values.Include Dependencies must be set to No.Then Click Export. Go to the Monitor Job and download the exported file.

How can I download EC picklist?

In Admin Center >> Picklist Management, Import Picklist(s). Once the picklist file is uploaded, click on Export all picklist(s). Click on ‘Download export’ button. The picklist file will get downloaded, but the details that you updated will not reflect in the downloaded file.

How do I update a dependent picklist in Salesforce?

From the management settings for the picklist’s object, go to Fields. Click Field Dependencies. Click Edit next to the field dependency relationship you want to change. Use the field dependency matrix to specify the dependent picklist values that are available when a user selects each controlling field value.

How do I recover a field dependency in Salesforce?

Create Field DependenciesWhile still viewing the Account object in the Object Manager, select Fields & Relationships.Click Field Dependencies.Click New.Select Region as the Controlling Field and select Zone as the Dependent Field.Click Continue.Select the appropriate zones in each column by double-clicking them.More items…

How do you refer a picklist value in a formula field?

To get The Selected Value from Picklist you can try TEXT(Picklist Field Name). It will return the Selected Picklist Value.

How do I get the picklist value in flow in Salesforce?

Using Record-Triggered Flow to Save the Picklist Choice Value1- Create a text field to save the selected choice’s value. … 2- Create a record-triggered flow, select your object, and configure the flow to run on create and update. … 3- Add a decision to check if the Model_Code__c has changed or if it is a new record.More items…•

How do you get the picklist value label in Apex?

To get the picklist label via SOQL. Use the PicklistEntry Class to retrieve picklist value’s label and API name dynamically. getLabel() – will return a picklist value’s label. getValue() – will return a picklist value’s API Name, as it used to do before.

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