How to connect marketing cloud with salesforce


  • In Marketing Cloud, hover over your name and select Setup.
  • Next select Users under Administration.
  • Click the name of the Marketing Cloud Account API user.
  • Click Integrate in the Status field on the user general settings screen.
  • Enter the username for the CRM API user and click Save Settings.

Log into Marketing cloud => Navigate to email studio => Click on Email App=> click Admin tab=> click Salesforce Integration=> click Connect Account. Contact Marketing Cloud Support to enable and upgrade the Connected App button under the Salesforce Integration for secure data transfer between systems.

How to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud for free?

We’ll put you on the right path.

  • Email Marketing from Salesforce. Businesses of any size can grow with professional-level email marketing from Marketing Cloud. …
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What is Marketing Cloud Connector?

The newest release offers some great improvements to this tool:

  • Journey Builder now offers entry events from the Sales and Service clouds. …
  • Data Stream allows you to sync data from Salesforce CRM to Marketing Cloud into a synchronized Data Extension. …
  • Connected App Authentication is a new, more secure way to pair Marketing Cloud with Salesforce CRM. …

More items…

What is the customer service number for Salesforce?

Help and Support

  • Increase the return on your investment in Salesforce with Success Plans. …
  • Collaborate with specialists, consultants and other certified experts. …
  • Get trained and certified at the source. …

What is ExactTarget in Salesforce?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as ExactTarget, is a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions.. Salesforce marketing cloud software powers multi-channel communications for organizations around the world including, Aurora Fashions, Papa John’s,, Gannett Co., Inc.,


What Salesforce editions work with Marketing Cloud Connect?

Marketing Cloud Connect is available in Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise, Performance Editions, or Developer Edition Sandbox.

Is Marketing Cloud included in Salesforce?

Yes. Marketing Cloud is a core component of Salesforce Customer 360. It operates alongside other clouds to complete the Customer 360: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and App Cloud.

How do I transfer data from Marketing Cloud to Salesforce?

Send to a Salesforce Data Extension or Salesforce Data Extension FilterIn Marketing Cloud, navigate to Email Studio.Under Interactions, click Salesforce Send Emails.Select a Salesforce data extension or data extension filter.Click Send.Select to send immediately or schedule a time to send.Certify opt in.More items…

How do I set up a Marketing Cloud connector?

1:3113:47Marketing Cloud Connect Complete Setup in Lightning – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipMake sure that you are in your api admin account and not your personal. Account. So on to the nextMoreMake sure that you are in your api admin account and not your personal. Account. So on to the next step in the trailhead instructions. And our next step is to install the managed. Package. We can do

What’s the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built to identify leads and guide them toward your product or service, while Salesforce Sales Cloud is built to close deals and bring in revenue.

Can you use Marketing Cloud without Salesforce?

You can still use a code-free solution, but it requires a Salesforce Sales Cloud admin to design the “listener” in Process Builder rather than exclusively in Marketing Cloud. Alternative is entry about 1.5 hours after record change using scheduled automation, in which case all work can be done in Marketing Cloud.

How do you integrate between a Cloud and another Salesforce org?

Here are the following steps I used to integrate with another Salesforce org.Create an Apex REST resource (New Salesforce org) … Create a connected app (New Salesforce org) … Create Authorization Provider (New Salesforce org) … Create a Named Credentials (New Salesforce org)More items…•

How is Salesforce data used in Marketing Cloud?

2:335:35How to create a Salesforce data extension in SFMC? – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipI’m going to click on create. Provide a name for the import i’m going to provide the same. Name as iMoreI’m going to click on create. Provide a name for the import i’m going to provide the same. Name as i provided for my salesforce. Report. And here i’m choosing a source so from where am i downloading.

Where do you integrate Marketing Cloud Connect users?

Marketing Cloud User IntegrationIn Marketing Cloud, hover over your name and select Setup.Next select Users under Administration.Click the name of the Marketing Cloud Account API user.Click Integrate in the Status field on the user general settings screen.More items…

How do I connect to Salesforce CRM?

Set Up Salesforce CRM ConnectionIn Customer Data Platform, select then. CDP Setup.Select Salesforce CRM.To connect a Salesforce org to Customer Data Platform, click New. … To connect your Salesforce orgs to Customer Data Platform, click Connect. … After you connect your Salesforce org, you can view the connection details.

Connect Your Users in Sales or Service Cloud

In a separate window, login to your Sales or Service Cloud instance with your user


If you receive an error saying “There was an error communicating with Salesforce, verify your connected app is set up properly and try again” after attempting to enter in your Username in Marketing Cloud, then your Salesforce user is likely not configured for authentication with Marketing Cloud Connect.

Marketing Cloud Basics

Explore our powerful suite of products and start building your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Cloud Connect Setup

Configure Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud to share key data across your clouds.

After installing following permissions are used –

Click on Setup ——-> Click Customize —-> Click users —–> Click Page Layouts—–> Edit the user page layout.

Steps to Login to Marketing cloud org –

Navigate to Email Studio —> Click Admin ——> Click Salesforce Integration —–> Click Edit.

Steps to create a Marketing cloud user API-

Click on Email Studio—–> Click Admin ——> Click My Users —-> Click Create Name the user so it can be easily identified (eg. API-user-1234).

In Sales and Service cloud –

Click Setup —-> Click Manage App —-> Connected Apps —-> Salesforce Marketing Cloud —-> Manage Permission Sets.

What is marketing cloud connect?

Marketing Cloud Connect makes it possible to share data across your cloud solutions.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Just know that this term refers to your Sales Cloud or Service Cloud account–whichever you’re choosing to connect to Marketing Cloud.

What is the purpose of user accounts in Salesforce?

That can sound complicated, but just remember that the purpose of these user accounts is simply to create a connection—like a handshake—between Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud.

What version of Salesforce is used for CRM?

Your Salesforce CRM org must be one of the following versions: Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise, or Performance Editions, or a Developer Edition sandbox. To find out which version you’re using, see the Salesforce Help article Find Salesforce Edition and API Version.

Can you use Salesforce CRM if you are not a CRM administrator?

We assume you are a Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM administrator. It’s OK if you’re not, but you won’t have the proper permissions to access and configure your accounts.

Can you connect a Salesforce CRM to a Marketing Cloud account?

It’s possible to connect a Marketing Cloud account to multiple Salesforce CRM orgs, but we don’t cover that setup in this module.


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