How to connect dialpad to salesforce


  1. Log in to your Salesforce Account.
  2. Go to the Salesforce AppExchange website.
  3. Go to our Salesforce AppExchange listing of supported Apps or search for Dialpad in the search bar.
  4. Now, select the “Dialpad CTI for Salesforce” Option on the App Listing Page.
  5. Click on the “ Install for All Users ” button then select “Install”. Otherwise, after installation, you can enable which users you want to add to Dialpad.


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Can I integrate Salesforce with Dialpad?

Similar to our G Suite and Office 365 integrations, Salesforce can be integrated within Dialpad. A few things to note: Dialpad does not store Salesforce activities. It only does a real-time fetch to display information using Salesforce APIs. Looking for our other Salesforce integrations? Learn more about Classic and Lightning.

How do I log Dialpad calls to Salesforce?

As long as you’ve matched the right contact in Dialpad to Salesforce, all active inbound and outbound calls will automatically log in Salesforce as completed activities. The activity will be listed with the default title Dialpad Call and basic call info (call duration, call type).

What is Dialpad and the Salesforce CTI?

Dialpad and the Salesforce CTI allow you to access Dialpad’s features inside Salesforce Lightning. With the Salesforce CTI, you’re able to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and much more. Let’s take a look at the Salesforce CTI with Dialpad. Who can use this feature?

How do I view Salesforce activity for my contacts?

Just like your desktop app, you can view Salesforce activity for your contacts including an option to log activity and to select the right match when multiple appear. Just tap on the Info icon to display your Salesforce sidebar. And if you enter notes during a call (or long-press on a past call), we’ll automatically log them as closed activities.


How do I integrate Dialpad into Salesforce?

Here’s how:Navigate to the App Manager.Select each Lighting app you want to enable with Dialpad.Select Edit.Select the Utility Bar > Add > Open CTI Softphone.Rename the Open CTI Softphone as Dialpad.Click Save and Done to complete.

How do I enable click to call in Salesforce?

To enable Click-to-Call functionality:Go to Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Custom Settings > Feature Configuration > Manage.Click New; in the Name field, enter the value as CLICK TO CALL.Click Save.

Is Dialpad a CRM?

Dialpad’s contact center software integrates with a whole host of other tools that agents and supervisors use. These range from CRM software that harness customer data, to workflow management software that help with scheduling and tracking KPIs and answer business needs to marketing tools—and many more.

How do I receive calls on my Dialpad?

Incoming calls appear in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app. Select Answer to pick up, or select the Decline to ignore the call. If you choose to answer, the active call screen launches with an array of options including real-time transcription powered by Voice Intelligence.

How do I make a phone number clickable in Salesforce?

The formula of the field should be in the following format: HYPERLINK(“tel:” & Phone, Phone,”_self”), where Phone is the API name of the existing field, holding account’s phone number. Save the new field and make sure that this field has required Field Level Security for the user’s profile to view it.

Can you make phone calls in Salesforce?

A phone lets your team take and make calls alongside their other work in Salesforce. You can create a phone with Salesforce using Sales Dialer or Dialer for Essentials, or you can integrate a third-party phone product.

Does Dialpad integrate with Zoho?

Dialpad’s Zoho CRM integration is available to Zoho Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate customers using Dialpad Talk, Contact Center, and Sell on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

How do I connect HubSpot to dialpad?

To enable for the whole company, navigate to the Company Integrations settings page on Dialpad Admin portal > on Hubspot click on Connect. Dialpad will automatically redirect you to the HubSpot login page. Choose one account to connect to Dialpad from your listed HubSpot accounts.

How do you use a Dialpad?

0:529:13Introduction to Dialpad: Get Started with Your Business Phone – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipUse the search bar in the center of dialpad’s header to locate contacts and messages enter a searchMoreUse the search bar in the center of dialpad’s header to locate contacts and messages enter a search query and the dialpad. App quickly returns results to call message or meet.

How do I make a call from Dialpad app?

Select the Phone icon in the top-left corner to manually place a call. You may enter a contact’s name or an entire number, then select the Phone icon to start dialing. If you’d like to change your caller ID, select Change before dialing the number.

Does Dialpad work with WiFi?

Enabling HD Calling on your mobile means that Dialpad will place/receive calls over the Internet when you have a stable WiFi connection. If you’re not on WiFi, we’ll use your cellular data to force HD Calling.

Introduction to Dialpad

Dialpad is a unified Cloud Business Phone-service Communications Platform that connects teams via voice, video, messaging, and online meetings. Dialpad offers a comprehensive array of advanced features that can help streamline your business communications and increase productivity.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Platform that offers easy-to-use business applications that can help build an amazing customer experience. Salesforce is a tool that you can use to stay connected with Customers, Prospects, Partners, Sales, and Market Services worldwide.

Versions of Salesforce

There are 2 versions of Salesforce Accounts for the customers. These are:

Prerequisites for Implementing Dialpad Salesforce Integration

Certain things should be kept in mind before implementing Dialpad Salesforce Integration. These are as follows:

Implementing Dialpad Salesforce Integration

There are 2 parts involved in setting up Dialpad Salesforce Integrations. These are as follows:

Key Features of Dialpad Salesforce Integration

Some of the key features of Dialpad Salesforce Integration are as follows:


In this article, you have learned about implementing Dialpad Salesforce Integration. This article also provided information on Salesforce, Dialpad, their key features, and the importance of implementing Dialpad Salesforce Integration.

How to make a call in Salesforce?

Make a Call. From the CTI, select Make a Call and enter the name or number of who you’d like to communicate with. You’re also able to click-to-call in Salesforce Lightning or search and contact and then make a call. Once the call connects, you’ll see call controls including record, mute, hold, transfer, and hang up.

What does enable calling mean in Salesforce?

When making a call, you may see Enable Calling as an option. It means that you have more than one web browser tab open with Salesforce Lightning. Choose this option to make or receive calls.

What is dialpad integration?

The Dialpad Salesforce Integration marries your enterprise’s CRM with your business phone system to create smarter workflows and more productivity to help your sales teams create better relationships and drive more sales.

What is profile in Salesforce?

Profiles include the ability to log tasks or notes to contact and sync back to Salesforce. Profiles include activity history. Omni-Channel. Sync agent statuses between Salesforce Omnichannel and Dialpad. Power Dialer.

Is Salesforce free to install?

The Salesforce integration is free to install but does require a Pro and Enterprise Dialpad plan type. Teams will also need an Enterprise or Unlimited edition of Salesforce and/or an edition that supports API access. The Dialpad integration is compatible with both Service and Sales Cloud.

How to connect Salesforce to Dialpad?

Company Admins will need to navigate to and select Admin Settings > Company Settings > Integrations. Under Salesforce Options, go to Configure > Powerdialer > Enable Salesforce Powerdialer. It should allow you to connect your company’s Salesforce account to Dialpad to allow syncing of reps and call centers.

How to get a wrap up time on a call?

Once the Agent clicks on the Start Dialing button, they will be active on the Powerdialer mode and the record that is being dialed out will be loaded on the screen while it is being dialed. After the call is done, Agents will get a wrap-up time before moving on to the next call.

Setting up Salesforce Omni-Channel

To set up Salesforce Omni-Channel, install the Dialpad CTI for Salesforce package from Salesforce AppExchange in your Salesforce instance.

Connecting Dialpad to Salesforce Omni-Channel

Navigate to Admin Settings > Office Settings > Integrations > Salesforce > Configure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Dialpad Administrator needs to connect Dialpad to Salesforce Omni-Channel in the administrative portal. It’s also recommended for the individual Agents to disconnect and reconnect to Salesforce before they start using this status sync feature.


Access deeper sales and marketing insights with Dialpad Meetings for Salesforce. Our integration enables teams to:

Automatically Log your Activities

Both scheduled calls and completed calls will appear as Tasks in Salesforce after you’ve linked your Dialpad Meetings account .

Schedule Dialpad Meetings from Salesforce

Schedule your next Dialpad Meetings without ever leaving Salesforce when you download the Dialpad Meetings app from the AppExchange.

Can the same user be connected to both a Salesforce production instance and a Salesforce sandbox instance at the same time?

No, a user in Dialpad can only be connected to either a Salesforce production instance or a Salesforce sandbox instance at one time.

Do you support connecting a selective set of users in an Office from Dialpad to a Salesforce sandbox instance, leaving other users to a Salesforce production instance?

No, once the configuration is set for an Office, all users in that Office must be connected to the Salesforce sandbox instance.

Can other Offices remain connected to a Salesforce production instance?

Yes, you’re able to connect an Office to a Salesforce sandbox instance while other Offices remain connected to a Salesforce production instance.

Do all users in Dialpad need to disconnect when setting this up?

Yes, once you change the configuration to ‘Connect to’ a Salesforce sandbox instance, all users in an Office must first disconnect before attempting to reconnect as they will then be prompted to connect to the Salesforce sandbox instance.


Enabling The PowerDialer Inside Dialpad

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Creating & Assigning Lists in Salesforce

  • Install the Dialpad for Salesforce Package here. Use the SFDC App Launcher and search for Dialpad Lightning. Click on Dialpad Lighting, and you will be taken to the Powerdialer setup page. Once there, select Create New Listin the upper right-hand corner. Clicking on Create New Listopens the screen shown below. 1. List Name:Enter alphabetical letters, numbers, spaces, or …

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List & Call Center Prioritization in Salesforce

  • List Prioritization
    The List Prioritization page allows you to rank different lists.
  • Call Center Prioritization
    The Call Center Prioritization page allows you to rank different call centers.

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Dialing Out of The PowerDialer

  • In the Dialpad CTI in Salesforce lightning, Agents should see a Start Dialing buttonif they have been assigned to the list(s) and have records available to dial. Once the Agent clicks on the Start Dialing button, they will be active on the Powerdialer mode and the record that is being dialed out will be loaded on the screen while it is being dialed. After the call is done, Agents will get a wrap …

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Setting Follow-Up Time

  • Using the follow-up field, you’re able to send records out of a list and bring them back in after the specified timeframe. Please ensure that there is a field that lets you set a date and time. In the list creation view, select Edit under the Follow Up Fieldmenu and choose the field you’d like to use for follow-ups. After setting the follow-up time, records are taken out of the list and brought back in …

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Viewing PowerDialer List Assignments

  • As an Agent, you can view your Powerdialer list assignments using the “My Dialpad” tab in Salesforce. This page allows the agent to find out the records in his/her Powerdialer queue in the sequence used by the Salesforce application to vend out the records for powerdialing. You can also view lists that are assigned to you in this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Sales Managers / Representatives

  • Do I need a special license to use this integration?
    This integration is available to all Dialpad Sell users on the Pro and Enterprise plans.
  • Can I create a list based on tasks that look against the parent object?
    Not at this moment. Lists can be created only with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, or Opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Salesforce / Dialpad Admins

  • Which objects are added by the SFDC package for Powerdialer?
    The following objects are added to your Salesforce instance by the new Dialpad for Salesforce package. 1. Dialpad Activity Log:Keeps a log of activities performed in Dialpad – List Update, Record Dialed, Record(s) Added, Record(s) Removed 2. Dialpad Agents:Creates a reference to Di…
  • Can I use the SFDC Classic integration or Dialpad Desktop app to powerdial?
    Because of the nature of the Powerdialer and the contextual information that we present to the user, we limit the Powerdialer to the Salesforce Lightning CTI.

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