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Good consultants have a process. Learn what it is; ask for demos and case studies and determine if you are a fit for how they work. Look for an expert, not an order-taker – Experts are more expensive, ask probing questions that you might not like, and take the lead in your project.

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner?
  1. DIY #1: Be informed about Salesforce.
  2. DIY #2: Understand Salesforce Partner Certifications.
  3. DIY #3: Take the help of the Salesforce support.
  4. Step #1: Understand their mission and vision.
  5. Step #2: Check the industry experience.
Jul 3, 2021


Should you hire a Salesforce consultant?

If your aspirations are high with Salesforce, you will want to find a consultant who can lead you through a process to identify innovative ways to build new relationships with those who matter most to your mission.

What is strategic consultant – Salesforce?

Strategic Consultant – Salesforce is a powerful platform that can be used for anything from simple contact management to designing a completely new interactive engagement tool for your users.

How do I find a Salesforce license partner?

If you know you are going to be purchasing licenses from, then contact your Account Executive (call 1-800-NOSOFTWARE to get connected with your AE) and tell them a bit about your project and ask who they might recommend. Use your network to find a recommended partner.

Is Salesforce hard to learn?

Salesforce isn’t hard, but data is, especially when you are merging data from your Outlook contacts, multiple excel spreadsheets, Evite, your email newsletter database, etc. Data migration can get complicated quickly, it is hard to estimate, it can be very expensive (I have seen it be 5% – 40% of a project budget) and it is worth every penny.


How do I find a good Salesforce consultant?

Ready to Find Your Consultant?Determine what type of consultant you need. … Evaluate consultants by using the Expertise tab to look at relevant Salesforce product and industry credentials.Read Verified Project Reviews to get direct and helpful feedback from other customer project leaders.

How do I choose a Salesforce consulting partner?

Select a Salesforce Consulting Partner: A Better WaySkills and area/s of expertise.Certifications.Rating/density on completed projects.Methodology and tools.Market sentiment analysis.Support for specific use cases/project needs.

How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce consultant?

A Salesforce Consulting Company can charge you $80 – $250 per hour. They set a higher hourly rate because this is usually a blended rate from the team working for your project, and they have received an approval stamp from Salesforce.

What do Salesforce consulting partners look for?

Sticking with a Salesforce-certified partner is a great first step, but here are some other considerations to take into account.Industry expertise. … Salesforce expertise. … Technical expertise. … Proven Methodology. … Ongoing support. … Capabilities outside of Salesforce.

What should companies keep in mind when hiring a Salesforce consultant?

A Checklist For Hiring A Salesforce ConsultantResearching Comes Above All. … Understand Business & Find Potential Consultant. … Validate Salesforce Certifications. … Relevant Work Experience Is A Must. … Effective Communication Is Necessary. … Don’t Fall For Low-Cost Consultants. … See For Portfolio, Reviews & Testimonials.

How much do Salesforce partners make?

For every $1 Salesforce makes our partner ecosystem will make $6.19 by 2026 *

What is average hourly rate for Salesforce consultant?

The average hourly rate for a Salesforce Technical Consultant in the United States ranges from $95 up to $154.

What is the difference between Salesforce developer and Salesforce consultant?

Consultant will understand what is your needs and how to implement it in Salesforce. The requirement collected by Consultant is called High level requirement. Developer – You have complex functionality in hand and in most cases there will be no standard feature available in salesforce.

How much does a typical Salesforce implementation cost?

Salesforce implementation costs can be anywhere from $10,000 to well over $50,000 where the cheaper version is close to OOTB and the more expensive one is a highly customized solution.

How do I choose a consulting partner?

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner?DIY #1: Be informed about Salesforce.DIY #2: Understand Salesforce Partner Certifications.DIY #3: Take the help of the Salesforce support.Step #1: Understand their mission and vision.Step #2: Check the industry experience.More items…•

How many Salesforce consultants are there?

And only on AppExchange alone, there are over 1,700 registered consultancies and you can narrow down the choice by Salesforce & industry expertise, country, number of certified experts, and rating within the platform.

How many consulting partners does Salesforce have?

600+ partnersMake the World Better. We share a commitment to trust, customer success, and equality. We’re proud of our 600+ partners who have pledged to donate 1% of company equity, 1% of product, and 1% of employee time.

What to talk to Salesforce consultant about?

Before you sign on with a Salesforce consultant, talk to them about what happens after implementation is complete – how will they support your business moving forward? It’s best to work with a partner who keeps a laser focus on ongoing Salesforce updates so that your organization can stay ahead of the curve – and the competition. Make sure the partner will not de-prioritize your support needs over the needs of other larger projects. Certain partners, like KeyNode Solutions, offer designated Salesforce Managed Services that solely focus on clients ongoing support and maintenance. This is the best type of partner to have.

Who is Greg Bell?

Greg Bell is a Salesforce-certified consultant with years of experience helping numerous companies across many industries. Greg is a true business technology consultant with a passion to work closely with his clients to understand what they need and then creating a customized solution.

Is Salesforce CRM good?

Salesforce is the juggernaut of CRM’s – and for good reason. The platform can help streamline many facets of your business from the sales process to product delivery and marketing. But while Salesforce is a great system out of the box, it truly shines—and can truly grow your business — when you allocate resources to fit it to your needs. Hiring the best Salesforce consultant is one of the single best things a business can do to get the most from the Salesforce CRM.

What is Salesforce certification?

Salesforce Certification is also an important factor you should consider while choosing the salesforce partner. Salesforce has a strong certification program that offers credentials for Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Consultants, Architectures, and Marketers.

How often does Salesforce update?

It is very important as Salesforce is continuously evolving and updates three times a year (summer, spring, and winter), so staying up-to-date is vital.


Salesforce takes a leading position as the #1 CRM provider for the seventh consecutive year. However, CIO magazine reports that around one-third of all CRM projects fail. This happens because it takes a lot of time to figure out all the benefits of Salesforce services for your business and carry out the necessary change management stages.

Key Attributes of A Reliable Salesforce Consulting Company

Salesforce consultants can help to configure different blocks of a Salesforce platform, according to your business needs, using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, AppExchange marketplace, and other Salesforce clouds.

Red Flags in Choosing Salesforce Consulting Partners

Lack of information can lead you down the wrong road when choosing a Salesforce customisation consultant. There are some essential red flags that you should consider during your search:

Final Thoughts

Implementing Salesforce solutions is full of pitfalls. When you turn to a consulting company, you’ll avoid the unexpected difficulties and save yourself time.

What is Salesforce Gold?

We are an award-winning Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner focused on healthcare innovation nationwide. For mid-market to enterprise, public and private clients we guarantee our work for implementation, integration, applications, & technology strategy.

Where is Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance based?

As a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner our focus is on creating practical business strategies that maximize your Salesforce investment. We are based in Dallas and support the ecosystem in Austin, Houston , San Antonio & the surrounding TOLA region.

What is Valiantry consulting?

VALiNTRY is a U.S.-based consulting partner that helps businesses in the Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing and Technology verticals grow with Pardot, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Health Cloud. Dallas ▽ Nashville ▽ Orlando

Is Tech Mahindra a Salesforce partner?

Since 2006, Tech Mahindra has been a valued global partner for Our expertise encompasses an extensive background of large enterprise implementations, integrations, support & maintenance as well as development of solutions on SFDC platform.

Does XTIVIA have CRM?

XTIVIA has been involved in CRM since 1992. We know, however, that CRM alone cannot improve your company’s relationship with its customers. To optimize these important relationships, you must customize your CRM system to the unique needs of your business.


Well-Rounded Expertise

Implementation Methodology

  • When you are looking to hire the best Salesforce Consulting Partner, it is important you understand the partner’s implementation approach. Agile-based incremental delivery is the best practice as it accounts for phases and iterations, which help ensure that your project stays on time and within budget. This approach also ensures a high-degree of co…

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Ongoing Support

  • Before you sign on with a Salesforce consultant, talk to them about what happens after implementation is complete – how will they support your business moving forward? It’s best to work with a partner who keeps a laser focus on ongoing Salesforce updates so that your organization can stay ahead of the curve – and the competition. Make sure the partner will not d…

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  • When it comes to Salesforce support, prices are all over the map! It’s important to discuss your budget from the very start of the process so you can focus on partners that are within your range. But don’t just agree on a number and choose the first partner that falls in that range. As with many things, the most expensive choice is not necessarily the best. Ask partners for proposals and co…

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  • You may think pricing qualifies under budget, but when it comes to ongoing support it actually differs. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the “per hour” pricing that will come through on your invoices. These three questions can go a long way toward keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket: 1. Do you charge any extra fees above stated hourly rate? (or Do y…

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  • This particular quality can be hard to quantify, but it’s worth considering. As Salesforce is an integral part of your business, you and your team members will be spending considerable time working with it and with the consultants you ultimately choose. You want to make sure you’re doing business with a company that has a team passionate about technology and about your su…

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  • Even though technology has blurred borders, you may want to consider working with a Salesforce Consulting Partner that is geographically close to you. Not only will this eliminate the nuances of time zones, but it will give you the opportunity to work more closely with the consulting team. If you are looking for an Irvine Salesforce Consultant or a Los Angeles Salesforce Consultant, it m…

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