How to check salesforce license usage


Finding Salesforce user license information in setup

  1. Navigate to Setup -> enter Company Information in quick find search
  2. Scroll down until you see a table named User Licenses. From here you can see all of the license usage information.

View Your Organization’s Feature Licenses
  1. From Setup, enter Company Information in the Quick Find box, then select Company Information.
  2. See the Feature Licenses related list.


How to check the Salesforce Licence Type?

Go to the following path to check the Salesforce licence types. Your Name –> Set up —> Administration Set up —> Company Profile —> Click on “Company Information” —> Go to the ”

How do I determine which Salesforce edition I am using?

To determine which Edition you are using, check the title bar of your browser. Go to the following path to check the Salesforce licence types. Your Name –> Set up —> Administration Set up —> Company Profile —> Click on “Company Information” —> Go to the ”

How to view the current license usage?

To view the Current License usage go to the path : Setup, click Company Profile | Company Information how do we check the Licenses bought at different times in the organization in full detail? can we run any reports? or there is a specific location where we check?

What can you learn from your Salesforce user activity?

If you’ve examined this data, you’ve monitored user activity. By looking at login history, you can tell which users log in regularly and make use of their Salesforce license. You can also identify who isn’t logging in; these users may need more training on how to use Salesforce or may not need a license at all.


Monitoring Licenses and Data Usage

As a system administrator, it is your responsibility to monitor your license and data usage. You should understand how many licenses you have and how many are in use so you can anticipate when you may need to acquire additional licenses.

Go to Setup

In the upper right-hand corner of your Salesforce page click on the drop down menu under your name and select Setup.

Company Profile

Go to Administration Setup and click on Company Profile and then select Company Information.

Organization Detail

As you can see this section contains information about your organization that you supplied to Salesforce when you applied for your instance. It is always a good idea to check and make sure it is correct and up to date.

Storage Usage Details

In the Storage Usage view you can see how much data and file storage you have been allocated, how much of it has been used and what percentage of the total that represents. Under that you will find details about how much data storage each record type is currently using. This is helpful in identifying which objects are using the most storage.

File Storage Usage

If you scroll down past the data storage usage details you will come to the file storage usage details broken down by type of file.

Data Storage by User

After the file storage details you will find a section detailing data storage by user, showing the top users and what percentage of your files are they responsible for.

Why is user activity monitoring important in Salesforce?

User activity monitoring – tracking user actions in a digital environment for information security – is critical for protecting sensitive cloud-based data.

What does it mean when a Salesforce user logs in at odd hours?

Admins can see if a user logs in at odd hours, such as on weekends or late at night, or if they log in from a different IP address, indicating they’re accessing Salesforce from an unexpected location. With this information, you can prevent unauthorized access that could lead to a data breach.

How much does a data breach cost?

The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. You may have seen companies like Facebook, Google, and Equifax suffer financially due to data breaches. Many breaches are caused by insiders, whether maliciously or unintentionally. In fact, the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report showed that organization insiders cause more than half of all breaches. This statistic is just one reason why the need for user activity monitoring exists. User monitoring has grown exponentially due to organizations’ need to protect sensitive data in cloud applications.

Why is it important to change permissions?

Changes in permissions, whether intentional or not, can open your organization to risk if users have broader data access than necessary for their role. Increased access to data may put your organization at risk of being non-compliant and at risk for unwanted user activity.

Can you assess Salesforce performance based on Apex events?

You can also assess performance based on Apex events and Community performance. User activity monitoring reports reveal areas that need to be addressed, which is critical because the performance of your Salesforce org is directly tied to productivity and ROI .


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