How to check org version in salesforce


The Salesforce Trust site can be used to find the release version of a production or sandbox organization. Resolution Follow the steps below to identify an org’s instance and navigate to its Trust page. The ‘Instance Details’ section on the right hand side of the resulting page will contain the current release version for your org.

Log into Salesforce and click Setup. In the Administer section, click Company Profile > Company Information. Your Salesforce version is listed in the “Organization Edition” field.Dec 3, 2021


How do I know what version of Salesforce I have installed?

Sign in to Salesforce from a web browser. Salesforce will display the version of Salesforce installed. From the Salesforce Administrator Account homepage, click User’s Name and select Setup . On the left hand side of the Setup page, click on Administration Setup .

Where can I find the Salesforce edition in Admin setup?

The Salesforce edition is displayed at the top of the Administration Setup landing page. within the middle section.

How to find the instance details in Salesforce?

Option 1: 1.Login Your Org –> SetUp –> Company Information –>Instance –> Take the value of this 2.Open the link –> –> –> status button click –> search with above instance –> After it finds the instance result –> click on the link –> Right side it show the Instance Details.

Does Salesforce Developer Edition have any knowledge licenses?

Additionally, it does not appear to have any Knowledge licenses, which Developer orgs should have. Salesforce – Developer Edition means we are using Develope Edition.


How do I know when Salesforce org release?

On the Home tab, on the top right of the screen is a link to Discover Winter ’14. This indicates your release.

Where is Salesforce org located?

17 Jun 2020•Knowledge The instance your Salesforce Organization uses is indicated in the URL of your browser’s address bar. The value before ‘’ is your Salesforce Instance. In this example the Salesforce Organization is located on NA9. If you are using a Sandbox the instance will differ, for example ‘cs9.

What are the different ORG In Salesforce?

In we have different types of organizations in salesforce some of them are Production organization, sandbox organization, Developer organization, Partner Developer organization, Pre-Release Organization. Production Organization.

How do you know if an org is sandbox?

If you want to know that about current environment you can query IsSandbox field from Organization object. [select IsSandbox from Organization limit 1]; IsSandbox Indicates whether the current organization is a sandbox (true) or production (false) instance.

How do I find my Salesforce org name?

How to Find the Salesforce Org ID in CRM?Log in as a System Administrator.Click on Setup in the upper-righthand corner.Select Administration Setup –> Company Profile –> Company Information.In the Organization Detail section, the Organization ID is listed in the Organization ID field is displayed.

What is the difference between Salesforce org and Salesforce com?

The major difference between the two is that while caters to businesses, focuses on nonprofit organizations, higher education and K12 education. The products offered by are also different and more focused on the specific types of organizations they serve.

How many orgs are there in Salesforce?

They come in 4 different editions, each with different features enabled: Essentials. Professional. Enterprise.

How many orgs can you have in Salesforce?

You can create up to 20 member orgs per day. To create more orgs, log a support case in the Salesforce Partner Community.

What is Salesforce org ID?

Your Salesforce Organization ID is the unique identifier for your Salesforce identity. Include this ID when opening cases with Salesforce Support, especially when requesting to enable new features. The Organization ID of your production environment is different than your Sandbox Organization ID.

What is the difference between sandbox and ORG In Salesforce?

Developers employ the production organization, which has live data. Salesforce Sandboxes are replicas of the production org. They do not contain any live data or active users. Your copy sandbox is a useful environment for making changes and testing them.

What is a sandbox org?

The sandbox provides a copy of the actual live environment called production org. Sandboxes are used to test applications or training or anywhere you rather not using live data. They contain the configuration and code, in some cases data of production org. it is just a replica of the original production org.

How do I know what Salesforce sandbox I have?

Access the list of your sandboxes in your org from the Sandbox tab. Each entry shows the status of the sandbox environment and the specific actions that you can take. Sandboxes are licensed separately from the Salesforce service and are subject to restrictions.


The purpose of this article is to provide direction to Outreach users in verifying the version of Salesforce being used.

How To Check Your Salesforce Version

There are two options in determining which version of Salesforce Classic is being used.

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